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Opera 10.5 Pre-Alpha build released. Here is what's new...

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Today, we've released a pre-alpha version of Opera 10.5 on Opera Labs. Download it and give it a spin. Let us know what you think about it too!

Let's give you the lowdown on what's new in this build. Hang on tight, there's a lot of new stuff here!

Carakan - Our fastest JavaScript engine yet

Opera 10.5 pre-alpha is more than seven times faster than Opera 10.10 on the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark

This build introduces Carakan, our upcoming JavaScript engine. We're working on making it the fastest in the world and already you can see that it's pretty speedy! As you can tell from the above graph, Carakan has boosted our performance greatly compared to our previous JavaScript engine. The speed superiority is mostly evident if you test the Windows build, as we haven't started on optimization for Mac yet. Modern web applications are increasingly using JavaScript in much more complex ways, which need faster and more efficient JavaScript engines from browsers. Carakan promises to run JavaScript faster than ever, allowing modern web apps to run smoother than before. Bruce Lawson wrote a good overview of Carakan a few months ago and you can also read the Core Concerns blog post about Carakan and an older post on it too, for more details on the concepts behind it.

One more thing to note is that much work is ongoing to support the new ECMAScript Standard, ES5. One of the main things about ES5 is native JSON support, which we now have in our new JS engine. Hallvord Steen has written about it in more detail in his post on the Core Concerns Blog.

Vega - Our new graphics library

Opera 10.5 is more than three times faster than Opera 10.10 on the PeaceKeeper Complex Graphics benchmark

We initially wanted to just have a library for displaying SVG, but we gradually expanded it to support other graphics such as <canvas> etc. It enables greatly improved performance for complex graphics, and can even use a hardware accelerated back-end. You can read the Opera Core Concerns Blog post on Vega for more information on it. Along with displaying SVG, Vega is now used for all graphics rendering in Opera. This allows us to do transitions and transforms in CSS, but also things like rounded corners, box shadow etc. You'll notice small animations when opening/closing a tab, when alerts appear and when you drag tabs too, all of which are also achieved through Vega.

Presto 2.5 - Our latest rendering engine with even greater support for web standards

This build features Presto version 2.5 (the one in Opera 10.10 final is Presto 2.2) which is the newest version of our core rendering engine. Besides having the most complete CSS 2.1 implementation (it even supports visibility: collapse which was missing until now), it also has the latest support for many of the new CSS3 and HTML5 properties. Let's take a look at some of what developers should look forward to with this engine.

Rounded corners with border-radius

All web designers will love this! Using the CSS3 border-radius property, you can have rounded corners on your page without the need for images or any other similar workarounds. Check out Patrick's border-radius demo and Vadim's take on it for more rounded corner goodness.

Backgrounds and Borders

Presto 2.5 supports many of the W3C's Backgrounds and Borders Specification. Check out Zi Bin and Vadim's Dev.Opera article on Backgrounds and Borders (including the aforementioned border-radius) together with some nice demos which you can try in the build.

CSS3 Transforms and Transitions

Transitions basically transition from one state to another over time, while transforms can apply various functions such as translate (move), rotate, scale, etc. David has written a Dev Opera article on CSS3 transforms and transitions and has made a neat demo demonstrating it too.

Offline Storage and more

Presto 2.5 has support for both Web Storage and Web SQL databases. In Web Storage, you have the option to store the data temporarily (session storage) or for a longer time using local storage, which will store data until you explicitly clear it. Web SQL gives you the ability to create databases on the user's machine (using SQLite as a backend) so that you can store data in a more structured manner and even query it using SQL. Check out this example page demonstrating Web Storage and this example page showing Web SQL Database storage.

Other browser features

  • Private browsing: Open a new private window or a private tab. Christmas time is near, you might want to go online to buy a few gifts for your loved ones without them noticing which sites you went to.
  • Better integration with native systems: This means better integration on Windows 7 (Aero Glass, Aero Peeks and Jumplists), and a move to Cocoa on the Mac, where we have a unified toolbar, touch pad gestures and drop down menus. It also adds notification features, in particular 'Growl' notification support on the Mac.
  • You'll also notice that all notification messages are now non-modal. Which means that it will not impede your workflow by having a child window that you have to click to go on with your job.
  • Further improvements to the search box and the address box. Now its even easier to search right from the address box.
  • Type opera:cache in your address bar for an all new interface to your cache. It allows you to directly browse, preview and use the contents of the cache on a per site basis.
  • Opera Dragonfly in 10.5 pre-alpha features new and improved highlighting for clicking and selecting elements to inspect on a page. To open Opera Dragonfly, go to Tools->Advanced->Developer Tools.
  • New inline page search and password manager.

And much more. Download it and test it out. This is a pre-alpha release, so there may be issues encountered (especially related to media queries and web fonts). There are certain things like Opera Unite and the new widgets implementation (which we introduced in 10.20 alpha) which are not included in this build. One more thing to be noted is that the demos will work best on Windows for the moment, as right now we have done optimizations only for that platform. Also, there is no Linux build for 10.5 pre-alpha right now. However, we're working on having optimized versions for all major platforms as well as adding even more new exciting stuff for the alpha, beta and the final versions.

Canvas and SVG - which should I use when?


thobi 22. December 2009, 08:15

:up: cool :hat:

Behrang Saeedzadeh 22. December 2009, 09:05

Awesome! :yes:

DemoJameson 22. December 2009, 09:31

I like Offline Storage!

Henri 22. December 2009, 11:46

Linux? :frown:

Shwetank Dixit 22. December 2009, 13:03

Henri: No linux build right now, wasn't ready yet. In the future builds, we will though! This pre-alpha build is more to let people know what we've been upto all this time developing...the proper alpha, beta and finals are yet to come...that will have linux builds.

Anonymous 22. December 2009, 13:14

Anonymous writes:

Nice! Will Vega support ICC profiles? Wide-gamut monitors are everywhere these days, and Firefox and Safari can handle them already.

Алексей 22. December 2009, 13:17

it's wonderful

z@h3k 22. December 2009, 13:52


Anonymous 22. December 2009, 14:46

Petter Reinholdtsen writes:

Will Opera 10.50 include support for playing Ogg Theora video using the HTML5 video tag?

Shwetank Dixit 22. December 2009, 14:53

@Petter: Yes, we're working to include it in future builds.

Nikita Vasilyev 22. December 2009, 15:16

I see some regressions on Mac OS X:
— middle mouse button not working at all.
— can't delete a word with Alt+Backspace or Ctrl+W, but Alt+Arrows (right or left) works correctly.

Services not working at all (Top menu --> Opera --> Services).

I like new super smooth scrolling. Smooth like butter :-)

Nikita Vasilyev 22. December 2009, 15:23

New non-modal alert() not non-modal enough. Compare it with

Shwetank Dixit 22. December 2009, 15:56

I think the current way in which alert is implemented is better. Alerts by default should be this way, and if a developers wants to use a less intrusive solution, then they could go for such libraries.

operafan93 22. December 2009, 17:27

Thanks. I hope the Link sync will be added in the next alpha. The main thing missing now is the support for addons like Roboform and LastPass to store and use our encrypted passwords securely from the cloud so that they are synced in all the computers we use or Opera can provide a similar service to LastPass for example.

Please don't underestimate the usage of this feature as the exponential increase in the use of web services is leading to a great need to save, access and fill the passwords on the go in the browser from any computer with a single master password. I think the browser which makes this easy is going to win.

operafan93 22. December 2009, 17:33

Another suggestion for the future is a touch-optimized Opera OS to run on Arm architecture like Android does with this superfast 10.5 opera browser and the day long battery life. Maybe hack Chrome OS to use Opera instead of Chrome. I would certainly miss using the Opera browser, mail etc. in the upcoming wave of Android and Chrome OS tablets and netbooks. Any plans for this?

Rolphus 22. December 2009, 17:36

Originally posted by ELV1S:

I like new super smooth scrolling. Smooth like butter :-)

It's much smoother and faster, and this is a great improvement. However, the scrolling speed (the amount the window scrolls relative to trackpad input) is different enough from other OSX apps that I still find the browser basically unusable :frown: I really, really want to switch to Opera on OSX as I'm fed up with Safari's insane RAM usage, but this has been a killer for me.

Anonymous 22. December 2009, 17:50

Salman ( writes:

I have an observation. It seems like it's creating multiple browser instances when we try creating more tabs. Tried it on Win7 and opening 2 tabs would create 2 browsers too, identical though. Any clue?

Anonymous 22. December 2009, 18:22

Anonymous writes:

But it don't work:

img { border-radius:4px; }

Only work if I put a border color, but in Chrome this code work perfectly...

Anonymous 22. December 2009, 18:29

Anonymous writes:

Opera 10.5 have the same problem when download a file from some sites (like the download tab show "49710 6" instead of the remaining time.

Spenser Davison 22. December 2009, 18:35

I'm loving the concepts so far, but I'm crashing a lot, and there's just a very unstable feature for now....very good considering this is a pre-alpha. Can't wait for more to come!

Anonymous 22. December 2009, 18:52

Anton writes:

o cmon! Geek are on linux! If you wanted to release alfa for people to show that you were actually doing smth real -- you should release linux version first.

I don't care much about new js engine, but really excited to hear about offline storage and rounded corners (THANKS GOD! Why it took you so long opera??)

Shwetank Dixit 22. December 2009, 19:15

@Anton: We're working on linux, its just not ready yet. We're removing the QT dependencies and adding better graphical integration for Gnome/KDE( for example ) so that should make linux users happy when we do eventually release a linux build. In the meanwhile, you can try the windows build with wine, it should work fine there.

Nikita Vasilyev 22. December 2009, 19:43


Is it bookmarks API? How to use it?

>>> opera.addBookmark
[object Function]
>>> opera.addBookmark.toString()
"function addBookmark() { [native code] }"
>>> opera.addBookmark.length
>>> opera.addBookmark()
>>> opera.addBookmark('a','b','c','d','e')

Anonymous 22. December 2009, 20:47

Anonymous writes:

Very good. Like very much the new interface maximizing the viewport. My tabs are at very top not wasting that usually wasted screen space and then i have only the adress bar. That is just great.
I had 2 crashes but otherwise is working nice. It works in all my comon websites. Even for pre alpha i am thinking to use it as default browser unless it shows instability in next days use.

Anonymous 22. December 2009, 21:26

JHop writes:

Keep up the great work! Really, really looking forward to the new Linux builds.

PieterDeBie 22. December 2009, 21:43

It looks very very sleek! Thanks for the update, just the graphic update opera needed.

Love your work guys big thumbs up!

Hallvord R. M. Steen 22. December 2009, 22:47

Nikita: Bookmark APIs are only for "priviledged" code, for example if Opera is an embedded browser on some device with a HTML/JavaScript based UI. These functions should not even exist on regular web pages AFAIK, so consider that a bug. Hope you didn't get too excited :wink:

Stratos Moros 22. December 2009, 22:48

Nice and sleek!

+1 for growl notifications and non-modal alerts/pop-ups

Nikita Vasilyev 22. December 2009, 22:55

Hallvord R. M. Steen,
Any chance to get this work with Unite app?

Daniel James Hendrycks 22. December 2009, 23:05

:up: I'm creating a feedback list now :D

Quadunit404 22. December 2009, 23:13

Got it, loving it so far. Might as well use it instead of 10.10 in the meantime, after I transfer everything to it and whatnot.

WolvenSpectre 23. December 2009, 00:05

Already found bugs... no server name completion and some flash video sites load and autoplay videos but do not display video player unless you repeatedly reload the page. Sound is heard though.

For a "Pre Alpha" this is more stable than the Opera 10 and 10.10 betas (and 10.00 when it went final)

Great work so far.

It smoked Iron easily on media heavy sites.

Charles Schloss 23. December 2009, 00:16

Quadunit404 23. December 2009, 00:37

I'm surprised you guys managed to beat out Chrome, which, for a long time, was the fastest browser available. And to think this is a pre-alpha...

Let's enjoy seeing the Firefox fanboys cry about how we beat their browser in speed (and pretty much everything else)! (You can start here.)

Purdi 23. December 2009, 00:51

Originally posted by WolvenSpectre:

For a "Pre Alpha" this is more stable than the Opera 10 and 10.10 betas (and 10.00 when it went final)


Charles Schloss 23. December 2009, 01:21

Purdi for some the test versions seem to be stable for some, tho

For me I could not crash the Opera 10 alpha, tho I may not have been to the sites that may have crash it ( iused the first alpha from last December, had it open for over 12 hours running a svg animation)

have to be careful with test versions

Anonymous 23. December 2009, 02:34

Xor-Eax-Eax writes:

hi where is the dropdown menu for the adressbar in the windows release, in the screenshots i saw the mac release kept this dropdownfield, all in one i like the new pre-alpha, but an option for the tabs-"classic"-look would be great, i don't like the buttons in the TopBorder cause i often use it to maximize or restore the Browser window size. And maybe someone can tell me how to restore my lovly dropdown button :)

greetz and marry xMas


Siddhartha 23. December 2009, 04:09

Great alpha release. Was very stable till i tried the CSS3 demo from the dev page. The page was unresponsive and then browser crashed. But i am sure all these will be fixed soon.
how to we use the other CSS 3 properties?? like border radius and box shadow???
-o-<property> ???

Daniel James Hendrycks 23. December 2009, 04:15

Originally posted by Siddhartha:

like border radius and box shadow???

Anonymous 23. December 2009, 05:13

Anonymous writes:

Looks too much like Firefox Mockups.. that's sad. Your not going to gain respect by copying.

Charles Schloss 23. December 2009, 05:17

Originally posted by anonymous:

Your not going to gain respect by copying

tell that to other browser makers who don't give credit to Opera

Daniel James Hendrycks 23. December 2009, 05:31

Originally posted by Charles Schloss:

Originally posted by anonymous:
Your not going to gain respect by copying

tell that to other browser makers who don't give credit to Opera

No, Firefox stole Opera's skin for their mock-up. Aero from IE. Firefox is a copy, they are doing tabs on top like Chrome which stole it from Opera. They give Opera no credit for many other things like the Opera Link. They later stole it and called it the Mozilla Weave.

Anonymous 23. December 2009, 06:48

Anonymous writes:

I love the smooth scrolling but it scrolls WAY TOO FAST!!! Smallest wheel movement moves an entire page. Makes it unusable for me.
I don't want to globally change the mouse wheel speed as it's fine for FF, Chrome or IE.

All those user settings and none for mousewheel speed?
FF has this BTW.
Hope this adjustment gets added so I can use Opera.

Anonymous 23. December 2009, 11:37

Champion78 writes:

Unbelievable!! I tried alpha and I am waiting for final release impatiently.. :)

Anonymous 23. December 2009, 12:57

Nutz writes:

Aaah.. finnaly the Private Browsing (a.k.a. pr0n mode) :D
I've actually being forced to use FF (Chrome is a stripped browser, it sucks) when browsing on others PC.
(can't delete others' browsing history, can I?)

Thanks guys! this is great.

Anonymous 23. December 2009, 13:52

Anonymous writes:

opera 10.50 is very cool on windows 7

Purdi 23. December 2009, 14:01

Originally posted by anonymous:

Looks too much like Firefox Mockups.. that's sad. Your not going to gain respect by copying.

Actually, a build featuring the menu and all that leaked the day before the Firefox mockups were posted.

Clearly, your logic dictates that since Opera came first, Firefox is copying Opera again.

Epic Firefox fanboii fail :D

lwiczek 23. December 2009, 14:07

Besides - throwing a gui mockup is a overnight work in Gimp (or whatever), actually coding it from scratch, not so fast IMHO :D :wink:

Anonymous 23. December 2009, 15:59

Matt Fletcher writes:

Woo, porn mode!

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