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Sriya Innovations Inc.

Sriya Innovations Inc.

Company Profile

Sriya Innovations was conceived by Dr. Srinivas Kilambi in 2003 to be a torch bearer for a disruptive biorefinery technology. Since 2003, Sriya has developed a novel, integrated, scalable biorefinery platform to convert widely available non-food biomass to sugars, fuels and chemicals.


To be the world’s leading biorefinery:
  • Producing food, fuels and a variety of chemicals
  • From a wide range of cellulosic feedstock
  • In an environmentally friendly manner
  • Without the use of acids, bases, enzymes or industrial solvents
  • At the lowest total cost

Investment Highlights

World leading venture capitalist Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers has invested $22M in Sriya in 2007 and 2008.

Board of Directors

Scientific Board of Advisors

Leadership Team

Business Facts

Market opportunity:

  • Global estimates for the biofuels market in 2015 exceed $65B with expected growth rates of 15% per annum
  • Sriya’s primary focus is on manufacturing high value add biochemicals with large existing markets. Current biochemicals in production or under development are shown below:
      • Erythritol
      • Ethanol
      • Furfural
      • Glucose
      • Gycolaldehyde
      • Glycolic acid
      • Lignin
      • Monoethylene glycol
      • Phenolics
      • PTA- Terephthalic acid
      • Vanillin
      • Xylitol
  • In addition, we are interested in developing a wider variety of products currently derived from petroleum

Key differentiators:

  1. Reaction time in seconds: Six (6) orders of magnitude faster than enzymatic process
  2. Flexible feedstock inputs: Sriya technology is biomass agnostic and works for corn stover, corn cobs, wheat straw, rice straw, soft and hardwoods
  3. "Dial a Product": Tunable to produce both high volume fuels and high value chemicals like sugars, ethanol, MEG, vanillin, erythritol, xylitol, furfural, HMF, phenolics
  4. No Consumables: Does not use acids, bases, enzymes or industrial solvents
  5. Economical: Less than $1/Gallon capital expenditure and less than $1/Gallon operating expenses for equivalent ethanol at commercial scale
  6. Sustainable business model: Sriya's $40 M first generation Bio-Refinery will produce $60M revenue and $25M EBITDA
  7. Fast fermentation times: Our crude sugars ferment in 4-8 hours to ethanol without inhibition problems
  8. Lignin to phenols & vanillin: Converts low value lignin into high value bio-products
  9. Micro-Refineries: Due to rapid throughput/small facility footprint, can alleviate biomass supply chain issues for widespread commercialization
  10. Bio-Crude: Sriya's process can convert biomass into liquid bio-crude which can be blended with crude oil creating bio-gasoline

Technology Facts


Sriya’s solution uses a disruptive approach to breaking the cellulosic code. Sriya utilizes nano-technology to break the cellulosic code in a matter of seconds. The speed and design of the process ensures Sriya offers the cheapest, fastest and most efficient approach to utilizing biomass to develop a wide variety of food, fuels and value added chemicals.

Competitive landscape

Sriya has significant advantages over other competitors including:
  • Processes for breaking the cellulosic code are 6 orders of magnitude faster than others currently under development
  • Sriya processes are feedstock agnostic meaning a wide variety of biomass can be used making facility locations feasible in a wide variety of states and/or countries; additional benefits in supply chain logistics and year round availability
  • Significant focus on innovating supply chain and reducing the estimated 1/3 of biomass cost associated with logistics
  • Sriya does not use any acids, bases, enzymes or industrial solvents reducing overall costs and wastes to dispose of
  • True biorefinery model with focus on higher value added chemicals in addition to lower value added fuels



SII team invents a new patent on Preparation of Ultrapure Lignin from Biomass

Dr.Srinivas Kilambi chosen to speak at Biorefineries and Bio-Based Products Congress in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

SII team invents a new patent on Lignin Cracking and Solubilization

SII Founder invents new patents in NanoTechnology

Dr.Srinivas Kilambi chosen to speak at FAME 2010 Summit and Exhibition – “Defining The Future Biofuels Market” in Berlin, Germany

County and State Officials Visit Sriya Demonstration Facilities October 7, 2009

Dr. Srinivas Kilambi invited to present at Next Generation Biofuel Feedstock USA, 16 -17 November 2009

SII team invents a new patent on Xylitol Production

Former Chevron Oil Executive joins Board of Directors of Sriya Innovations, Inc

Dr. Srinavas Kilambi wins coveted TiE Gala Award

Dr. Srinivas Kilambi accepts invitation to present at Dow Jones’ Alternative Energy Innovations Conference

Sriya sponsors 2009 TiE Atlanta Gala Awards

Dr. Srinivas Kilambi selected as a finalist for 2009 TiE Gala Awards

Biofuels Digest 50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy candidate profile: Sriya Innovations.


Startup gets $15M from Silicon Valley - Atlanta Business Chronicle

Startup gets $15M from Silicon Valley - Orlando Business Journal

Sriya Sponsors 4th National 25X25 Renewal Energy Summit

Atlanta-based alternative energy startup lands $15M in financing ...

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Marietta startup considers biorefinery for Georgia

Business Events at Sriya


Chairman of Cobb County Board of Commissioners to visit Sriya’s demonstration facilities on October 5th.

Meet the Sriya Team


Sriya Leadership Team Attends 2009 TiE Award Gala - View Photos

Platts Cellulosic Ethanol Conference – Tim Brown, Director of Business Development
Dow Jones Alternative Energy Innovations Conference  – Co-Founders Dr. Kilambi / Mr. Gunsagar, and Mr. Brown

Sriya Family Activities

  • 1st Sriya Olympic Cricket Match - View Photos
  • 1st Annual Sriya Olympic Table Tennis Championship - View Photos
  • 1st Annual Sriya World Championship Chess - Coming Soon!


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