Drammen is known as the town by the large river. It has a spectacular mountain tunnel called the Spiral that curls inside the mountain from the low-lying areas by the river up to the very top of the mountain, as well as one of the most beautiful markets in Norway. Drammen is not an old town, but has rock carvings and other heritage treasures from more than 6000 years ago.


Drammen was founded in 1811 when the twin cities Bragernes and Strømsø/Tangen on each side of the river were merged to one town. The river that divides the town in its two parts has always played a major role in its history. Some hundred years ago there were several saw-mills and cellulose plants along the river. These were a major industrial basis for the people living there. The river was also an important transport medium for lumber as well as for smaller boats that exported and imported goods. The river has also given the name to its town, as Drafn means dirty water and was the former name of the river. Being rather turbulent in abundant seasons, it whirled up dirt and sand and thereby gave the river its name. Today the riverside is a place of sidewalks for biking, touring and fishing as well as beaches. Thus, the river is an important recreational factor for the more than 100 000 inhabitants from the town and its vicinity.

Drammen is an important city for sports, and its 57000 inhabitants have many sporting activities on their agenda. The town has organised many important sporting events as European Cups in handball and World Cup cross country skiing.

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