Mauritius Reprint from original plate 1p single stamp


From the original plates - Printed in France around 1900's - mint condition - no "reprint" or anything else printed on backs of stamp- a very Rare find. Deminsions match original plates exactly- as close as 99.99% of us will ever get to owning these extremly rare stamps- This auction is for one stamp --the 1p orange

The original copper plate was bought in 1912 by Nevile Lacy Stocken, a london Stamp Dealer, from Colonel Colnaghi, the grandson of the Governor of Mauritius during the period spanning 1847 when the PO Mauritius stamps were prepared. Colnaghi by chance found the plate in the family archives but had no idea of its significance. It was stocken that prepared the reprints, though they all supposedly had the word REPRINT printed on the backs of the stamps.This info was clearly not true.These were checked out in England against the original plates by a specialist and the indented area matches the original plate exactly. Sheetlet is in near perfect condition.

Origins- single impressions of each of the two values were engraved on the back of a small copper plate, the front of which had been used for printing a lady's visiting card.The engraver was J.Barnard, a watchmaker and engraver in Port Louis, his initials are visable at the base of each stamp. The stamps are printed in intaglio and agree in every detail to the original stamps.

Click here for a super large detail picture of this item to verify it is a fine engraving and not a photo copy :-) scanned at 600 dpi and enlarged 1x time so in reality the detail is much much better in person - 1 meg photo scan