Barbie Shawl with Ties

Using US #4 needles, cast on two sts.
Row 1: Knit.
Row 2: Knit to last st, knit in front and back of stitch ( 1 inc )
Repeat Row 2, until width is about 4 inches across at top. Do not break yarn.

*Cable cast on 32 sts at the beginning of the next row.
Cast off* Continue binding off across existing sts of shawl.
Repeat from * to * to make other tie. Break yarn, weave in ends.

We wrapped the shawl around Barbie the normal way, then crossed the ties around her waist and brought them back round to the front, and kind of stuck them back under the front of shawl.  Of course, you could make ties longer so they actually tie in front.

Patern copyright 2000 Eileen Baxter
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