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General Enquiries

Swindon Borough Council
Civic Offices
Euclid Street


01793 445500


01793 436659

Comments & Complaints

Giving us your feedback


Teenage Library Services

Ways you can join

  • Joining the library is free
  • Come in with your details and we’ll send you a card by post
  • 16 and over?  Bring in official I.D with your name and
  •      address on and get a card straight away
  • Under 16?  Bring an adult who is responsible for you, and who has ID

What have we got for you?

  • Volunteering opportunities
    Headspace chill zone in the Central Library designed by teenagers for teenagers
    Graphic novels and magazines
  • DVDs & CDs to hire
  • Free computer time
  • Borrow up to 16 books for 3 weeks
  • Homework help

Speak to a member of staff for further information!

or telephone:  01793 463238

Christmas Guide 2009

Your Essential Guide to Christmas and New Year
Holiday opening times, waste and recycling dates, events, activities, advice and much more...

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