SickDegenerate is one of those new, up and coming players on the MLG Pro Circuit. Help him pay for his MLG Orlando expenses by buying his account!! With great stats, a great price, and a great new name in the MLG Community, you’re bound to look good.

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The Perfect Level is a website devoted to help gamers seek or build the perfect account for them. The Perfect Level was designed after seeing "Selling This Account" in various Xbox Live mottos and bios. All of these gamers were looking to make a quick transaction off their services but didn't have a professional way of doing so. Thus The Perfect Level was founded in 2009 by Kevin "KayBeSee" Mulcrone to give these gamers the exposure they needed to sell their accounts.

What does our site do? Specifically, we list gamertags that were used by other gamers. These gamertags, or "accounts," have extremely good looking records. 99% of the accounts listed on the site have a level 50 in at least one playlist. The Perfect Level lists accounts, advertises leveling services, and offers players a chance to build their own custom account. To ensure that no bias sales or recommendations are made, we don't personally own or level any of the accounts listed on our site, we just give them exposure.

The Perfect Level works directly with the sellers on their site. We give them recommendations on how to market and price their accounts to ensure that it is appropriate for our customers. Services on our site are handled by some of the best players in the world, most of which can be found playing on the Major League Gaming Pro Circuit. We employ these players because we want our customers to have the best account, treatment, and experience possible.

We take pride in our website and the sellers that list their accounts on it. We aren't here to scam gamers out of their money. We're gamers ourselves, and we know what it feels like to lose money online. All payments are made via PayPal™ to ensure that both The Perfect Level and the people buying our accounts are protected.

If you have any questions please contact us. We love hearing customer feedback, questions, and concerns. These help us improve our services, and enhance our website.

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Alright guys, whats going on? Gamers are always looking for new products to help them improve their game. Some people will buy Astro Headsets, some people will purchase Gunnar Glasses. Why spend all that money though if you haven’t tried KontrolFreek’s FPS Thumbsticks?

We recently got two packages of these in the mail from KontrolFreek and we’re one back. Not to them of course, we like them too much. We want to give a pair to you guys!!

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