Can a place love its children the way a mother loves her child?


Welcome to, the official site of the CHOC Foundation’s Change CHOC, Change the World campaign. Here you’ll find everything you need to explore the opportunity to make a noble investment in the future of children and take CHOC, this invaluable local asset, to world-class status.

For a quick overview, watch the video above. Then, if you’re interested in learning more about the story behind the story, you’ll find a brief summary of the key strategic initiatives funded by this campaign under the Completing CHOC section. For those who require an even deeper understanding of what makes this place worthy of philanthropy, go to The Story, or Institutes.

We’re sure you’ll find a place to invest your heart and desire to make a difference. Together we can drive innovation in the science and practice of pediatric medicine and improve the lives of children locally, nationally, and globally.

One person can change the world. Could it be you?

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