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It looks like the creative types in Dubai have taken a break from building islands long enough to invent a car that takes horsepower to a whole new level. The Naturmobil, invented by Abdolhadi Mirhejazi, uses a treadmill which both propels the vehicle and charges a battery while the horse walks. When the animal gets tired, the car can then be driven off the accumulated battery power. There's apparently also enough extra left to then run a pair of LCD screens.

"Bearing in mind the originality and uniqueness of the idea, Naturmobil was designed and built to achieve the maximum level of attention from its audiences," said F. Minooeifar, Mirhejazi's marketing manager.

That's right--the horse-car inventor has a marketing manager. The biggest problem I have with the the Naturmobil is its greenhouse-like enclosure, which would tend to get pretty hot for the animal, especially in Dubai, or even California, where the inventor plans to exhibit his masterpiece in June.

For more pictures of the contraption, head over to Geekologie.

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