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SPOILERS: 12/31 Impact TV tapings
» Reported by Adam Martin of
» On Tuesday, December 22, 2009 at 12:34 AM EST

The following took place on Monday in Orlando, FL.

TNA Impact TV Tapings for December 31:

These were the tapings for the one night tournament for a shot at Tara's TNA Knockouts Championship.

- Hamada def. Madison Rayne to advance.

- ODB def. Traci Brooks to advance.

- Roxxi def. Velvet Sky to advance.

- Awesome Kong def. Daffney to advance.

- TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions Sarita & Taylor Wilde def. Lorelai Lee & April Hunter.

- Hamada def. Roxxi to advance.

- ODB def. Awesome Kong to advance.

- The Motor City Machineguns def. The Young Bucks (tryout match).

- Lizzy Valentine def. Amber O'Neal (tryout match).

- ODB def. Hamada to win the one night tournament. Tara will defend the TNA Knockouts Title against ODB on the live January 4 Impact.

- Also scheduled for the January 4 Impact is Scott Hall.

Source: The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online

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