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About Kimberlite

Thanks for checking out Kimberlite. We're psyched to be able to GPL a complete high availability cluster infrastructure to the open source community. Once you kick the tires and look under the hood, you will be pleasantly surprised. This is a complete packaging of all the software components you need to deploy true high availability Linux based cluster servers.

Yes, there are other product offerings and components that you could use to build up high availability application servers today. But if you look closely you will see that on the Linux front today, there are no other offerings which can provide data integrity guarantees in the face of failures. This is what makes Kimberlite so unique. When considering any cluster foundation, ask how it responds to:

  • host system failure
  • clean shutdown for planned maintenance
  • network partitions
  • system hangs
Most existing Linux cluster offerings can cover the first 2, but only Kimberlite can cover all 4. Before chosing any clustering software for your production environment, be sure to read the following article which appeared in the December 2000 edition of Linux Journal. The "Linux Cluster Checklist" article describes a set of criteria that any credible cluster must address in order to safely provide highly available filesystem and database services.

Kimberlite is targeted at commercial deployments and was initially developed by a team of developers who have been working on commercial cluster offerings for over 8 years.

Since Kimberlite is principally composed of user level daemons, it is distribution agnostic and runs on a great diversity of commodity hardware.

But this is just the beginning. Since Kimberlite is a high availability infrastructure, there are lots of ways you can contribute. Examples include the addition of new service types as well as sharing your experiences on a range of hardware and distributions you use it with. Together we can also grow and strengthen the capabilities of the core components.

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