The Beings:

The beings are three to four feet tall and weigh twenty five to fifty pounds. Their bodies vaguely resemble a human toddler's torso if emaciated from hunger.  They have grayish skin and large-heads with almond shaped wrap-around eyes. They have very slight nose, mouth, and ear positions and are hairless.

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The technology presented within this site was brought to earth by some alien beings from the Zeta Retuculi 1 & 2 star system. These stars are located in the constellation of Reticulum which can only be seen from the southern hemisphere. Zeta Reticuli is a binary star system, which means it has two stars, and is located approximately 37 light years from earth. These beings are from Reticulum 4 which is the 4th planet out from Zeta 2 Reticuli. This is the way star systems were referred to in these blue folder reports that Lazar read in the briefing room. They simply designate the name of the star and then number the planets from the nearest to the furthest from the star.

Our star, the Sun, was designated as Sol and the earth was referred to as Sol 3 because we're the third planet out from the sun. Mars would be Sol 4, Venus would be Sol 2, etc.

One day on Reticulum 4, the planet these aliens are from, is 90 earth hours long, which indicates that, just like the earth, their planet also rotates on it's axis as it orbits around Zeta 2 Reticuli.


In the same blue-folder briefings which accurately represented the fields of study Lazar and the others at S4 were involved with, were other briefings that involved the beings, their motives and the historical involvement with this planet.  A few of the briefing dealt with claims the aliens made regarding their involvement with us.  Lazar emphasized that these were "simply words on paper" and even if truly documented, they could have been lies on the part of the Reticulans.  

With these disclaimers in mind, following is a list of those statements.

  • The Reticulans claimed to have genetically "externally corrected" our evolution up to 65 times over the last ten thousand years.  Divided evenly, that would be one correction every 150 years.

  • Humans were referred to a "containers".  Unfortunately the aliens viewed us simply as containers of genetic material. Literally, Genetic Cultures.

  • There was an uncomfortable amount of information on recombinant DNA methods, and viral weaponry. It is speculated that viruses were used to genetically redirect our evolution since viruses are the only organism that could attach to the human and impart a new genetic code.

  • According to the aliens our religions were given to us so, as the aliens said, "to prevent the 'containers' from destroying themselves".  There were various references to religious belief systems that currently exist today.  

  • The Reticulans can exert a form of mind control on humans.  This form of control is best started when the human is quiet and relaxed.  Sleeping is preferable.  Stimulated states of mind proved this form of mind control ineffective.


Evidence of alien intervention with this planet extends back as far as humans could write and draw. 

See: Dept. of  Physics, USAF Space briefing.

retic_real_smal.jpg (5588 bytes) Alien Confrontation

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