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Wow, this one came out of the blue! Seems a fair chunk of the team formerly at ACES, who built Microsoft Flight Simulator, have created a new company - Cascade Game Foundry. I've posted the entire press release below, as this could be VERY significant news:
Cascade Game Foundry, a new game development studio in Washington, today announced their entry into the simulation marketplace with an experienced team of industry pros poised to create a portfolio of innovative and engaging products which will appeal to both aficionados and people new to the genre. The two founders, Creative Director Rick Selby and Managing Director Kathie Flood, are no strangers to simulations – both are former Microsoft Aces Studio leaders and industry veterans. Not only will Cascade Game Foundry address the significant hole in the simulation market left by Microsoft’s recent departure, it will push new boundaries with the latest in cutting-edge graphics, simulation and web technology.
“The beauty of starting a new studio is that we get to reconsider all our preconceived notions,” comments Selby, a former Lead Product Designer at Microsoft. “Our previous efforts focused on building traditional simulation titles. However, now we get to redefine what a simulation game can be. As a designer, that is incredibly liberating.” From a gameplay standpoint, Cascade Game Foundry is looking to broaden the market. “The hardcore simulation fan is the critical foundation, but why stop there?” says Selby. “We want to deliver unique experiences that appeal to diverse audiences around the world.”

Flood, a former Microsoft Senior Program Manager with 15 years of industry experience, is excited about the possibilities. “We want to combine the naturally inquisitive nature of the human spirit with the stunning resources of the planet. The simulation market is known to be a strong, consistent performer, but our vision extends beyond flying and railroading,” she says. “Think of SCUBA diving off Hawaii, traversing the Andes, hiking the Great Wall of China … the possibilities are endless.”

Selby and Flood are joined by a number of other former Aces members and game industry veterans. “We have an incredible team lined up across all disciplines,” adds Flood. “Every person has numerous years of professional experience and a proven track record of delivering multi-million-selling titles. “We see this as a wonderful opportunity to reinvigorate the simulation market with a quantum step forward and our products will convey that sense of passion, fun and excitement that we have always had for the genre.”

“If you love simulations, the news is going to get better and better,” hints Selby.

Cascade Game Foundry, LLC is hard at work on the design and demo for their first project.

Your thoughts?

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The boys are back! This is huge, indeed. I'm looking for to more info... nice find, Mark

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Amazing, isn't it? Speculation will run wild now!

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WOW Now that is good news, sounds very promising !

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I'm impressed they'd managed to keep it so quiet!

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Did:nt you just know this would happen. You fire a team, they start a new company. Just makes sense.

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Sure does! Microsoft's loss, for sure!

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If I wasn't afraid of sustaining severe head injuries, I'd leap through the roof with delight! :D

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Well, it appears that Microsoft forced what eveyone has wanted. By not releasing the code and releasing the developers, they (Cascade) are going to have to start from scratch, and won't be bogged down with "old code", assuming that Cascade will be developing an inexpensive, open, GA/commercial flight simulator, which is NOT a given from that press release.

I'm very excited and hope our dreams come true!

Of course, would we pay $395 or something for something that rocks FSX out of the water? I would. But I imagine that makes for a relatively small market. But hey - X-Plane did it at the inexpensive end of the scale, so there is hope!

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Of course, that's assuming they'll be working on a flight sim at all :)

I can't believe they wouldn't, though...

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My hope is that they think big and go for broke - I would really love it if they coded for a big platform that lacks a flight simulator at present.

I'm talking specifically of the Sony PlayStation 3, which definitely has the hardware to run a simulator of the complexity that the Cascade crew can churn out.

I'm not the gaming type, but I love my PS3 as a Media Centre, and it would double my pleasure to have a full featured flight simulator on board as well. Here's hoping, and good luck in whatever endeavours you finally settle on, guys.

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Great News,for us all, although Im not sure Mr Gates would agree.
Dave Lewis

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