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Splinter Cell Conviction UPlay Details Revealed
December 23, 2009 | 12:30 PM PST

by: Daniel Sims

Exact details for how Splinter Cell Conviction will utilize Ubisoft's new UPlay service have come to light today. Like previously suggested, its four UPlay actions and four rewards are related to multiplayer and other in-game content.

The game's four UPlay actions are given for buying upgrades in the game and completing certain missions in the campaign including the last one. A total of 100 UPlay Units can be collected in Splinter Cell Conviction.

It was already revealed that the "Infiltrator" mode – an off-shoot of the co-op, would come with the limited edition and could be bought with units through UPlay. A multiplayer skin seems to also be part of that package. The two other rewards include an exclusive UPlay theme and a weapon – the SCAR-H rifle.

For those not familiar with UPlay, it is a sort of cross-platform achievement service Ubisoft is implementing in its games starting with Assassin's Creed II. Points earned through UPlay actions can be used to purchase special content like themes and extra in-game content. Each game so far has exactly four UPlay actions and four rewards.

Splinter Cell Conviction will be the second game to use UPlay upon its release on February 23rd. Its list of actions and rewards are listed below.

Merchant Market - Complete the single player "Merchant's Street Market" mission on any difficulty
Weapon Upgrade - Purchase all 3 upgrades for any 1 weapon.
Ready for Anything – Purchase all 9 accessories for all uniforms.
In the End – Complete the last mission of the single player story on any difficulty

SCAR-H - Built for rough conditions, the SCAR-H deals far range damage, while keeping accurate.
Multiplayer Skin - More details will be revealed soon!
Multiplayer Game Mode – More details will be revealed soon! (We already know this is "Infiltrator")
SCC Wallpaper - Download the exclusive UPlay Wallpaper for Splinter Cell Conviction.
source: Ubisoft
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