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Guessing Which Nutrients Your Body Needs?


The Trump Network's revolutionary PrivaTest eliminates the guesswork and confusion from personal supplementation. The simple in-home test scientifically answers your need to know what vitamins, minerals and vital nutrients your body needs every day.

Developed in partnership with one of the world's foremost nutritional laboratories, The Trump Network's custom tests and personalized supplements are changing the way people think about their health using our cutting-edge nutritional database.

The Trump Network uses a team of experts to look at your specific metabolic markers from an in-home test. A database of over 100,000 participants and 30,000 scientific nutrition studies is used to develop a customized blended formula for you.

Metabolic testing and customized supplements are no longer luxuries for the wealthy. We have replaced the obsolete one-size-fits-all vitamin mentality with our scientific high-tech solution to everyone seeking optimal health.

Isn't your health, energy, and vitality worth the peace of mind from PrivaTest?

Custom Essentials®

Your PrivaTest will determine the scientific nutritional design for your Custom Essentials daily formula.

Using laboratory results, The Trump Network will calibrate your personal Custom Essentials formula with 50 pharmaceutical-grade nutrients in a whole food base combining:

* Antioxidants   * Chelated minerals   * Phytonutrients   * Whole vitamin complexes

For less than $2 a day - without any guesswork or confusion - The Trump Network will save you money, driving time, and expense at the store with your personalized Custom Essentials, our scientifically formulated supplements. Compare this value to the total cost of your current monthly vitamin-mineral-nutritional supplements and the effort you go through each month to buy them.

Each 30-day supply of Custom Essentials is individually wrapped for daily use and comes with an unconditional money-back guarantee. For ease and convenience, we automatically ship each month's supply direct-to-your-door.

Thousands of The Trump Network's consumers are convinced their Custom Essentials are boosting their cellular nutrition and giving them nutritional balance and optimal metabolic health. Join Us.