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Hexen 2 source released
Raven releases source code for Hexen 2
By - John "Warrior" Keefer

Raven Software has released the source code for Hexen 2, and it can be found on FilePlanet.

"Raven is pleased to be following in the path of id Software by releasing source code to one of our older games, Hexen 2, based on Quake 1 engine, said Rick Johnson, lead programmer for Hexen 2 and Soldier of Fortune. "We hope that the mod community can both learn from and make any improvements/changes they see fit to the code. Those of us that go back to the Hexen 2 days look forward to the exciting projects that the mod community will offer."

Details about the code:

The H2MP directory contains the source code for the Hexen2 Mission Pack. The mission pack code contains within it the original Hexen2 code, bug fixes that were released for the patches, and the code changes necessary for the mission pack.

The H2W directory contains the Hexen2World source code. While I have worked on further changes beyond what is included in this directory, they are not stable enough to be released.

The source code was compiled last under Visual C++ V5.x, so there may be some changes necessary in order to get it to work under VC6.x. I included the original versions of the DirectX and SciTech libraries that we used, you may be able to use later versions.

This code is delivered AS IS, as Raven will not be providing any support. Please refer to the Quake Standards Group web site for future support / tutorials on this source code release.

Now go get the code and start creating!

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