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2009-09-10[french] Faille Glob() & Curl()6621DThibow
2009-09-10[arabic] Simple SQL Injection21725DJiKo
2009-09-09Finding vulnerabilities in PHP scripts (FULL)24464DSirGod
2009-09-03LFI/RFI testing and exploiting with fimap4777DIman Karim
2009-09-03[french] Protection contre le SQL Injection5909DMoudi
2009-09-03[french] ReadFile() Local File Disclosure5257DMoudi
2009-09-03SAP security: attacking sap clients8333DDSecRG
2009-09-01[spanish] Asegurando nuestra red wireless2086DCygog
2009-09-01[persian] ASP and JSP security2455DSoroush Dalili
2009-08-27Hardening & messing with win32 Apache Tomcat 3586Dshad0w_crash
2009-08-24Thin Clients: Slim Security3510DNCC Group
2009-08-13[arabic] Buffer Overflow Exploitation for Beginners4524DShaja
2009-08-13[persian] Remote Win32 Kernel Exploitation3728DCaC4
2009-08-13INTO OUTFILE (Mysql) paper7467DXaDoS
2009-08-07Readfile() Local File Disclosure4187D599eme Man
2009-08-07[italian] XSS:Cross Site Scripting4107DXaDoS
2009-08-07How to find RCE in scripts (with examples)7181DSirGod
2009-08-04shell via LFI - proc/self/environ method6910DSirGod
2009-08-04[turkish] TCP/IP Fragmented Packets2113DHuzeyfe ONAL
2009-08-04XFS - XSS From SQL4406D599eme Man
2009-08-04[german] Remote/Local File Inclusion Basic Tutorial3840Dint_main();
2009-08-04[french] blind sql injection3940DMizoZ
2009-08-04[spanish] Optimización de SQL Union Injection en MYSQL2780DOzX
2009-07-30[ezine] ZFO 510150DZFO
2009-07-28PHP filesystem attack vectors - Take Two5402DUSH
2009-07-27Avoiding SQL Injection6339DMoudi
2009-07-22[portuguese] Retornando para libc - Parte I2800D6_Bl4ck9_f0x6
2009-07-20[spanish] Busqueda Binaria Aplicada a las Blind SQL Injection3034DOzX
2009-07-20Xss & Iframe Phishing6806D599eme Man
2009-07-17Image Authentication Injection Paper + PoC5876Dpetros

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