Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

By Alex Segura


The World’s Greatest Detective is facing his toughest mystery.

Lost in the timestream, believed to be dead by his friends and enemies alike, Bruce Wayne must use every bit of intelligence, every ounce of strength and training he’s acquired over the years to find his way back to the city, and adopted family of vigilantes, he’d left behind.

Blasted by the mysterious and powerful Omega Effect in the pages of FINAL CRISIS during a deadly battle with the malevolent New God Darkseid, Bruce Wayne must battle back through the waves of time to reclaim what was his – his city, his life…his cowl?

From the kinetic and awe-inspiring imagination of writer Grant Morrison and an all-star cast of artists, including Chris Sprouse, who’ll handle art chores on the first issue, BATMAN: THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #1 (of 6) hits in April and will prove to be Bruce Wayne’s defining moment as a hero, and his toughest challenge yet.


But enough from me – what do the players have to say about this breaking news? Well, suffice to say, Morrison is calling the mini-series: “The latest chapter in the long-running, ‘definitive’ Batman epic.”

And how ’bout those amazing Andy Kubert design sketches?

For a bit more, swing by USA TODAY.com, where John Geddes sits down with Morrison to get more insight on where Bruce Wayne – and the entire Bat-universe – is heading.

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99 Responses to “DCU IN 2010: THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE hits in April”

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  2. querldox says on :

    oh. I prefer Dick to be honest but we all saw this coming. I hoped it would be a bit later

  3. 3 million Years » Blog Archive » The Return Of Bruce Wayne says on :

    [...] DCU IN 2010: THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE hits in April [...]

  4. lightningrider says on :

    I wanted Dick to stay at least for a year. :(

  5. rolando says on :

    Well I’m torn. Morrison is my favorite writer ever and his work on Batman is awesome, so clearly this will be good. But Morrison has done TOO good of a job with Dick Grayson (who already was my favorite character) & Damian Wayne, that I didn’t want to see Bruce come back for a long while. Maybe even until 2011… too soon!

  6. styphax says on :

    Yeah I was hoping Dick would stay batman at least a year or two. But at least we can get rid of Chris Yost on Red Robin now. Somewhere in the back of my heart I was also hoping that you guys would pull a Barry, and leave him dead for a really long time. But whatever, I knew this was only a very temporary thing, it’ll be interesting to see the new structure of the Bat-Family.

  7. wildclaw says on :

    I love Dick Grayson as Batman but I also love Bruce so I don’t know. Can we have two Batmen?

  8. jeffers1970 says on :

    I used to be a huge Morrison fan, but the last couple of years of his work has really changed that. The Batman stuff was so difficult to read until every issue came out and even then it was weak. Final Crisis was an epic fail all around. I couldn’t get past 3 issues of Batman and Robin. This looks to be just another notch on the old disappointment belt for me.

    Besides, Dick has really blossomed as Batman in all the other Batman books. I have really grown to accept him as Batman. I can live without Bruce. I actually wouldn’t mind him coming back, if he ended up taking on a more Batman Beyond type role….sitting in the cave monitoring Dick and Tim (get rid of Damian) while they are Batman and Robin.

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    [...] Comics’ week of announcements continues this morning with news of the return of Bruce Wayne in a time-traveling miniseries written by Grant [...]

  10. kennypick says on :

    Finally! Some Grant Morrison news! This sounds terrific. I do love Dick as Batman, but I have a feeling that with 3 Flashes zipping around, DC won’t have a problem with 2 Batmen for a while.

    Morrison has never let me down, so I’m looking forward to this new arc in his Batman saga.

  11. jambamkin says on :

    Keep Bruce Dead!

  12. Brian L says on :

    Finally, the REAL Batman! I can’t wait for Bruce to be back.

  13. pabloflores says on :

    ummm…as much as i loved Bruce from my entire life..wich is treinta años!, and all that took for me to accept Dick as Batman, i think is too soon, i think you people didnt let us to taste the new Batman, the new posibilities that Dick may offer..it was a refreshment..and now..everthing coming back just like that?..ummm its not good.. i agree with Styphax that Bruce should remain unseen at least as long as BARRY, but i know..all this is for the movies…and merchandising..and..SHOW ME THE MONEY, so sad couse comic books are ART, and i dont know your warner new bosses think about it, couse the longer you remain bruce out the more money will you have when he return..

    But what can i know about it?? im just a guy from Argentina..Latin America….

  14. steley says on :

    “I wanted Dick to stay at least for a year.”

    Well, he’s had about six months already. Four more before the Return of Bruce Wayne even starts, and then six more while that’s running. And who knows if Bruce will even be Batman yet at the end of that.

  15. braddock says on :

    LOL Grant. This will be awesome.

  16. nw316 says on :

    You knew it was coming but I’ll add my voice to the “too soon” crowd. This is the best Batman has been since I started collecting in ‘78, it’ll be ashame when it comes to an end. I only hope DC has a top of the line writer and artist lined up for Dick Grayson’s new series when Bruce takes his comics back over… be it under whatever hero name he gets if Nightwing is now taken.

    P.S. Keep Damian with Dick & Tim with Bruce!

  17. tehradrobin says on :

    I hope Dick stays in the Batman role. I do want Bruce to come back and be active in the Bat Family in some capacity.

    Also, I want Tim back in Gotham. He’s my favorite and while I don’t hate the Red Robin series and wouldn’t mind it continuing in the city, I want him to be happy. Or happier, there’s no telling what Yost is going to have happen to him.

    Also, Morrison is my favorite writer. I have faith that this will turn out well. I just hope he continues with character development and not “return B to slot B” type stuff which he usually doesn’t. But yeah.

  18. kevernicus says on :

    Maybe he’ll run into Captain America in the time stream and they can start a support group. I suspect Dick will continue as Batman and Bruce will have some other role in the DCU.

  19. jgraff says on :

    If you read the article, Morrison says there is another full year of Dick and Damian before Bruce actually comes back.

  20. pabloflores says on :

    ajaj youre right kevernicus…Bruce and Steve.. should hang out..is this an example of corporation spy thing?.. i want to Dick Stay longer..but the real question here is.. do we readers have any..voice on this? any vote? or all we can do is take what you give us? really couse if this is fact theres nothing we can do about it.. what do you think guys?

  21. ipstenu says on :


    They said the return of BRUCE WAYNE, not Batman.

  22. nomoredidio says on :

    Pathetic. Out of ideas, Grant?

  23. markajcook says on :

    I’m glad that DC is finally returning Bruce Wayne to his rightful place.

    I’ll check this out because I’m a batman fan.

    However, Millar & McNiven’s NEMESIS will be a more of a Batman story than this will.


    I’ve also decided to stop being a loyal fanboy to all the Batman-in-name-only type of books DC is publishing and wait for the the cool Bruce Wayne stories to return. I’ll divert some of that money to NEMESIS, which will outsell Morrison the way Secret Invasion outsold the very disappointing Final Crisis.

  24. GeekSpeakBlog « Bruce Wayne Returns to the DC Universe in 2010 « Comics says on :

    [...] DC Universe: The Source has announced plans for Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne, a six-issue mini-series scheduled to hit stores in April of 2010. Here’s how they describe the mini: From DC Universe: The Source [...]

  25. markajcook says on :

    The next question is:

    Will RETURN ship on time?

  26. Bruce Wayne Returns fom the Dead…Normal People Still Don’t Care. :: Giggaheim – Museum for the Fans says on :

    [...] in Grant’s feverish mind, can Bruce find his way back from being struck with the Omega Effect.  DC Comics posted the latest article on their blog, explaining how Grant will engineer Bruce’s miraculous return to life. Oh Boy! Another psychedelic [...]

  27. emeraldlatenight says on :

    I’m excited about this on two conditions:

    1) That it is somehow significantly different than Captain America. Lost in time, finding his way back, questioning who will retain the cowl? There had better be something in there that really sets this story apart. I trust Grant to throw in something creative.

    2) That the end is less predictable and more interesting than Bruce taking up his old place and life going on like nothing ever happened. I love the idea of Bruce being semi-retired for a couple years or more, and then having a big unexpected scene where he decides to take up the mantle once again. But later.

    If I can assume both of those things, this will be a great ride.


  28. batmanners says on :

    I’m still counting on Tim being the hero of this story, though the Pirate guy dissuades that notion. After all, I think he deserves it the most. It would really tick me off if Bruce just comes back while Tim is copping some antique off a robber.

    DC seems to have all the books arriving in a certain order so I’m gonna assume they know what they’re doing. I think I’ll trust them on this one. :D

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  32. jotaese says on :

    Not only Too Soon…but it remains to see what they do with Dick. Add that since JLA Morrison’s work has been dreadful (and I am including his X work) this no doubt will be convoluted, confusing, and pointless.

    It should have not happened for at least a few years. Let Morrison go play with the Multi-verse for a while and stay out of mainstream books. Final Crisis was THE WORST event book I have EVER read, and Batman: RIP was not much better.

  33. Batman Isn’t Dead! DC Brings Us The Return of Bruce Wayne in April 2010! - Comic Hero News says on :

    [...] Wayne as Batman is too valuable a property for DC to let Dick keep the cowl. And so, today over on DC Universe: The Source, we received the news that this April would see Bruce Wayne fighting his way back through the [...]

  34. metsfan7450 says on :

    If Bruce Wayne was never dead, who’s skull is Black Hand walking around with in Blackest Night and how was Nekron able to bring him back as a Black Lantern?

  35. alexboney says on :

    I’m really looking forward to this story. It’s what I was hoping for, but I’m still enjoying Batman and Robin until then: http://www.tcj.com/guttergeek/?p=75

  36. Will44 says on :

    Wow, this does feel kind of quick, but Dick Grayson has been Batman for almost a year already, and this series doesn’t hit until April 2010, and runs for 6 issues. Dick Grayson will still be Batman concurrently with Return of Bruce Wayne. So really Dick will be Batman for almost 2 years by the time Return converges with the rest of the DCU.

    Of course, the question is how this works with what we just saw of Bruce Wayne in Blackest Night…. but still.

    I really hope DC does the smart thing with Dick Grayson and returns him to the role of Nightwing. Anyone else? Oh, and Grayson fans, talk about it all with us over at the Nightwing Fan Club Message Board


  37. ashcrow says on :

    I’ll give this a shot when it comes out …. but I agree about making sure this is done better than Captain America’s romp in time (which started out well enough but now feels slow and silly). I also don’t want to see Dick drop the cowl back to Bruce as I think Dick is a great Batman. As long as Bruce doesn’t come back through time, pick up the cowl and continue as Batman I feel that the the story could be quite interesting. What if Bruce comes back, Dick’s happy he doesn’t have to carry the burden of the cowl and tries to hand the cowl back but Bruce doesn’t want it — he just wants to be Bruce Wayne yet Thomas Elliot refuses to give up his control? etc…

  38. thecoyotegospel says on :

    I’m really shocked to find so much criticism relating this to Captain America: Reborn. Honestly, from someone who works in the industry in a decent capacity, Marvel and DC remain completely ignorant of what is going on with the other company until we, as fans, find out. I guarantee that Morrison has been gestating this idea for years, just as Brubaker firmly put down the groundwork for Reborn in issue #25 or #26. The same is true for Necrosha and Blackest Night, in a much more unfortunate case. We’ve been hearing teeny tiny bits about the War of Light and the Blackest Night since Rebirth, and Necrosha and Selene’s attack has been brewing since New X-Men: Academy X. It’s unfortunate that ideas that are similar in surface ways seem to crop up together, but it’s not planned on other side. I think that the worst thing that could come out of this is either company changing ideas and denying fans intended story lines so that they don’t seem derivative.

    Anyway, I love Grant Morrison, and I know that this will, in no way, be what it seems at face value. While his Batman could be very dense, and Final Crisis suffered a lot on the art and editorial side, I trust him as an inventive storyteller who, at the end of the day, tells ludicrous stories that speak volumes about the characters at their cores. I almost don’t want to speculate about what role Bruce will be taking, because I can’t imagine that Morrison won’t throw a curveball in at some point.

    I think that, with a few hiccups, it’s a good time to be a Bat-fan. There is a wide range of books that offers something to fans of just about any kind, they exist in a connected universe but no title needs to be read for another to be understood, and fascinating new projects like this are on the horizon.

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    [...] Final Crisis? Guess not. December 9, 2009 Regardless of how bad and completely unreadable one’s comics are, along as you made them tons and tons of money in the past two years (i think), DC Comics will give you another mini-series to write. [...]

  41. DC in 2010: Bruce Wayne to return in April 2010 | A COMIC BOOK BLOG says on :

    [...] to the DC’s The Source, we should be seeing Bruce Wayne back by April of 2010! For many fans, this is incredible news. For [...]

  42. batbruno says on :

    get back, get back, get back bruce where you once and for all belong…

  43. MurrayC says on :

    “The latest chapter in the long-running, ‘definitive’ Batman epic.”????

    If this mini-series is going to be anything like its previous “definitive” chapters by Morrison, I’ll be passing on this.

    I agree with Jeffers1970 above when he said: “The Batman stuff was so difficult to read until every issue came out and even then it was weak. Final Crisis was an epic fail all around. I couldn’t get past 3 issues of Batman and Robin.”

    I will never understand Morrison’s mindset. His stuff either takes flight, or crashes and burns horribly. He did an awesome job with “New X-Men” (sorry, DC) and “We3″, but his Batman and Final Crisis stuff has been utter sh!t. It’s like he’s trying to hard [to redefine super-hero stories].

  44. anniemoose says on :

    Hrm. My emotions are mixed. Of course I want Bruce to come back eventually, but… I was just getting used to Dick as Batman! Hopefully The Return of Bruce Wayne will run for a while before Bruce actually returns, so we can see more of Dick and Damian.

  45. jimmyglenn711 says on :

    So… can Dick be Nightwing again? Please?

    You canceled Nightwing’s series for a gimmick, and yes that gimmick turned out to be ok, but seriously? Batman’s death was pointless. Dick as Batman was equally pointless. Everyone knew Dick could be Batman, but should is really the important question to ask. Damian as Robin is ok, but Tim was just as good. This whole arc accomplished nothing other than ruining Jason Todd by making him more villain than anti-hero, and aging Tim Drake to a point where now we will have what? Titans, Teen Titans, and a new generation of Young Justice starring Damian?

    Morrison Sucks.

  46. THE BEAT » Blog Archive » Real Batman pretends to be Elseworlds Batman as Bruce Wayne returns says on :

    [...] been Robin. The real Bruce Wayne will return in April a six issue mini-series called, surprisingly, THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE. Grant Morrison continues his well-received arc on the character, and artists involved include [...]

  47. jorel1983 says on :

    to all you saying too soon think about it april 2010 this book starts its gonna be 6 issues of bruce time traveling so that brings us to september. I doubt as soon as bruce comes back to modern gotham that he will tell dick you go back to being nightwing damian go back to your mother and tim u r robin again. If anything everyone except Tim is gonna be suspicious and it will prob take another year just to get Bruce back into the cowl and trusted all around so keep your panties on ladies and enjoy the ride.

  48. falseface says on :

    I can’t wait to have Bruce Wayne back. The only continuing great Bat books have been Red Robin and (surprisingly) Batgirl. The rest has been okay but it’s just not the same. And I find the fear of delays to be more than understandable; Grant’s stories lose all momentum when they don’t come out on time. Nevertheless, looking forward to this!

  49. meisterlegion says on :

    We only have 6-issues until the BATMAN book reaches #700.
    I don’t see how it’s going to be done - the 6-issue mini Return of Bruce Wayne and have him back in the suit by #700.

    I think what would look cool for the cover of #700 is a naked Bruce Wayne in the fetal position of the Batcave, passed out, with the words: “HE’s BACK!” But, that may not meet the comic code requirements having a naked Bruce Wayne on the cover.

    Also, I like the new BATMAN & ROBIN book and see no problem having two Batmen - we have multiple Flashes, a whole Corp of Green Lanterns, and an entire planet of Supermen…so, one extra Batman running around shouldn’t be a problem. Besides, Dick is going to be the Batman representation for the JLA isn’t he?

  50. esteban138 says on :

    Oh, this is GOOD news.

  51. jorel1983 says on :

    So ya here goes nothing. Bruce Wayne has been gone longer than Superman/Clark Kent was when he “died” now it will about 2 years since Dick and Damien became the dynamic duo and I doubt they are gonna roll over and play dead that easily.

    Oh and to meisterlegion seems like Wonder Woman is hitting 600 in June and Bats is hitting 700 in June lol awesome sauce

  52. theray says on :

    Just because Bruce is returning already doesn’t mean Dick will automatically stop being Batman. It’s entirely possible we’ll still be seeing Grayson in the Bat cowl for the entirety of 2010. We’ll see though.

    I’m looking forward to this. I’ve been really really enjoying Dick and Damian as B&R, but I’ve also been anxious to see what’s been going on with time-tossed Bruce.

  53. dusk83 says on :

    OMG! WOW! Thank you so much DC, cant wait! :)

  54. madamerogue says on :

    After Bruce returns, keep him retired. I prefer Dick as Batman.

  55. “The Return Of Bruce Wayne” as a Cowboy Viking | gaijINside says on :

    [...] DC Comics has announced their big Batman storyline for 2010, entitled The Return Of Bruce Wayne. Much like Tim Drake Wayne, the current Red Robin, suspected, Batman didn’t die when shot by Darkseid, but exists throughout time… kinda like Captain America. Each issue will show Bruce Wayne’s escapades through time (timerames mentioned include Caveman Batman, Witch Hunter Batman, Cowboy Batman… and more random ideas). [...]

  56. Stage3evolution says on :

    so soon huh…Aw well I’m still a fan of most things Batman and will be picking this up lol

  57. scotticus says on :

    Wow, that’s a REALLY big bat that Neanderthal Batman had to kill for his cowl.

    Maybe Man-Bat got tossed back in time with him.

  58. Batman Returns « Exile in Geeksville says on :

    [...] DCU blog THE SOURCE is also reporting the [...]

  59. darkness says on :

    Excellent news! Although I’m a bit surprised, I was thinking we’d see Bruce at the end of 2010/beginning of 2011 maybe?

    Art looks very interesting indeed. Bat!Pirate is excellent. It’ll be 6 issues and the run will end in October(with no delay hopefully) but I don’t think Bruce will get his cowl as soon as he comes back. Let’s not forget he will be changed man(according to Morrison and Didio)I imagine he will need time to adjust back to his life and the people (who went through a lot on his absence) he left behind. So I imagine Dick will continue to be Batman for a while. 6 months the least. It will make his run 2-2.5 years.

    Honestly Dick is one of my absolute favorite characters in DCU, I’ll follow him everywhere but I never felt that he’s “Batman”. Nightwing was his legacy, his success and his life. I honestly can’t wait his return to it.

  60. SOC! TUM! POW! » Enfim, o retorno de Bruce Wayne says on :

    [...] o The Source, blog oficial do Universo DC, Morrison diz ser esta mini-série “o último capítulo de um [...]

  61. La DC Comics presenta Batman: the return of Bruce Wayne | Comics Eden says on :

    [...] La DC Comics attraverso il suo blog ha annunciato una miniserie riguardante Batman, l’ultimo capitolo secondo Grant Morrison della saga definitiva di Batman. Attenzione l’articolo contiene spoilers. [...]

  62. runnerx13 says on :

    I honestly have to say that I am not ready for this; DC is doing this WAY TOO SOON.

    And I’m sure someone else already pointed this out, Batman was hit with the Omega Sanction, not the Omega Effect. The latter would have removed him from existence.

  63. Batman Versus Robin and Versus History? « Comic Book Daily says on :

    [...] Comics’ week of announcements continues this morning with news of the return of Bruce Wayne in a time-traveling miniseries written by Grant [...]

  64. dusk83 says on :

    & for the record everyone, BRUCE WAYNE NEVER DIED JUST REPLACED!

  65. mikethebat says on :

    It’s about time! Can’t wait for the real Batman to make his return to Gotham!

  66. dusk83 says on :

    I know I had said this already on facebook but for those Dick Grayson lovers maybe the story is only about Bruce’s return to modern gotham, not as batman again?

  67. markajcook says on :

    Bruce Wayne IS BATMAN!

    Wake me up when this is done.

  68. druzhba says on :

    Someone saw too much Quantum Leap.

    Is good, but not for me.

  69. prytur says on :

    As much as I love Morrison’s writing, this sounds like a misguided handling of Bruce Wayne’s departure from the DC Universe and inevitable return. Having Bruce Wayne slip in and out of the time steam in the forms of “Caveman Batman” and “Pirate Batman” sounds downright stupid and childish.
    Blackest Night was the meatiest opportunity to develop a mature storyline to bring Bruce Wayne “back from the dead”.
    I am going to totally pass on this and read First Wave instead. At least Azzarello knows how to handle Batman and his pulp noir origins. First Wave will be the better read, no question in my mind.

  70. The Return of Bruce Wayne « Tranquilized Madness says on :

    [...] So behold: First look of “The Return of Bruce Wayne” [...]

  71. JL4GL says on :

    I agree with those who say that it’s too soon…maybe at least til September 2010, I’d say (tho hopefully production delays can ensure this LOL).
    Yeah it’s not stated whether Bruce will even take the mantle up again, and I hope not - cuz it’s now the 2nd time (that I can remember) that Dick took over as Batman and unlike with Zero Hour this turn seems better.
    The other problem I see is that, for want of a better term, Grayson returning to being Nightwing seems like a step back at this time. Doing so otherwise is almost like stunting his (Dick’s) development as a character.
    So the question would be - are either Bruce or Dick gonna take up new identities and/or capacities??

  72. heffison says on :

    Now this sounds like fun. Only thing better would be an announcement that this would be followed by a “Dick Grayson:Nightwing” book.

  73. Bruce Wayne Is Coming Back In 2010 : Comi Girl Magazine says on :

    [...] more on Batman: The Return Of Bruce Wayne check out DC Universe’s The Source and USA Today’s interview with Grant Morrison. Share and [...]

  74. markajcook says on :



  75. iwanttolightmyheadonfire says on :

    hahahaha he looks like Davy Jones from POTC2.

    …but I suppose if he’s trapped in that timeperiod, gotta fit in….whatever. I’m just glad my boy is back. Hopefully followed by CASSIE because Stephanie’s dumb/Dick ISNT BRUCE && I don’t like it.

  76. markajcook says on :

    A Brief List of Creators who Grant Morrison hopes to top but never will.

    Chuck Dixon

    Ed Brubaker

    Dennis O’Neil

    Greg Rucka

    Alan Grant

    Kelley Puckett

    Devin Grayson

    Jeph Loeb

    Frank Miller

    Doug Moench

    Paul Dini

    Anderon Gabrych

    Alan Moore

    A.J. Lieberman

    Mike W. Barr

    Peter Milligan

    Jim Starlin

    Max Allan Collins

    Marv Wolfman

    Bob Gale

    Bob Kane

    Bill Finger

    Scott Beatty

    Bill Willingham

    Mark Millar

  77. markajcook says on :

    Oh yeah….

    One more….



  78. thecoyotegospel says on :

    Okay, the list of creators was a bit childish and not thought out, especially with names like Millar (who semi-apprenticed with Morrison), Loeb (do I need to say anything here?), Dixon (who regularly drives certain properties into the ground even while handling others well) and names from an entirely different time with an entirely different mode of storytelling. You can say that you’re not a fan of his work, but to so blatantly disrespect someone with such a varied bibliography of work is pretty juvenile. Morrison’s work can exclude many readers, but not having a taste for it does not make insulting it in such a matter alright.

  79. Coming in April: The Return of Bruce Wayne - Christian Guitar Forum says on :

    [...] in April: The Return of Bruce Wayne The Return of Bruce Wayne This will be written by Grant Morrison and it looks like it will be a hoot. I’m really looking [...]

  80. DC Announces 'Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne' | Hypergeek says on :

    [...] we all knew this was inevitable, but today DC let the cat out of the bag, and announced that Bruce Wayne will be returning to the DC universe in April [...]

  81. albatross says on :

    Amen to that Coyote Gospel!
    Also… I love Bruce Wayne. He IS the Batman, but I will still go ahead and cry “TOO SOON!!” Bruce is coming back starting in April??? That means he’ll be BACK back in… September or October, give or take ;). Aw man! I have been LOVING Dick as Batman, and feel like him ‘returning’ to the Nightwing persona would just… not work. I mean, there’s the Kryptonian Nightwing now (and PLEASE don’t kill Christopher just to get Dick the name back) and Dick just… isn’t really Nightwing anymore. The only thing that would be worse than him becoming Nightwing again, of course, would be to kill him. Don’t do it, DC! Don’t think it!!!

  82. albatross says on :

    erghh, hate to double-post, but I needed to let JL4GL know that I feel the same way!

  83. detectivex says on :

    Now this is an event I can get behind.

  84. moiralewis says on :

    Fantastic! This is the story I have been waiting to read.
    As long as I can read about Bruce Wayne’s journey back and the trials he encounters, I am totally happy.

    And for those who say…too soon? Sounds like the Dick and Damian show will keep running at least into 2011. It doesn’t end with the series about Bruce.

    Seriously…Morrison with Bruce…Azzarello including Batman in First Wave…2010, get here quick!

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    [...] The Source Blog Comments [0]Digg [...]

  88. Daytripper « Matching Baggage says on :

    [...] is hard to do as a comic reader, especially with superheroes comics where they announce deaths and rebirths months in advance. I have to say, it’s wonderful going in to a comic not knowing what to [...]

  89. kauffinbauchser says on :

    Maybe I’m crazy, but it seems like Morrison is not only hogging the Batman Universe, but breaking it. I’d like to see Paul Dini calling the shots for the caped crusader.

    Morrison’s whole confusing run so far has been much too abstract and cosmic for me. I like Batman fighting crime in an alley and solving a mystery from a more realistic angle.

    What about the vow he made on his parents grave and his utility belt. That seems a lot more ‘Batman’ to me than time travel and reincarnation.

  90. Gorbunov says on :

    Seems to be fun series. But, yeah, hope that Bruce will take some time after his time-travels before return to the job. Batman & Robin is great title and Dick & Damian main reason of that.

  91. markajcook says on :

    @the coyote gospel

    “Millar (who semi-apprenticed with Morrison)”

    I find it hilarious that Millar has passed Morrison.

    Looking forward to Nemesis!

    “Loeb (do I need to say anything here?)”

    Long Halloween? Dark Victory? Hush?

    Do you like Grant more than the Bat? Definitely!

  92. Grant Morrison Set to Ruin Batman, Again. says on :

    [...] return of Gotham’s golden girl should come as a shock to no one. From DC’s Source blog, The World’s Greatest Detective is facing his toughest [...]

  93. Bruce Wayne’s return « The Nerd Nerve says on :

    [...] [DCU The Source Blog] [...]

  94. Bruce, You Magnificent Bastard. | your mind will go pi. | hrudu. says on :

    [...] You might’ve already heard: next April in the comicbook world, will be the Return of Bruce Wayne.  [...]

  95. mtyblueballs says on :

    Hmmmm…. Has anyone read Captain America lately? Wasn’t he also jumping through the time stream? I am sure it is just a coincidence??????????? Want to hear others about this. Either way, I still plan on reading this mini series. :)

  96. eldonte says on :

    I already said this on other discusion boards, but I would like to see an older bruce wayne come back to mentor dick n damian. Maybe have bruce make the obligatory appearance in the batsuit, especially when the chips are down, but lets keep dick as batman. i really like the current direction of the batman family of comic books

  97. Rebelcomix.com» Blog Archive » Batman Reborn says on :

    [...] Source Blog has confirmed that Bruce Wayne is returning this April.   The original Batman was presumed dead [...]

  98. Prepárense para el regreso de Bruce Wayne « Otakus and Gamers says on :

    [...] forma de miniserie de viajes en el tiempo, con lo que será Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne. En The Source explican que el detective más grandioso del mundo deberá afrontar su misterio más difícil para [...]

  99. markajcook says on :

    I’ll add this Newsarama link. What should come first - the characters and their story or action figures?


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