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Royseven win out over Furtado

Royseven’s producer Andreas Herbig, currently producing the band’s second album in Hamburg, has turned down the opportunity to mix Nelly Furtado’s next single.

In a conference call with the singer, Herbig told her he’s focused on Royseven as “a labour of love” and that the Irish band’s new album had to take priority!

The band are already three weeks into a five-week recording session for the album, provisionally titled You Say, We Say, with the producer known as “the boogieman” and is due for release in late Spring 2010.

As Royseven’s Paul Walsh told Hot Press, "It's great to finally be back in the studio. We're delighted and relieved to have signed with Road Runner Records and really feel like we're part of an industry family now. We're extremely happy with how recording is progressing and working with our producer Andreas Herbig is a joy. He’s so talented and has tonnes of ideas. As soon as we finish recording, we start pre-production for touring, so happy days!"

Daily video diaries can be seen on the Royseven Facebook page at

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