Basic Barbie Party Dress

Knitted Basic Barbie Dress
Image courtesy Greta Heddy

US #1 needles and #6 or #8 or #10 - (whatever you have on hand. The larger size is used to knit the skirt).
Red fingering yarn - 1 oz
White angora or any "fuzzy" white yarn - 1/2 oz

Not really important - mainly for the top of the dress, keep tension even, not too loose.

Sts = stitches K = knit
P = purl
YO = yarn over needle
PM = place marker on needle
INC = increase 1 stitch
DEC = decrease 1 stitch
K2 tog = knit two stitches together
psso = pass slip stitch over knit stitch

With red, cast on 40 sts. Knit 6 rows.
Place markers: K7 - PM - K6 - PM - K14 - PM - K6 - PM - K7. (You now have the stitches divided as follows: 7 stitches for right back, 6 stitches for the right sleeve, 14 stitches for the front, 6 stitches for the left sleeve, and 7 stitches for the left back = 40 sts.)

Row 1: Knit across INC before and after each marker.
Row 2: Purl.
Repeat these two rows until there are 72 sts on needle, ending with a P row.
Stitches are now divided as follows: 11 - 14 - 22 - 14 - 11 = 72 sts.

Cap Sleeves:
Next row: K11, remove marker, bind off next 14 sts, remove marker, K 22 sts, remove marker, bind off next 14 sts, remove marker, K 11.

Next row: P10, P2 tog, P20, P2 tog, P10. (You have now connected the back of the
dress to the front at the underarm area, and have created cap sleeves.

Knit 1 row.
Purl 1 row.

Place markers to decrease:

K5 - PM - K12 - PM - K8 - PM - K12 - PM - K5 = 44 sts
(You will now start to decrease down to 26 sts for the tiny waistline.)

Purl 1 row.

Next row: Knit across DEC after first marker (slip 1, k1, psso), before second marker
(K2 tog), after third marker (slip 1, k1, psso), and before fourth marker (k2 tog).
Next row: Purl.
Repeat these two rows until 26 sts remain, ending with a purl row. Markers may be removed.
Work 6 rows in stockinette stitch - K1 row, P1 row. Dress is now completed to waistline.

Change to large size needles (#6 - 8 -10 whatever you have on hand).

With red, knit and increase in every stitch across row = 52 sts.
Purl one row.
Knit and increase in every other stitch across row = 78 sts.
Purl one row.
Now work 16 rows in stockinette stitch. Cut red, leaving a 12 inch strand to sew back seam.

Next row: With white angora, knit every row - approx. 6 rows - for band at bottom of skirt. If you have a Barbie doll available, insert arms into sleeves and holding the dress around the doll, check for desired length: short and sassy at the knees.

If you want a more demure look - to mid-calf - knit 20 rows with red in stockinette stitch, and
then add white angora and work for 6 knit rows. For a formal gown down to the ankles, work 40 rows in red stockinette stitch and finish with 10 knit rows of white angora. Bind off. Sew back seam with white angora, then using the long red strand, sew remaining back seam.

ALWAYS DRESS DOLL FEET FIRST! Remember, yarn stretches, so don't worry if it is a tight fit to get the tiny waist over the hips, or the arms and shoulders into the neckline - it works! You must sew the garment securely and knot the ends - make it as "child proof" as possible, to withstand all the pulling and tugging the garment will get during normal play.

For Advanced Knitters
Follow dress pattern above to waistline, except at neckline, knit 6 rows with white angora, then place markers and knit to waistline with red fingering yarn. Increase across row by knitting in front, in back, and in front of each stitch across row = 78 sts.

Fancy Lace Skirt:
With red, knit across row.
Row 1: (WRONG SIDE) *K2 tog, leave sts on left hand needle, purl same 2 sts tog,
drop sts from left hand needle, repeat from * across.
Row 2: Knit.
Row 3: K1, *YO, K1, repeat from * across.
Row 4: Knit, dropping each YO from left hand needle.
Repeat these 4 rows for pattern.

With white angora, knit 6 rows. With red, repeat 4 pattern rows. With white angora, knit 6 rows.

Repeat red pattern and white angora bands for desired length of skirt. Bind off. Sew back seam.

Pattern copyright 2000 Elaine Baker. E-mail:
Image copyright Greta Heddy
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