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Binh Hoa Massacre  

Binh Hoa Massacre was carried out by South Korean troops on 3-6 December 1966, killing 430 civilians, most of them were the elderly, women and children. The relic is composed of such locations as Mr. Tram’s room, wells in Cau Hamlet, Dong Kho, Rung Pass, Choi Giua, Truong Binh bombsite which are situated in the hamlets of Tri Hoa, Long Binh and An phuoc of Binh Hoa Commune, Binh Son District, 10 km from Chau O Townlet and about 25 km northeast of Quang Ngai Downtown.

Memorial steles have been erected in all the sites where the massacre took place.


Dien Nien-Phuoc Binh Massacre

The relic consists of two locations: Dien Nien Temple in Dien Nien Hamlet and a schoolyard in Phuoc Binh Hamlet, Tinh Son Commune, Son Tinh District, approximately 20 km northwest of Quang Ngai Downtown. At this place on 9 and 10 October 1966 South Korean troops made a raid, brutally killing 280 civilians most of them were the elderly, women and children.

A memorial stele has now erected to mark and commemorate the illfated victims  of the massacre either in Dien Nien Temple or Phuoc Binh schoolyard.


Khanh Giang-Truong Le Massacre

The relic, about 3 km west of Thien Xuan Stone Stronghold, has now the memorial and stone steles denouncing the crime by the US troops. On 18 April 1969 US Army Battalion of Tiger Force made a raid in the area, killing 63 women and children. This is a brutal massacre by foreign aggressors, an evidence for crime the US troops committed in Vietnam. The relic has 3 locations where the victims were gathered before killed: Dap Da Girgle, Mr. Xu’s garden and Mr. Thuy’s garden.

Khanh Giang-Truong Le Relic lies in Truong Khanh Hamlet, Hanh Tin Dong, Nghia Hanh District, approximately 45 km west of Quang Ngai City.



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