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Happy Holidays!

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99 cents

A bucketful of laughs for under a buck

Backstage blogger Bryan Branly explains how to submit your 99 cent store goodies.

Retail therapy at the 99 cent store often comes in the form of laughter. Next time you're there and spot something weird or funny, feel free to send it in to us!

2010 Bentley SS
"2010 Bentley SS"

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Wednesday, Dec. 23

Animals with Julie Scardina, African Children's Choir
Watch Until 01/15/10

Tuesday, Dec. 22

Dane Cook, Michelle Rodriguez
Watch Until 01/14/10

Monday, Dec. 21

Adam Lambert, Jeff Bridges
Watch Until 01/13/10

Friday, Dec. 18

Glenn Beck, Kate Gosselin
Watch Until 01/10/10

Thursday, Dec. 17

Sam Worthington, Mary J.Blige
Watch Until 01/09/10

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