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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Welcome back.

Dad Vail President Jim Hanna said that the 2010 Dad Vail regatta will be held in Philadelphia after all. Hanna met this morning with Mayor Nutter, U.S. Rep. Bob Brady and other city officials.

Mayor Nutter said he was thrilled by the turn-around. "It's always been our goal to continuously have the regatta in Philadelphia without interruption."

The Dad Vail saga began last month when organizers announced that they would move the 2010 event to Rumson, NJ, citing high city fees, loss of corporate sponsorships and a promised $250,000 from Rumson as the reasons.

The announcement angered Mayor Nutter, who argued that race organizers had never given the city an opportunity to work out a deal with Dad Vail. Nutter and Brady have both repeatedly called on organizers to reconsider. This week Brady released a statement questioning whether Dad Vail organizers could really raise the promised cash.

Officials said they would try to control city costs for the Dad Vail by working out a five year agreement. But Nutter said the details weren't all worked out yet. 

Brady, who has vigorously championed the regatta's return, stressed the long history of the event locally. "Once we start losing our traditions we start losing our identity," he said.

Posted by Catherine Lucey and St. John Barned-Smith @ 11:58 AM  Permalink | 21 comments
Posted 12:19 PM, 12/17/2009
Oh No...... Crew is the sport you join when you can't play football, basketball or baseball... Losers...
Posted 12:28 PM, 12/17/2009
So, why did they change their mind?
Posted 12:37 PM, 12/17/2009
Jabdad, what sport do you do that you think crew is a sport that only losers do? I don't row, but I know people who do row. I also know that after college a lot of them stay physically fit, which is something that we cannot say about most of the guys who did football, basketball or baseball. You are a loser for saying that.
Posted 12:39 PM, 12/17/2009
Jabdad - What? Don't make stupid comments when you don't know what you are talking about.
Posted 12:45 PM, 12/17/2009
Why can't JD CREW sponsor the event??
Posted 12:47 PM, 12/17/2009
@ Jabdad: "losers"? I've heard of some people using Crew teams as a way to get a leg up on Ivy League admissions. So I guess it depends on your definition of 'loser.'
Posted 12:47 PM, 12/17/2009
...I'm guessing that Jabdad is a video game freak, sitting in front of his computer screen all day, until mommy calls him for dinner.
Posted 12:47 PM, 12/17/2009
Brady, who has vigorously championed the regatta's return, stressed the long history of the event locally. "Once we start losing our traditions we start losing our identity,"......Not many times I agree with a politician but that statement coundn't be more true.
Posted 12:48 PM, 12/17/2009
Good statement by Rep Brady about our traditions! Jabdad, you are the core of why Philly gets a bad rap around the country. As you can tell by the other comments, we're a region of very intelligent, accomplished individuals weighed down by the vocal, ignorant minority...and just so I can spoon feed it to you Jabdad, that has nothing to do with race. Welcome back Dad Vail!
Posted 12:51 PM, 12/17/2009
The Vail's stayed because the City finally listened to them! Do you think they really wanted to leave Philly? NO So the City will now actually consider what the organizers have been trying to tell the Park Director for the last 4-5 years. Great News for the Colleges and the City!!! Jabdad Crew has competitors, the sports you mention has players! There is the difference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 12:55 PM, 12/17/2009
Posters like Jabdad comment on these boards for the sole purpose of winding others up--its really sad that he or she has nothing better do (including, apparently, rowing).
Posted 01:15 PM, 12/17/2009
Perhaps Rumsford turns out to be the better venue. Give it a chance. Philly needs a good kick in the rear. Not the people, just City Hall.
Posted 01:24 PM, 12/17/2009
As a former Female Division I Rower, I think I can personally call out Jabdad. I can assure you the graduation rates for rowers is far better compared to basketball, football, or baseball players at D1 schools. I know it was at my school, and I know the majority of the Athletic Directors Honor roll was made up of rowers. Not to mention, physically, the rowers could run circles around those other athletes...and we literally did when we trained. I had many football and basketball players come up to me and say they were amazed at how much we trained. They respected the sport. But, I guess if that is what makes you a loser, so be it. There is no better example of teamwork than watching 8 people move a boat in unison. Go to the Dad Vail and educate yourself on a fine sport, with deep traditions.
Posted 01:25 PM, 12/17/2009
Awesome news! Go Philly
Posted 01:25 PM, 12/17/2009
Rowing is about the best cardiovascular workout you can get and if everyone did (you don't need water - home machines are relatively cheap - less than $200 models work fine) it our current healthcare crisis wouldn't exist :P. You don't see fat rowers, that is why I enjoy watching them compete ;)! Kudos to Phila. stepping up to the plate. The city has to make some very difficult financial decisions (libraries, etc.), this was a good one! I am thoroughly enjoying the commentary on this article after the first loser post...
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