December 10, 2009

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Urban warrior

Bajaj's new XCD 135 DTS-Si is set to challenge the establishment
Bajaj is the undisputed master of the capacity game. It’s either that the company wants to spoil customers for choice or it is so busy developing KTMs that Bajaj boffins only get to bore out their existing engines and pen a few lines in their spare time. It’s been quite sometime we’ve seen an all new product from Bajaj and however tall the claims of it being an all new bike, the Bajaj XCD135 is a restyled, bored out XCD125, but a good-looking one at that. 

Bajaj’s second onslaught at the premium commuter market hits the styling nail right on its competitors’ foreheads. The short front fairing is dominated by a big trapezoidal reflector unit, flanked by a small bat-shaped visor. Elaborate tank extensions are meant to add a Pulsar-like bulge to the small XCD 125’s existing tank and are executed in a much better way than on any other Bajaj. The tail section too takes cues from the Pulsar’s sharp rear, my favorite bit being the flush fitted LED strips for tail lamp. The alloy footrest hangar is another design element to add up to the sporty appeal. 

The bike also gets an analog tacho and digital speedo combo, lifted straight off the Discover 135 and a 100-section rear tyre to bump up its VFM quotient. The seating is upright and keeps the bike close to its commuter intentions.  

The XCD 135 has no surprises to offer on the road. It feels more or less like the XCD125, torquey at the bottom but a little more eager towards the top. The 134.6cc engine produces 10.2PS of power at 7500rpm but what comes more in to play is the class leading 11.58Nm of torque available at a lowly 5000rpm. Backed by Bajaj’s swirl induction tech, the engine promises not only a performance edge over the existing bikes but also a phenomenal hike in fuel efficiency. 

Throughout my time spent with the bike, I experienced a strong pull right from walking paces in the top gear. Oh yes! The new bike comes with a slick five speed ‘box that enhances the tractability of the engine. I could manage to see 100 on the speedo a couple of times. But unlike the Discover 135’s smooth, rev happy mill, this engine feels a little gruff with lots of vibration creeping in beyond 5000rpm.

While I had no qualms about the bike being easy to maneuver in jam packed city streets, I found it quite composed round the corners too. The stiff ride was a bit disappointing but got better with a pillion. 

On the whole, the Bajaj XCD 135 promises to upset quite a few 125cc applecarts. But does it? Read the March 2009 to find out. The XCD is challenging the Gladiator and the Stunner...   


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Narendra Desao
Feb 28, 2009
09:03 PM
I guess bajaj auto hasen't heard of the saying ' too manys cooks spoil the broth". Thats what has been happening with bajaj motorcycle wind, discover, xcd, xcd+ xcd++ with notrox shocks etc & now xcd135. Has anyone enquired about the fate of the ancestors?
to sum up the bajaj r & d team should now take a long brake before launching another xcd135+.
Sai Srinivas
Mar 03, 2009
07:37 AM
Bajaj should be banned from making bikes. They always launch stupid bikes with dozen defects. I paid rs.48,000 for xcd 125 for getting a threat to life with its worst zapper tyres, poor braking and high noise after 50 kms. Now. They have launched xcd 135 with improvements. What is the fate of mine who is owning xcd 125 from jan.2008.

bajaj should exchange 125 for 135 at free of cost or a nominal rs.10,000 for all customers of the nightmarish xcd 125.
Nadim Shaikh
Mar 03, 2009
05:01 PM
I purchased xcd-125 in nov 2007 when it was launched & 105 kpl was the ad. Apart from bikes with several defects. Very very poor millage, worst tyres, poor braking (feels like your shoe is dancing) and high noise & vibrations after 50 kms, cannot cross 90 km on speedometer easily. To worsen the scenario no service back-up & no complaints lodging. They are looting the customers, they are fulling the customers by misguiding. I strongly believe bajaj should exchange 125 for 135 at free of cost for all customers of the nightmarish xcd 125.
i will highly appriciate if overdrive team can paa on this message to bajaj team & they can get back to me. Br. Nadim shaikh, talegaon dabhade, pune, cell-9422513315
Mar 04, 2009
07:38 PM
I completely agree with sai srinivas, bajaj should be banned from making bikes. Bajaj is looting poor indians by tagging xcd125 as 109 kmpl, it hardly gives 50 kmpl. Bajaj cheater , bajaj shamelessly cheats poor.
manoj maharaj
Mar 06, 2009
06:13 PM
When i see such reviews about bajaj i get embarassed
i dont know know why reviews are written so boastingly , exaggerating bajaj's
if u believe this reviews and buy one such bajaj that does nt live upto our expectation.
when i last saw a review of xcd in overdrive magazine and in bike magazine, it remembered a small pulsar with good mileage. Y friend who is a short guy purchased xcd 125 to feel it as short man's pulsar.
he was happy with advertising the bike by posing the bike before many he wanted to
then after one month problems started
not even mileage of 60 is offered
ineffective jungling shock obsorbers
noisy engine
all the dirty problems we get from old yezdi
now my friend has sold his bike for very less price
here now again we see this new devil seen with more power and more problems

jaago india jaago

bajaj's are coming again to deceive bike lovers
with xtra features and problems
i saw the ad two girls fighting for pillion seat in xcd 135
but why???????????????????????
jaago india jaago
Mar 28, 2009
02:24 PM
Hi guys,
im lucky at the same time im a proud owner of xcd-135.
jai-ho bajaj,i purchased this bike in feb-2009 this is an extraordinary bike ,it gives me 67+ in hyderabad city being a 135cc bike i love this bike.I had splendor then shine and now xcd-135.Xcd has everything performance,efficiency,stabaility etc.Overall i give this bike 4.5 out of 5
Apr 06, 2009
01:31 PM
Xcd 135 is an awsome byke....
its performance is mindblowing and am totally satisfied with this one....
the old 125 was a failure ,but i think that the 135 would beat the gladi ,stun and shine
it looks a bit like pulsar when we see it on roads..
keep it up bajaj !
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