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'Avatar' in four different formats

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Avatar will close the Dubai International Film Festival, and follow up with a worldwide release December 16-18. The anticipation is intensifying with Mattel and Apple helping to make Avatar more than just one of the most expensive films ever made.

After the release of Ubisoft's Avatar The Game on December 1 (US) and December 3 (Europe), December 15 will see the release of the iPhone/Gameloft Avatar platformer. The game is touted as much more than just a phone game. It's a prequel to the movie that takes place some 20 years before the film's events with more textures in one level than in the entirety of some other Gameloft games.

The Avatar soundtrack will also be made available December 14 (December 15 in the US) in both physical and digital formats at around $19.

And for those who prefer a more tactile experience, Mattel has realized a line of action figures that are integrated with augmented reality technology. Consumers can scan a 3D i-TAG to bring the toys to ‘life' in a virtual environment and interact with the Avatar characters. The figures are priced between $20 and $70.



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