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"Where can I find games for this emmulator?"

Emukon, once called eSMS, is an advanced Sega Master System and Game Gear emulator for Windows. It includes a powerful debugger and provides high compatibility.
The current version uses DOZE, Marat6502 and ZLib.
Please note: Emukon currently uses DirectDraw and makes use of stretchblits, which do not work correctly on some recent drivers (especially from nVidia).

News for v1.05

- Renamed eSMS to Emukon
- -debug command line option
- right click into label window to add or remove a breakpoint
- Added File->Reload ROM
- in windowed video mode, the mouse can now be moved out of the window
- brighter palette
- sms soft pause button is now mapped to the gg start button, the p-key is always hard-pause, no more alt+p
- added multiple screenshots options
- added frameskipping options
- resizeable file requesters
- added netplay via Kaillera (still experimental)
- fixed Code Masters mapper emulation
- bug fixes

These packages are bound by the "KonTechs Freeware License Agreement", as contained in the packages and you expressly agree to it by using any of them. It might be a good idea to read it!

Emukon v1.05 (02.07.2004)
eSMS v1.0 (15.08.2002)
eSMS v1.01 (10.10.2002)
eSMS v1.03 (25.11.2003)
eSMS v1.04 (05.12.2003)

Cool Spot

Ninja Gaiden


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