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Wealth Management

MBMG’s core business has always been the provision of professional financial planning & wealth management services for expats. We have extensive experience in this field and have been doing it for longer than any other firm in Thailand. We offer a wide range of services that we tailor to fit every individual clients needs. We have close relations with all of the major product providers within the financial services sector, therefore we can always offer a solution that provides the best value for our clients. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide impartial and well-informed advice in every aspect of investment and financial planning, not only by utilising our experienced in-house advisors, but also drawing from the knowledge and experience of our many world-class associates around the globe. Our expertise is reflected in the results of our efforts, and our many satisfied long-term clients. We are proud that we can consistently meet our client’s expectations and always be responsive to their needs. We can assist with every aspect of investment advice & financial planning, but our main areas of expertise are as follows:

Investment Portfolios
We have extensive experience in this field and have knowlegible in-house staff, MBMG also utilize their relationships with some of the best portfolio managers in the world; this is reflected in the performance of our client’s portfolios.

Financial Planning
No matter what your financial planning needs are, we can assist in helping you achieve them. We can provide detailed analysis, and provide ongoing advice to ensure that your financial goals are met.

Offshore Banking Facilities
Whether you are simply looking to open an offshore bank account or you are a corporate client looking to utilize offshore banking facilities for your business; we are able to assist.

Pension Planning
Our specialist offshore pension advisor has extensive expertise in this area, and is Thailand’s lending expert in Qualified Recognised Occupation Pension Schemes.

Educational Planning
MBMG can make sure that you have enough money to give your children the education they deserve. We can provide detailed, structured advice to meet all of your school fee planning needs.

Estate Planning
It is essential that you make sufficient provisions for the transfer of your estate. Issues relating to wills, tax and trusts can be complex, that is why our experts are there to make sure your wishes are carried out, and your beneficies receive everything they are entitled to.

Money Management
Cash is still the biggest asset class and it is essential that your cash is kept in a safe place. It is also important that your cash is not exposed to adverse currency exchange risk, while at the same time benefiting from any favourable currency movements.

For further information & Advice regarding any aspect of our Wealth Management Services:
Please contact our Customer Services Team on 02 650 3430 or email info@mbmg-international.com

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