FoxyProxy Plus Release Notes

Fast, reliable proxy servers are also now available.

3.214 November 2009 This is an huge release. It brings FoxyProxy Plus in line with the forthcoming FoxyProxy Standard 2.15. Every change between FoxyProxy Standard 2.10 (inclusive) and 2.15 (inclusive) is now included in FoxyProxy Plus. Here is the list:
  • Icons for buttons and tabs
  • Color now displayed in FoxyProxy Options dialog as requested here
  • Narrowed CSS specificity for FoxyProxy's tree styling to prevent interference with addons such as FindInTabs. This also fixes the long-standing bug in some Firefox versions whereby the Firefox addressbar/awesomebar shows blank lines when autosuggesting websites.
  • Removed useless "mode" colum in options dialog tree view
  • New proxy names default to host/ip address (if one was entered), otherwise they default back to the original "New Proxy" name. Requested here.
  • Tooltips for proxies, when listed in any menu, show the proxy notes field (used to replicate the proxy name). Requested here.
  • Better debugging for failed proxy filtering (as requested somewhere in the forums)
  • Differentiation between FoxyProxy Basic and FoxyProxy Plus in labels within the application. Previously, such labels just said "FoxyProxy" instead of "FoxyProxy Basic" or "FoxyProxy Standard". This makes it clearer to the user which edition he's using, hopefully making support easier.
  • Support for closing FoxyProxy dialogs/windows on OS/X with Command-W
  • Removed extraneous dump() statements
  • Better SOCKS DNS handling; still needs work, though
  • Conditional builds for FoxyProxy Basic
  • Locale updates
  • Removed id-ID and mk-MK locaes since they've been empty for ages
  • Command-line argument now accepted: -foxyproxy-mode [patterns|disabled|<id of a proxy as specified in foxyproxy.xml's proxy element>|random (not supported)|roundrobin (not supported)]
    Windows examples:
    firefox.exe -foxyproxy-mode 1095631556
    firefox.exe -foxyproxy-mode disabled
    firefox.exe -foxyproxy-mode patterns
    OSX/Linux example:
    firefox -foxyproxy-mode 1095631556
    firefox -foxyproxy-mode disabled
    firefox -foxyproxy-mode patterns
    When NOT specified, FoxyProxy resumes from the last mode in which it was used. When specified, FoxyProxy starts in the specified mode. Feature was requested here and here.
  • If FoxyProxy's Global Settings are set to "Toggle between current mode and disabled" for the statusbar or toolbar, the new mode wasn't restored on Firefox restart. Reported here.
  • Moved Tools Menu menuitem after the devToolsSeparator as requested here.
  • If the user enters the port as part of the hostname, parse it and put it into the port field automatically. Thanks, Sebastian Lisken <Sebastian dot Lisken at gmx dot net>
  • Changed donation link
  • Fixed typo as specified here.
  • Removed redundant regex code in parsing QuickAdd and AutoAdd patterns, improving the performance when special strings (e.g., *://${3}${6}/*) are expanded
  • Fixed bug introduced in 2.11 whereby the FoxyProxy Tools menu item and FoxyProxy context-menu item always appear, even when FoxyProxy->Global Settings->Show icon in the Firefox tools menu and FoxyProxy->Global Settings->Show icon context-menu are unchecked. Reported here and here.
  • Fixed icon display issues on Firefox 3.5 as reported here.
  • Fixed "Copy Selection" so it copies patterns, too, including temporary patterns. Reported here.
  • Translation updates
  • Custom colors per proxy -- thanks, Jesper Hansen !!
  • Smooth icon animations -- thanks, Jesper Hansen !!
  • Fixed the huge width of the AddEditProxy dialog so it's not so huge
  • Changed all the donate/buy buttons and links
  • Added Jesper Hansen to the About box
  • When adding a new proxy, the Proxy Details tab is now the default tab. This contributes towards faster addition of new proxies (one less click)
  • Warning message for "You didn't enter and enable any whitelisted (inclusive) URL patterns ..." now has a "Do not show this message again" checkbox for better usability to people who use FoxyProxy like SwitchProxy (i.e., load all URLs through one proxy at a time)
  • Revamp of "Do not show this message again" checkboxes so they can more easily be added for all sorts of annoying, recurring questions in FoxyProxy. As a side-effect, your previous selections for the two existing "Do not show this message again" checkboxes are reset after upgrading to this version. One of these is "The pattern has no wildcard characters ..." and the other is only for Thunderbird users ("You have chosen a non-SOCKS proxy. POP3, IMAP, and all other email protocols must use SOCKS proxies; they cannot use HTTP proxies. Continue anyway?")
  • Fixed longstanding bug whereby regular expression special characters ($, ., +, (, ), and ^) couldn't be used in URL patterns
  • Ability to disable resetting of icon colors after URLs have finished loading via a "hidden preferenence" (i.e., no GUI currently). Change the attribute /foxyproxy[@resetIconColors] from true to false and restart Firefox. This enables you to easily see which proxy was last used (instead of having to use the FoxyProxy Logging tab).
  • Ability to remove the "FoxyProxy:" prefix in the statubar with a "hidden preferenence" (i.e., no GUI currently). Change the attribute /foxyproxy[@useStatusBarPrefix] from true to false and restart Firefox. This long-requested feature makes FoxyProxy display only the proxy name (or mode) and the FoxyProxy icon in the statusbar. It is useful for people who have lots and lots of Firefox addson that consume statusbar real-estate and who still want to be able to see the name of the current proxy or mode (i.e., users who don't want to uncheck the existing FoxyProxy "Global Settings->Show mode (text) on statusbar" setting.
  • Log sorting by clicking on a column -- contributed by Nathan S. Watson-Haigh !!
  • Open log URLs in tabs -- contributed by Nathan S. Watson-Haigh !!
  • Copy URLs of log rows to clipboard
  • Ability to delete log rows
  • Fixed launching of URLs on Sonbird and other platforms
  • Ability to sort patterns as requested here
  • Various minor GUI changes concerning button placement and text, specifically in regards to our commercial offerings
3.125 April 2009
3.022 April 2009
  • Initial release