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Marduk, Katatonia, Call & Response with Pelican, The Red Chord, Nile, Q&A with Rammstein, the making of Watchtower’s Control And Resistance, The Top 40 Albums of 2009


Mr. Death, Krallice, Helen Money, Struck By Lightning, Fatalist

Top 40 Extreme Albums of 2009

The grim, the black... you get the picture

It was a good year for metal. But then, how do you really gauge a (clichéd) statement like that? If you regard these pages as Bible, we may have just the measuring stick—our forthcoming very special Top 100 Albums of the 2000s issue, available exclusively to devoted readers, where you can see just how many of this year’s Top 40 cracked the decade’s elite. (No spoilers, bitches.) For a more detailed perspective, you can scour through 2009’s back issues and marvel at a year in which we afforded our most perfect 10s ever—all represented high up herein. And if none of that nerdy bullshit does it for you, there’s an even more hilarious/idiotic/self-deprecating battery of artist- and staff-generated Top 5s to make your future two-ton dumps that much more enjoyable. Maybe someday if we have the space, we’ll print our writers’ (and our own) carefully-crafted individual lists, which are always good for cruel, disparaging intra-office IM laughs. Until then, here’s your very last batch of the 00s’ gnarliest.

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