So Gay . . .

As the father/step-father of 5 teenagers (give or take a year), I get more than my share of exposure to the lives of this generation we are currently raising.

Just as I did when I was their age, they have their share of annoying verbal habits, chief among them being the derisive comment that something is “so gay”. I have yet to hear “so gay” meant as a compliment or word of praise about something, so I can only assume that it is meant as a criticism of whatever it is they’re describing that way.

I happen to have an aunt and a brother who are gay, as well as many friends. The vast majority of them are bright, intelligent and highly creative individuals who are an absolute pleasure to be around.

So as you might imagine, I bristle when I hear “so gay” as an adjective to diminish or criticize something or someone.

I came across this video in a report on CNN. Apparently teen idol Hilary Duff is heading up a campaign to make people aware that the phrase they toss out so carelessly is in fact hateful and homophobic.

It’s only 30 seconds long. Well worth checking out…


A Great Way to Go…

I ran across an interesting storythat I wanted to share with you.

It’s about a 62 year old man named Don Doane.

Don was an avid bowler. Every week on the same night for the past 47 years, Don bowled with a group of his buddies at the Ravenna Bowl in Ravenna, Michigan. He was a decent enough bowler, but not once in those 47 years did he ever bowl a perfect 300 game…

That is, until October 16th. That night, he was on. He crushed it. He nailed a perfect 300 game.

And then, while high fiving all his good friends and celebrating the moment, Don Doane dropped dead.

Not only did he go out doing something that he passionately loved to do, he went out on top. I mean, if you’re gonna go, that’s one GREAT way to go.


How Video is Revolutionizing Product Launches

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I absolutely love to track pre-launch campaigns for Internet Marketing products. I learn so much in the process.

Fact is, there are a couple going on right now that you really ought to pay attention to, just to see how it’s done right.

The first one I’d recommend is Frank Kern’s (whose interview with ClickBank University you can check out at

Here’s where you can get on his notification list for his videos and check out a particularly good one:

Another excellent example of using highly informative videos to presell a product was created by Armand Morin:

Be sure and check all those videos out before he takes them down, which should be fairly soon…

Then there are two GREAT examples of videos that actually take the place of a sales letter. One is from John Reese:
and another is from a guy I met on the Warrior Forum by the name of Jason Dinner,

You may wonder why I’m pointing all this out to you.

It’s because at ClickBank University, we’ve got a great 5 part series of videos on the “Fundamentals of Camtasia Studio” which, if you follow it, will teach you all you need to know to be able to create fantastic videos along the lines of what Frank Kern, Armand Morin and John Reese are doing quite successfully right now.

So be sure to incorporate video into your marketing mix.

That’s the thought for today…


My Wife is Now a Blogger!

Taking a breather from my normal postings about my business, I wanted to let you know that my wife, Jeanne Walker Bourland, has just launched her first blog, Full Contact Parenting!

Jeanne, of all mothers I know, is indeed, a “full contact mother”. She gets right into the thick of it with her kids. Isn’t afraid to mix it up with them or love them to pieces. Those kids know they have a fully committed and involved mom and they absolutely love her for it — even though she can drive them nuts some times.

I think it’s a blog that is uniquely Jeanne. It’s what she was meant to write about.

In a time where most moms have chosen to work outside the home (not that there is anything wrong with that), she’s fully committed to being a stay at home, full time mom to her kids, aged 11, 14 and 16, and my son, aged 13.

Her blog is about as open and honest as anything I’ve ever read. She’s truly poured her heart and soul into it. She sugarcoats nothing and what you read is pure, authentic, Jeanne.

I actually think that blog stands a chance of developing quite a following.

So now I need to live up to her example.

I’ve already broken my New Year’s Resolution where I promised to blog every day, but I’m still committed to staying in regular touch with you, my readers.

And if I can do so with the authenticity and passion that my wife does, I’ll do well.

So bookmark and read it whenever you have a minute… and leave her some comments! She’ll love to hear from you.

Take care,



A Sneak Preview of the ClickBank University Members Area

Hi y’all,

I’m a little late in the blogging department today…

Been busy producing videos, rewriting the sales letter, writing a zillion emails and overall staying very busy with all my prelaunch stuff.

One of the things I did today was to produce a video which gives people a quick walk through of all the content I’ve developed and now offer at ClickBank University.

Just in case you want to take a peek at it, here’s the link.

If you happen to see this link after Tuesday, go to and see it on the sales letter.

I’m tired.

I’m going to bed.

Take care,



An Early Draft of My Sales Letter

I promised I’d let you take an early peek at my sales letter (which isn’t done yet, but it’s in workable form), so if you’re at all inclined to wade through my latest draft, here it is.

If you didn’t see my previous post, just remember that it’s a direct response sales letter, meaning that it has one and only one objective: to make a sale.

I tried to keep it as informative and relevant as possible to those who would be likely to join ClickBank University, and did my best to avoid having it sound hype-y and steroid driven.

If you don’t want to read a sales letter that prints out to some 20 pages, you won’t be hurting my feeling by simply moving on to the next item in your agenda.

But I do know that there are a few internet marketing colleagues who enjoy tracking my progress on this, are actually interested in reading other people’s sales letters, and to those I say “welcome, read it through and feel free to offer any sort of critique you would like”.

To those who like their marketing pieces short, I’m afraid you won’t like this. So please, don’t bother.

But if you are one of those and want to take a challenge to see how long I can keep your attention, have at it.

I’ve got a couple more videos to do now, so I’m going to move along…

Y’all let me know what you think…




Writing Promotional Emails

Frank Kern and his buddy, Willie Crawford

I hope you don’t mind that I’m taking you inside my little world of getting ready for a major launch…

There’s a lot of details involved, and I’m scrambling to cover every last one of them.

One extremely important aspect of the launch is the pre-launch. It’s the stage prior to the actual launch where you “warm up” the potential members by posting special reports, informational videos, hold teleseminars, all sorts of things that build your credibility with potential customers so that they can get a better feel of who you are and what you are offering.

It’s the “courting” stage.

Instead of walking up to some attractive young lady on the street and immediately asking her out on a date, I’m taking the time to let her know a little something about me, and feel safe with me, even before I invite her to meet me for a latte at Starbucks.

So today, I prewrote a bunch of emails for my JV Affiliates (well known marketers who have huge mailing lists of customers and prospects — people tend to buy from people they know and trust) to mail to their lists.

Chances are, they’ll use them as a rough guideline for what they will personally send, but it’s a useful and essential tool for them nevertheless.

I’m “courting” the potential members of ClickBank University with a short series of video tutorials and interviews taken directly from the members area of CBU.

My first video is of an interview with Frank Kern, who is among the most brilliant marketers I’ve ever had the chance to meet. He may look like a burned out, long haired, unshaven surfer dude, but he is one sharp dude. Don’t let appearances fool you.

So here’s the email I wrote up for my affiliates to mail to their lists, encouraging people to check out the Frank Kern interview:

SUBJECT: {Firstname}, A YEAR’s Worth of Preparation Is About to Be Unleashed…

{Firstname}, You may remember that in November, ClickBank University held a very quiet beta launch of their new service. Only a select number of members were admitted before they closed the doors to new admissions in December.

They took that time to completely survey their members and get a solid read on what up and coming ClickBank affiliates and publishers need to succeed in the ClickBank Marketplace.

They did their homework quite thoroughly and have now produced a full blown “ClickBank University Blueprint for Success” that they will be launching January 15, 2008.

You can’t afford to miss this…

Over the next few days, they will be “moving the free line” by showcasing complete, uncut, unedited training videos from the “Members Only” area of ClickBank University.

You now have an opportunity to preview exactly what ClickBank University members are using and implementing in their businesses every day.

You can check out the first video, by following this link:

Today’s video is an interview with $900K per year ClickBank Affiliate and Publisher and “Guru” in his own right, Frank Kern.

Frank Kern is widely known for his highly successful launches of Stompernet, Serializer I and II, Pipeline Profits as well as his own Mass Control. Combined, these launches brought in over $25 Million in less than 24 hours.

But day in and day out, he is less well known for his success as a ClickBank affiliate and publisher in a variety of niches.

In today’s interview, he details his strategies for success as a ClickBank marketer, and reveals exactly what he would do if he had to start all over again from scratch.

So get out your notepad and jot down the action plans you can implement immediately after seeing Frank’s interview.

It will be worth every minute of the 39 minutes it takes to view the entire video.

This is but one example of the kind of content you’ll encounter daily after you join ClickBank University.

Stay tuned, because tomorrow we’ll have another amazing video you will be able to take to the bank.

But more on that tomorrow…

For now, check out what Frank has to say about succeeding as a ClickBank marketer…

< >



P.S. As youre reading this,at least another 100,000 people just like you are seeing this email. But not everyone is guaranteed to get a spot with ClickBank University. So be sure to sign up for the pre-notification list to get YOUR advance notice when ClickBank University goes live.

That’s not stellar copywriting, but if it gets people to check out Frank’s interview, I’m ahead of the game.

Anyway, back to work.

Just thought I’d share another aspect of what I’m up to…



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