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  ABUSED MAJESTY "Serpenthrone" (Empire Records)
AGENT STEEL EP (Scarlet Records)
ANAL STENCH "Red Revolution" (Empire Records)
ANATA "Under A Stone With No... " (Earache Records)
ANATA "Dreams Of Death And Dismay" (Season Of Mist)
AS IT BURNS "Mortal Dusk" (Cold Blood Industries)
ATROPHIA RED SUN "Twisted Logic" (Empire Records)
BELFEGOR "The Kingdom Of Glacial..." (Empire Records)
BELFEGOR "The Work Of Destruction" (Empire Records)
CENTURIAN "Liber Zar Zax" (Listenable Records)
CHRIST AGONY "Elysium" (Metal Mind Productions)
COLLAPSE 7 "In Deep Silence" (Napalm Records)
CONTEMPT "The Secret Around Us" (Empire Records)
CONTEMPT "When Angels Begin To Cry" (Empire Records)
CRIONICS "Armageddon's Evolution" (Empire Records)
CRIONICS "Human Error (Ways To...)" (Empire Records)
DECAPITATED "Nihility" (Earache Records)
DECAPITATED "The First Damned" (Metal Mind Prod)
DECAPITATED "The Negation" (Earache Records)
DECAPITATED "Wings Of Creation" (Earache Records)
DIES IRAE "Immolated" (Metal Blade)
DIES IRAE "Sculpture Of Stone" (Metal Mind Prod.)
DIES IRAE "The Sin War" (Metal Blade Records)
DISSENTER "Apocalypse Of The Damned" (Cold Blood Ind.)
DISSENTER "Contamination" (Empire Records)
ELYSIUM "Dreamlands" (Morbid Noizz)
ESQARIAL "Discoveries" (Empire Records)
ESQARIAL "Inheritance" (Empire Records)
ESQARIAL "Klassika" (Empire Records)
EXCOMMUNION "Superion" (WW3)
GRAVE "Back From The Grave" (Century Media)
GRAVE "Fiendish Regression" (Century Media)
HADES "Damnation" (Metal Blade)
HORRORSCOPE "Pictures Of Pain" (Empire Records)
HOUWITSER "Damage Assessment" (Osmose Productions)
INCAPACITY "Chaos Complete" (Cold/Suburban)
INRI "Hyper Bastard Breed" (Cold Blood Industries)
KABAL "Synthetically Revived" (Diamond)
KRISIUN "AssassiNation" (Century Media)
KRISIUN "Works Of Carnage" (Century Media)
LAY DAWN ROTTEN "Paralyzed By Fear" (Remission)
LOST SOUL "Ubermensch..." (Osmose Productions)
LUX OCCULTA "My Guardian Anger" (Pagan Records)
MALEVOLENT CREATION "The Will To Kill" (Nuclear Blast)
MARDUK "Hearse" (Regain Records)
MENTAL AMPUTATION "Mass Crisis" (self released)
MOON "Satan's Wept" (Impact/System Shock)
MUTILATION "Possessed By Reality" (Empire Records)
MUTILATION "Conflict Inside" (Empire Records)
NAUMACHIA "Wrathorn" (Empire Records)
NECROBLASPHEME "Introducing Pure Violence" (Neoblast)
NEPHASTH "Immortal Unholy Triumph" (Mighty Music)
NEPHASTH "Conceived By Inhuman Blood" (Empire Records)
PARRICIDE "Ill-Treat" (Empire Records)
PROPHECY "Contagion" (Pavement Music)
RAGNAROK "Blackdoor Miracle" (Regain Records)
RAVENTHRONE "Endless Conflict Theorem" (Avantgarde)
REBAELLIUN "Annihilation" (Hammerheart Records)
SCEPTIC "Pathetic Being" (Empire Records)
SERBERUS (Crash Music)
SHADOWS LAND "Ante Christum (Natum)" (Osmose Productions)
SINISTER "Savage Or Grace" (Nuclear Blast)
SPINAL CORD "Remedy" (Empire)
SPINAL CORD "Stigmata Of Life" (Empire Records)
SUPREMACY "Through Endless Torment" (Empire Records)
SYMPHORCE "Powerfullahead" (Metal Blade)
THALARION "Tunes Of Despondency" (Mighty)
THORIUM (Mighty Music)
THROCULT "Soldiers Of A Blackened War" (Crash Music)
TO ELYSIUM "Dearest Vile" (CBI)
TO ELYSIUM "Nightmare's Nesth" (CBI)
TOWER "Mercury" (MMP)
TRAUMA "DetermiNation" (Unique Leader)
TRAUMA "Imperfect Like A God" (Empire)
UNDERTHREAT "Behind Mankind Disguise" (Conquest)
VADER "Angel Of Death" (Empire)
VADER "Black To The Blind" (Impact/System Shock)
VADER "Blood" (Metal Blade)
VADER "Kingdom" (Impact/System Shock)
VADER "Litany" (Metal Blade)
VADER "Live In Japan" (Metal Blade)
VADER "Reborn In Chaos" (Hammerheart Records)
VADER "Reign Forever World" (Metal Blade)
VADER "Revelations" (Metal Blade)
VADER "The Beast" (Metal Blade)
WITHERING SURFACE "Walking On Phantom Ice" (Mighty)

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