Judges involved in child trafficking immune from civil liability: Five banks with $79 trillion in notional derivative exposure

The sound of crickets chirping on this site is my attempt at refraining from making posts, not from lack of inspiration that this farce of a civilization provides.

I have finally decided on what the next few posts will be and I will try my best not to deviate too far from this list. In no specific order, the following seven topics remain; updates will be provided for Happy 420! and Collapsing the Economy in the Buildup to World War III: 11 of the Most Important Economic Events of the Last 11 Years, Part 3 of “In Reaction to Marc Emery’s Extradition: What I plan to do to help end the ‘War on Drugs’ (Part 1, Part 2) will be completed, a post will be made regarding the collapse of the United States, an article about healthcare, a post tying up loose ends, and an introduction to this site that will remain the top post until my return will be made.

The above being said, there are two articles that I have updated in the last couple of weeks that I believe require special mention since they outline the sorry state of our society.

  • First, on 12 February 2009, we found out that two judges in Pennsylvania were taking kickbacks for sending children to jail. On 10 November 2009 the state Supreme Court overturned 6,500 convictions meted out by these judges between 2003 and 2008. On 23 November 2009 we found out that these same two judges were granted partial immunity from civil liability. It is extremely important to take note that this is not an isolated case. There are thousands of judges in the United States and if anyone believes that no other judges take kickbacks for sending people to jail, then they haven’t looked at the statistics. How else could you explain, other than draconian laws, why the United States has 25% of the worlds prison population, with the U.S. correctional population -- those in jail, prison, on probation or on parole -- totaling 7.3 million, or 1 in every 31 adults. The full story and the updates available at “US Judges involved in human trafficking: Should members of a child trafficking criminal syndicate receive the death penalty?
  • Second, the last most important economic event that I chose to include in my list of “11 of the Most Important Economic Events of the Last 11 Years” was the short-selling ban imposed by US and UK regulators in 2008. My reason behind this choice was because the short selling ban meant that the multi-trillion dollar derivatives market had now been deemed to be ‘incompatible’ with the current economic system. I just came across some data last week which sheds more light on this situation. The article is from The Motley Fool, “It's Time to End 'Too Big to Fail'” - “Of the 8,195 banks in this nation, just four, JPMorgan Chase (NYSE: JPM), Citigroup (NYSE: C), Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC), and Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) control nearly 40% of the deposits. Those four, plus Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS), hold 97% of the industry's notional derivative exposure... with more than $79 trillion in notional derivative exposure.”

I will try and wrap things up on this site by the end of the year with the above mentioned seven posts.



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Getting rid of google ads: Raising money for organisations that are trying to end prohibition

Just thought I would give a little update on what I’m up to right now.

As some are aware, what I am planning to do during my sabbatical from this site is to set up two other websites. Both will be related to The Language of Mathematics (see Table of Contents for list of what has been completed so far).

The first site will be a personal site dedicated to building a comprehensive body of work to help those interested in learning high school mathematics. The second website will mirror everything from the first site. While the personal site will be dedicated to making enough money for me to support my lifestyle, the second site will be geared towards raising money for organisations that are actively working towards ending prohibition. This will be a multifaceted project.

Once I track down all the data that I need to make a convincing argument as to why this needs to be done at this time I will present the information in Part 3 of “In Reaction to Marc Emery’s Extradition: What I plan to do to help end the ‘War on Drugs’” (Part 1, Part 2). For those interested, a non-numerical version of my reasoning behind this move is presented in; The solution to our environmental woes is to end prohibition: Planting the seeds of their destruction.

The short version is this: Following Emery’s arrest in 2005, the head of the DEA at the time, Karen Tandy, released the following statement;

“Today's DEA arrest of Marc Scott Emery, publisher of Cannabis Culture Magazine, and the founder of a marijuana legalization group - is a significant blow not only to the marijuana trafficking trade in the U.S. and Canada, but also to the marijuana legalization movement… Hundreds of thousands of dollars of Emery's illicit profits are known to have been channeled to marijuana legalization groups active in the United States and Canada. Drug legalization lobbyists now have one less pot of money to rely on.”

If the DEA is willing to spend millions of dollars and years in proceedings to extradite a Canadian to the United States in the hopes of preventing a few hundred thousand dollars from flowing to “marijuana legalization groups”, then it is to humanities best interest to make sure that funds continue to flow to these organisations.

Most are aware that lobbyists control domestic and foreign policy for the United States of America, so we might as well support those lobbyists that are actively working towards improving our lives instead of those who are only working towards increasing profits for corporations.

Hence, my plans are to become a fundraiser for “drug legalization lobbyists”, while at the same time teaching the language of mathematics. Exciting. As a bonus, teaching math and helping to end prohibition complement each other. Those who understand math know that America’s ‘War on Drugs’ is retarded, so the more people that learn math the sooner prohibition will end, it is, after all, the only logical choice.

It is going to take me some time to set-up the math websites, but I really want to start raising funds for these organisations as soon as possible. So, what I am in the process of doing right now is replacing ‘google ads’ on this site with ads for the organisations listed below. The extra exposure and traffic that these grassroots organisations will receive from these ads will be well worth the effort.

My PhotoShop abilities are quite limited so please bear with me while I take some time to create these ads. They will slowly begin to appear in the centre and right columns in the next few days. I haven’t figured out how to replace the ‘google ads’ that appear at the bottom of each post with one that cycles through my own database, but once I do, those ads will also be replaced (this will most likely be done in the next phase, after the last post is made on chycho).

The list of organisations that I’m building ads for follows. Please drop me a line if you know of any other organisations that belong on this list.



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Bill Moyers interviews screenwriter David Simon

I haven’t watched any episodes of HBO's ‘The Wire’, but after watching the following Bill Moyers interview with David Simon, I might give it a whirl. The interview covers many of our main topics of discussion, especially of late, from America’s “War on Drugs” to the education system, and mainstream media to our corporate governments. Many of the opinions expressed are consistent with mine, except for the sympathy that is portrayed for the demise of Western Mainstream Media. I bid these institutions farewell and look forward to a new model of reporting which is free of corporate and government propaganda. The interview follows.

BILL MOYERS JOURNAL | David Simon Part 1 of 2 | PBS

BILL MOYERS JOURNAL | David Simon Part 2 of 2 | PBS

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Update to the About Page

The following are the latest additions to the About Page. It will be the last update to the About Page for quite some time.

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