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Back in print!
The "Diet Club" Mystery Series

by Denise Dietz!
Throw Darts at a Cheesecake Beat Up a Cookie Speaking of the Fantastic II


 More Interesting Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors . . .

· Alan Dean Foster
· Robert E. Howard
· Henry Kuttner

· Fritz Leiber

· Murray Leinster
· Anne McCaffrey

· H. Beam Piper
· Brian Stableford

  More Interesting Mystery and Detective Authors and Series . . .

· Charlie Chan
· Fantomas
· Operator #5

· The Phantom Detective

· Secret Agent "X"

· Arthur Conan Doyle

· Maurice Leblanc

· Johnston McCulley
· Dorothy L. Sayers


 Other New Titles of Note . . .

A new collection of essays on horror fiction, Gothic rock music, and more!


Gothic Grotesques, by Brian Stableford

Gothic Grotesques,

by Brian Stableford


New from PointBlank —  a  comic, crazy, original crime novel by two modern masters!


I'm Dying Here,
by Damien Broderick
and Rory Barnes

Cosmos Books

Cosmos Books

Point Blank

PointBlank Press

Pulp World

Pulp World
coming soon!

Our latest pulp release!
Phantom Detective in The Video Victims
by Robert Wallace
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