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The project completes the missing link between the end of the M74 at Fullarton Road Junction near Carmyle and the M8 motorway west of Kingston Bridge near Glasgow city centre.

The five mile (8 kilometre) motorway link will comprise three lanes in each direction and a hard shoulder on each side.

Construction work on the road began in May 2008 and is scheduled for completion in 2011.

The construction contract was let to the Interlink M74 Joint Venture in early March 2008 for a fixed price of just under £445 million, plus a £12 million allowance for possible mine workings along the route. About £200 million has already been spent on land and advanced works.

In addition a number of businesses and factories have been relocated with the assistance of an independent Business Relocation Team which has been working closely with affected businesses for a number of years.

Visual of M74
Virtual image of M74 

In advance of the work starting a number of archaeological excavations took place along the route of the motorway.  The M74 Dig takes advantage of the opportunities offered by the construction of the road to unearth, preserve and record some of the undiscovered history of Glasgow and its surrounding areas. 

Visit the M74 Dig for more details on the dig and its public archaeology programme. 


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