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Fusing the best from many cultures to create savory dishes

Reviewer: Jason
Total Reviews: 1040
Reviewed: 11/5/2005
Rating: 9
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Once in a blue moon we get a restaurant request that just defies our expectations. Today was one of those days at Yung Le's Fusion. Located in a strip mall sits a modest store front that leads to an exotic menu fusing flavors from all over eastern asia.

The interior was laid out in dark wood walls, glossy floor, colorful artwork, and even fresh flowers for each table. I could already tell the owners took their time making this place stand out from the others. The waiter quickly greeted us and sat us down at the table.

Service was exceptional and made it quite hard for me to take pictures without them noticing. Waters were always filled and if I even looked up, the waiter would ask if I needed something. This is the kind of service at those $40+ a plate place but the difference here are the prices.

The lunch prices are a steal, for $8, I was able to get the pumpkin seed pesto
chicken with came with the soup of the day. Along with the lunch we split an order of crab cakes. I havent a clue what ingredients Yung uses and I can only guess...a bad one if that.

soup of the day - called blue soup but I thought it was more of a purple. Dont know what exactly it is, blue corn chowder? Smooth texture and I liked it.

samosa - right out of the fryer and into my mouth. yikes it hot. last time I had something like this was at a chinese muslim restaurant. dipping sauce was excellent, kinda sweet kinda sour?

crab cakes - hmmm...nice clumps of crab mixed with some potatoes. Deep fried with a light breading to it. Topped off with celantro, chives, corn, mango, I detected some horseradish which sligtly cleared the nostrils. Comes in 2 pieces for $6. Crab is expensive and I think its a bargain with all the refreshing flavors out of this appetizer.

pumpkin seed pesto chicken - I honestly dont remember what pumpkin seed taste like but I do know that this pesto isnt anything Ive had before. chicken was white breast meat mixed with green and white onions. Super good and its hard to describe the taste of this dish. All I can say is give it a try.

So the story with me meeting the chef is, she was walking around and passed by our table. She raised an eyebrow and looked at me with my 1/2 plate of food that I wasnt eating. Its not that I didnt like it, I loved it. I had a big breakfast and wasnt particulary hungry for lunch but still managed to put away 1 crabcake, 1 eggroll, and half of the dish. Anyways, I got the feeling she thought something was wrong with her cooking. If you're reading this. I LOVED YOUR FOOD but I was full. I did get it to go and finished it about 4 hours later.

For the price and the wonderful dishes, Yung Le's Fusion is a tough place to beat. The items on the menu are different and ingredients are top notch. Everything we ate was a hit. Do yourself a favor and visit Yung Le's Fusion where combining regional flavors is the specialty.

Reviewer: Terry
Total Reviews: 739
Reviewed: 11/5/2005
Rating: 9
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Once in awhile, there's a restaurant. Now I'm talking like maybe 1 out of every 100 or 200. A truly unique restaurant that can't be classified under any one cuisine. In fact it would be a shame to do so. Yung Le's Fusion is such a restaurant.

The building itself is rather bland looking and the interior, while clean, is also a bit unassuming. Yet none of that matters once your food is brought out. Yung Le's focuses on what is important - the menu.

For todays meal I went with the lunch special tofu chow mein. It was accompanied by a cup of soup and jason opted to get some egg rolls. I think the appetizer was a bit much as we were both pretty full towards the end of the meal.

The tofu chow mein was a different dish than i was used to. I could taste flavors of indian, thai, vietnamese, and chinese cuisines. It is a bit difficult to explain as the flavors were so complex. If you are in the mood for something different and a rewarding flavor, I think you will enjoy Yung Le's.

I know I will be returning to try more of the vegetarian-friendly menu.
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mcaprile ate...

This restaurant has (unfortunately) closed :(.

4/19/2009 6:26:14 PM

Amoreena ate...

Salmon wrap, wasabi noodles, brown rice & others

Fantastic! I went to YL's Fusion purely on Jatbar's rec, and found everything expertly prepared and delicious. The salmon was perfect, the noodles were a great combo of flavors, and even the brown rice was flavorful. I'll definitely be back.

6/24/2007 7:28:38 PM