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Literacy development in Ghana
As a partner in the Education Quality for All project funded by USAID, CAL is working with Ghana Education Services to develop literacy milestones and assessments. Learn more.

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Expanding Educational Opportunity in Linguistically Diverse Societies
This report reviews programs in 13 countries and describes how these program begin and what must happen to help them succeed. Learn more about the report .

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International Development

Language is an important consideration in international development. In communities around the world, language diversity is common, and bilingualism of individuals is vital to business and social life. Language diversity raises issues in education that must be addressed, because they underlie many other important social issues. For example, choices about the language in which children begin schooling and become literate are fundamental to ensuring equal educational opportunity. Education is central to reducing poverty and enabling social and economic development.

At the same time, decisions about the languages in which students are educated and the importance of individual bilingualism in multilingual societies have implications in a number of educational areas. Language policies need to be developed or changed, resources for teaching and learning in various languages need to be created, and qualified teachers need to be selected and prepared.


Literacy Development in Ghana. Learn more.

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CAL has a variety of publications and resources related to international development. Learn more.

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