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The quality of life in Claremore is unsurpassed by any city in Oklahoma. It is a self-sustained community with easy access to Tulsa and the main arteries connecting Northeast Oklahoma to the rest of the country and the world. Route 66 goes right through the center of town, where parades and festivals always involve horses. And that's a "good thing."

Tommy Scribner built a wonderful horse center up on "the hill" at the old Oklahoma Military Academy which later became a college. When it went upscale to become a four-year school they decided to upgrade the horse facilities to dormitories for students. The horse center has been moved to a wonderful new facility in Oologah. The arenas and barns at the Expo Center take up the slack. The nature preserve behind Rogers State University is still there and is a wonderful place to take a walk and to explore the outdoors.

The bike trails and picnic areas around Lake Claremore have been upgraded and make the lake one of the prettiest spots in Northeast Oklahoma. The Will Rogers Round Up Club is adjacent to the lake and is the site of many big rodeos and events, trade days and tractor pulls.

The race track east of town along Highway 20 now houses a casino run by the Cherokees.

All the doughnut shops in Claremore have drive-up windows -- something Tulsa has yet to pick up on. However, if you want to sit down, you can just pull up a chair inside and participate in the chit chat that's occurring at the tables. If you want to talk sports, go for doughnuts at Gripado's on Blue Starr at Owalla Road. If you prefer to talk about ranching or the politics up on "the hill," i.e., RSU, then stop in at Ron's on Will Rogers Boulevard west of Lynn Riggs.

What more need I say? That every fast food establishment known to humankind does it's test marketing in Claremore? Claremore exemplifies the best in small town America. It's also got hills, trees, good soil, and a great climate. The people are friendly and hard working. Over all, Claremore is just a wonderful place to live.

Explore the links below to get a full view of what Claremore has to offer. Be it sports, arts and entertainment, or a good place to locate your business, Claremore is one of my top picks. And when you are house hunting in Claremore, stop by Carlos Gripado's and have a Carluccio or a Grilled Veggie Salad. Yum! It just doesn't get any better.

Claremore is named after Chief Clermont, an Osage Indian who died at Claremore Mound. Located just west of Highway 88 along the Verdigris River, Claremore Mound was the site of a terrible massacre of 300 Osage Indians by the Delaware Indians.

When the Cherokee Indians were forcibly removed from the Carolinas during the 1830's they were allotted land in Indian Territory. Claremore was a part of the Cooweescoowee District in the northwestern part of the Cherokee Nation.

After the Frisco Railroad came through the town was moved southward to its present site. Then a post office worker who could not spell changed the name of the town from Clair Mont to Claremore.

One of Claremore's most famous sons is Will Rogers, who grew up on a farm that is now under Lake Oologah. However, they saved the house he was born in and moved it westward onto high ground before they flooded the Verdigris River Valley to make the lake. Rogers County is named after Will Rogers' father, Clem Rogers. Will Rogers was a reporter and columnist for the Claremore Progress before he went on to become a vaudeville star of stage and screen.


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