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The 76th Brazil Chess Championship

2-11th December in Americana, GM Andre Dimanat to defend the title

The 76th Chess Championship of Brazil is set to take place on 2-11th December at the Parque Ecológico Municipal in Americana. Twelve players, top four from the 2008 Championship, five from semifinals and three seeded by the federation, will compete in a round robin tournament for the title of national champion. GM Andre Diamant is defending the last year's trophy.

Top-seeded is GM Aleksander Fier, who was Brazilian champion back in 2005 when he was only 17-years old. Giovanni Vescovi with five national titles, six-times champion Gilberto Milos and four-times champion Rafael Leitao are in competition to increase the number of trophies. Leitao and Fier have just returned from the World Chess Cup, where they were both eliminated after round one rapid tiebreaks.

brazil diamant

GM Andre Diamant

brazil vescovi

GM Giovanni Vescovi

brazil krikor and fier

IM Krikor Sevag Mekhitarian and GM Alexandr Fier

Photos by Luiz Franz


GM Fier Alexandr BRA 2653
GM Vescovi Giovanni BRA 2648
GM Leitao Rafael BRA 2621
GM Milos Gilberto BRA 2603
GM Diamant Andre BRA 2493
IM Matsuura Everaldo BRA 2478
IM Mekhitarian Krikor Sevag BRA 2467
IM Bittencourt Jorge BRA 2454
FM Molina Roberto Junio Brito BRA 2340
Macedo Maximo Iack BRA 2339
FM Barreto Filho Carlos Alberto BRA 2277
FM Santiago Yago De Moura BRA 2266

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