Infiltrating Bieber’s Live@Much

December 28th, 2009

One less lonely SQUIRREL, amirite?! (what?!)

[Correspondent Catherine attended Justin Bieber Live@Much last week - here's her account of the festivities!]

It’s a different flu season this year kids… ever heard of Bieber Fever?! Yup, that’s right BIEBER FEVER! One of the biggest rising stars of 2009 happened to casually drop by the Muchmusic headquarters on December 22 for a Live@Much in the midst of - oh I don’t know, hundreds of screaming girls (plus a few fellahs)?! Yea, no big at all? Because I happen to be talking about JUSTIN BIEBER! This 15-year-old from Stratford, Ontario has got the voice to make the girls go crazy and even shed a few tears. Even Usher caught the Bieber Fever as he got the chance to sign Justin himself on to his label.

It was definitely a cold night out in Toronto as the temperature dropped below the negatives! That didn’t stop the ‘Beliebers’ from waiting for at least 14 hours outside in the freezing cold. With my journalistic tools, I ventured out into the cold to try to get a few of these ladies to talk to me.

The hardcore fans actually waited the whole day with blankets wrapped tightly around them. Then there were the girls who claimed they were his biggest fans but only arriving a few minutes before the show? It’s okay girls, I understand, this cold was definitely driving everyone crazy! Maybe not the hot dog guy as he said he has gotten plenty of business over the few hours. There were also lots of parents who brought their little kiddies to meet their idol. “Honestly, this is crazy, we already saw him once in concert, she is just a really big fan!” said a dad about his cute little daughter. A few people even stopped to ask me who will be gracing the stage and immediately left when I said Justin Bieber. However as the windows began to roll up and the show about to start, the love definitely overpowered the hate!

The crowed is getting pumped, the countdown begins, the dancers are warming up, and let the craziness commence! “I’m going to sh*t in my pants!” says the girl next to me.

I got a sweet spot of the show as I was standing behind the main camera looking all cool with my clipboard, pen and camera in hand. Justin began the show by performing “Love Me” with some nice dance moves. He was definitely singing to me a few times as we kept making eye contact. (Don’t be jealous girls, I would like to think that it had nothing to do with the camera position, so let’s just go with my story.)

See that lovely red vest of his? I guess all the screams warmed him up as he took it off and toss it into the crowd of girls with powerful claws. It was like feeding time at the zoo! His next performances included “Bigger” and “One Less Lonely Girl”. A contest was held for a chance to get Justin Bieber to serenade you. One of the backup dancers pulled this tiny little girl onto the lovely skate park set as she sat there crying with Justin singing to her. You would not believe how many jaws dropped when he gave her a big bouquet of red roses! Aww, Justin! How sweet of you!

After performing his three hits back to back, VJ Sarah Taylor sat down with the little guy and talked about his achievements, fears, and answered some fan questions. Singing for President Barack Obama and putting out an album was some of his biggest accomplishments over this crazy year. Sarah was able to get Bieber to admit he misses the lovely Tim Hortons and being scared of elevators! Pretty bad fear if he has to travel a lot… He then awed the crowd as he talked about the sweetest thing he would do for a girl was treat her out to dinner and possibly plant a kiss! “I don’t know if I have time for a girlfriend but if it happens, it happens?” as he told the girls nervously.

“Favourite Girl” was up next on the set list as he wowed us with his guitar playing skills. Again, we made eye contact and I can tell I was his ‘favourite girl.’ He also kept singing to me as he performed a premier of his new song “Baby”. Goal: get Justin Bieber to sing to me. Semi accomplished? Check.

It was probably the wrong decision to throw that red vest away as he had to put on a jacket for the next portion of the interview. Sarah got more intimate as Bieber said he has seen no signs of any JB tattoos yet and the girls definitely took note that the next thing to do in life was to get a Justin Bieber tattoo. I don’t think all the parents were happy with their decisions. Who would have known that Beyoncé was a big fan of Justin Bieber and he hopes for a collaboration soon! Anyone interested in seeing that happening?

He ended off the night with performing two acoustic songs, “Down to Earth” and “Never Let You Go” for the John Street crowd because you know all the fans deserved some loving! While that was happening, the backup dancers were showing off their moves for the people inside. Shout outs to them as I saw some really amazing dance moves as the glistening sweat shined on their faces. At the end of the acoustic set, the DJ pumped us up for one last song. “When I say One, you say Time! One! Time! One! Time!” Everyone sang along and I swear this kid works harder than anyone out there right now. He got everyone jumping and screaming causing the security to be extra tight as a big yelling of “MOVE” was not enough to keep the insane girls away! As a Justin Bieber fan, I was surprised I didn’t lose my voice with all that screaming I did. I remain calm and collective, I was there to represent the bloggers! (Standing next to the girl from Tiger Beat magazine made me realize I was there to do a job, not freak out!)

The hour long show did end though and many girls stuck around in hopes to get a chance for a photo op or an autograph but little did they know, security snuck him off to an unknown place right before their peeled eyes. How did I know? I happen to see him follow me out until I almost tripped and prevented a nose dive. That wouldn’t be a great sight to end the amazing night off with but nonetheless, incredible show by international sensation, Justin Bieber. Now that you are home, get some rest pretty boy!

Click here to watch the show!

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6 Responses to “Infiltrating Bieber’s Live@Much”

  1. I love your writing style. :)
    That was one great articleee <3.
    Keep it up :)

    - Love MillyJ

  2. when is justin bieber coming back to much music?

    By breazzana on December 28, 2009 at 11:32 pm |
  3. I love the way u wrote this it’s really good and I watched jb on t.v but I couldn’t get wristband and I could not come and be outside but I wanted to soo bad and I would have waited outside in the cold for 2 days I swear I would :) <3

  4. Ah, catherine, awesome article, oh and no problem for dropping you off btw, keep it up girl!!

  5. Loveee the blog!
    Kinda makes me wish I was there.


    farah :)

    By Faraaaahhhhh on December 29, 2009 at 2:51 pm |
  6. Catherine! that was an amazing blog! keep it upp!

    - jesss s.

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