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s02e15 - THE MESSAGE


ORIGINAL AIRDATE : Monday January 29, 2007 @ 9pm (FOX)

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ACT 1.

[The episode opens with a special news bulletin.]

Announcer: We interrupt this program for a special news bulletin.

News Anchor: It's breaking news out of Cutback, Montana. Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield, two of the prisoners who broke out of Fox River State Penitentiary in Illinois, have continued to elude the authorities, leaving a trail of crime in their wake. And today, they left behind something else.

(The news cast rolls a tape. Lincoln appears on screen.)

Lincoln: My name is Lincoln Burrows. And I'm innocent.

[Camera fades to static.]

[Title Card: Six Hours Earlier...]

[INT. Hotel Room. Night.]

(Michael stares at Terrence Steadman's dead body.)

Lincoln: We're done.

Kellerman: No other way out. Next time you decide to hold a press conference, do it from a room with a back door.

Michael: Just let me think.

Cop (on loudspeaker, o/s): This is the Montana Highway Patrol. Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows, you need to exit with your hands in the air. This is a warning.

CUT TO: Outside, the front of the motel where a couple of local squad cars and a news van are parked.

Cop (on loudspeaker): Exit with your hands up.

CUT TO: Inside motel room.

Lincoln (pointing to Steadman): What about him?

Kellerman: What about him? He's useless.

Lincoln: Dead body? We got fingerprints everywhere.

Kellerman (with sarcasm): You're worried someone's gonna pin a murder on you?

Lincoln: What's your plan? Leave the body, walk out the front door?

Michael: Yes. That's exactly what we're gonna do.

CUT TO: Outside the motel.

Cop (on loudspeaker): Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows, you need to exit with your hands up.

(The door opens slightly and Kellerman holds out his ID.)

Kellerman: FBI, hold your fire.

Man (confused): FBI?

(A news reporter turns to her cameraman.)

Reporter: Start rolling!

Kellerman: I have Burrows and Scofield in custody. We're coming out. Hold your fire.

(Kellerman leads Michael and Lincoln out. A cop approaches.)

Cop: Hold up, who are you?

Kellerman: Federal Bureau of Investigation. We're going to Billings.

Cop: Wait a minute, let me see that ID again.

(As the cop gets too close, Kellerman grabs the camera man and holds his gun to the man's head. Lincoln points his gun at the cops as well.)

Kellerman: Okay, okay...

Cop 2: Drop the gun!

Kellerman: Everybody calm down and this won't get ugly.

Michael (to the news reporter): All right, you! I want the keys to both of the cop cars, now!

Cop 3: Do not do it!

Michael: Don't listen to him. Get the keys. Linc, get in the car.

Lincoln: What's going on?

Michael: We're getting out of here before anyone else gets hurt.

Kellerman: Lincoln, start it!

Michael: Come on, come on, come on!

(The news reporter, terrified, opens the car.)

Cop 3: This is your last chance! I'm not gonna tell you again!

Kellerman: One more step and I drop him!

(Lincoln gets into the car.)

Michael: Come on!

(The news reporter hands Michael the keys.)

Kellerman: Open my door.

(Kellerman and the camera man get into the car and Lincoln drives away.)

[Title Card: Chicago, Illinois. FBI Field Office.]

[INT. FBI Field Office. Dawn.]

(Mahone walks slowly into the office.)

Agent Lang: Welcome back. You feeling...?

Mahone: Much better. Update?

Agent Wheeler (on phone): Okay, you got it. Yeah.. (He hangs up.)

Mahone: You got a lead on something?

Wheeler: One of the C.O.s from Fox River, Brad Bellick. Got locked up last night for the murder of another guard.

Mahone: Wait, we're looking for C.O.s now? What about the escapees? Scofield? Burrows?

Wheeler: Nothing on them currently. Also, Franklin's wife was taken into custody in North Dakota.

(Lang's phone rings, she answers it.)

Mahone: His wife?

Lang: Um...line two?

(Wheeler goes to pick up his phone but Mahone beats him to it.)

Mahone (on phone): This is Agent Mahone. (He listens. Wheeler and Lang exchange a glance.) How long ago?

[EXT. Dirt Road. Day.]

(Lincoln races the car along a dirt road.)

Kellerman (almost joking): I'll make you a deal. You don't move a muscle, I won't blow your head off.

Michael: No one's gonna hurt you, Greg.

Lincoln: Where are we going, Michael? We can't keep driving. Lost Steadman. Sara's in the wind...

Kellerman: Shh, shh. Turn it up.

Man (on radio): ...murder of Terrence Steadman, President Reynolds' brother. The president could not be reached for comment as she continues to tour the Midwest shoring up support in key states.

Reynolds (on radio): For entrepreneurs and orange growers, iron workers and artists, the American dream is alive and well for all of us.

Man (on radio): Reynolds travels to Colorado today, for a scheduled appearance in Denver that...

(Michael switches off the radio.)

Michael: Pull over.

Lincoln: What for?

Michael: Just pull over.

(Kellerman cocks his gun. Lincoln pulls over into an abandoned shipping yard.)

[INT. Shipping Yard. Day.]

(Michael, Lincoln and Kellerman get out the car. Kellerman opens the passenger door.)

Kellerman (to the camera guy): Get out. Over here.

Lincoln (to Michael): You want to drop off this kid?

Michael: Later.

Lincoln: We should get rid of Kellerman too. We don't need him.

Michael: Actually we do. We still have assets. It's just a question of how we use them.


[INT. Fox River Infirmary. Day.]

(Bellick regains consciousness in the infirmary. He is very badly beaten.)

Banks (in Bellick's mind): Braaadleeeeey...

Bellick: Nurse? Nurse? (He sits up and sees Trumpets sitting there.) You ain't no nurse.

Trumpets: You're right about that. Aw, that's a pretty shiner you got, captain. Must make you think about all the times you walked around here in your fancy guard outfit. Turning a blind eye to everything you saw that was wrong. "Who, me? Oh, I didn't see nothin'!" How's that blind eye feel now?

Bellick: You son of a bitch.

Trumpets: Get used to it. Hear old one-eyed Jack's gonna be getting screwed in the socket.

Bellick: Over my dead body.

Trumpets: No. A dead man can't feel a beat down. And you got a lot more coming your way.

(Nurse Katie enters.)

Katie (to Trumpets): Come on, now. Let's go.

(She takes him out of the room. Bellick stares after them.)

[INT. Shipping Yard. Day.]

(The camera guy sits by the wall, watching the other three guys who stand a way away, talking. He can't hear what they are saying.)

CUT TO: Michael, Lincoln and Kellerman.

Michael: It'll take the feds a while to figure that out.

(The three of them walk over to the camera guy, talking louder now so he can hear them.)

Lincoln: What time is it?

Kellerman: A little after 9. (He takes out his gun.)

Lincoln: It's gonna be tight.

Michael: 450 miles in six hours. What do you think?

Lincoln: Gotta move now if we're gonna make it.

Kellerman (to the camera guy): Eyes front. Hey, look at this. (He picks up some old tarp and throws it to Michael.)

Michael: It's perfect. You ready?

Lincoln: Yep?

(The camera guy's face fills with panic as the guys pull him up.)

[Transcriber's Note: The following scene is spoken in Spanish, with English subtitles.]

[EXT. Highway. Day.]

[Title Card: Sinaloa State, Mexico. Highway 15.]

(A colorful bus bounces down the highway. Inside, riders share tight space with livestock. Sucre sits next to an old Mexican man who is traveling with a chicken in a cage.)

Old Mexican Man: Nice countryside.

Sucre: It's all right.

Old Mexican Man: Your accent. Where's it from?

Sucre: Puerto Rico.

Old Mexican Man: Not many Puerto Ricans in this part of Mexico. Where are you headed?

Sucre: Ixtapa.

Old Mexican Man: Long ways.

Sucre: Thousand miles.

Old Mexican Man: Why's it so important for you to get to Ixtapa? What's there?

Sucre: Everything in my life.

Old Mexican Man: A woman.

(They smile at each other.)

Sucre: The woman. Let's just hope she's still there when I get there.

[Title Card: Algoma, Wisconsin.]

[EXT. Woods. Day.]

(Haywire rummages in a dumpster. He peers out the top with half an apple in his mouth, chews it then spits it out in disgust. He throws it to the dog.)

Haywire: Here, Larry, this is for you. What about this? (He picks up a breeze block.) What is this? This is too small. Why didn't it float? Why didn't it fl...? I need more wood! Wood floats. (He picks up a crate.) This'll work.

(Two teenagers, Matt and Sasha, approach him.)

Matt: Hey, man.

Sasha: We were just wondering if you could buy us some beer.

Haywire: Yeah, sure. Can I get some food for my dog, too?

Matt: Do whatever thing you gotta do, man.

(Matt hands him some money and Haywire walks off towards the store.)

Matt: You can even keep a beer for yourself.

Haywire: Huh? Oh, no. My dad used to drink.

[INT. Newsroom. Day.]

(The camera guy walks slowly through the newsroom, happy to be alive. The reporter walks up to him. He hands her a tape.)

Camera Guy: You're gonna want to see this.

[INT. FBI Field Office. Day.]

Lang: We've shut down every freeway in central Montana. So far, no sign of them.

Mahone: Go wider. Put troopers on 90 and 94, all the way through Wyoming. Call Whitefish. Have them lock down the Canadian border at 15.

(Their attention is called to the television.)

News Anchor: ...have continued to elude the authorities, leaving a trail of crime in their wake. And today, they left behind something else.

(All the agents gather round the television. Lincoln's face appears and he issues his statement.)

Lincoln (on TV): My name is Lincoln Burrows. And I'm innocent. I escaped from Fox River Penitentiary because I was sentenced to death for a crime I did not commit. I did not murder Terrence Steadman. He committed suicide last night at the Cutback Motel, 30 miles outside from his home in Blackfoot, Montana.

(The camera is pulled back to reveal Michael sitting next to him.)

Michael (on TV): He killed himself out of fear.

CUT TO: Sara Tancredi, watching the news report in a hotel room.

Michael (on TV): Fear of the people who've been hiding him for the past three years. The same people who want my brother dead. They don't want you to know who they are, but know this: they've stolen billions of dollars and murdered dozens of innocent people.

CUT TO: Bill Kim, in his office with Agent Drucker, watching the news report unfold, his eyes wild with fear and horror.

Michael (on TV): And yet they plaster our faces on the news, and tell you to be afraid.

Lincoln (on TV): They are a group of multinationals, corporate interests. Together, they're known as "The Company".

Michael (on TV): They are working with the highest levels of government, including the president of the United States.

Kim: Damage control!

Michael (on TV): They've stolen billions of dollars...

Kim: Before this hits page one.

Drucker: It's already airing, sir.

Kim (screaming): Start a wildfire in Florida! Find a storage unit full of Arabs! I do not care! As long as it's not about Lincoln Burrows! Go!

Michael (on TV): ...under the cover of the Secret Service, the very people meant to protect and serve.

ACT 2.

[Transcriber's Note: The following scene is spoken in Spanish, with English subtitles.]

[EXT. Calomatillo. Day.]

(The bus rolls into the town.)

Driver: Calomatillo.

(Several people stand to get off, including the Old Mexican Man.)

Old Mexican Man (to Sucre): Good luck.

Sucre: Thank you.

Faretaker (to Sucre): End of the line for you. (He escorts Sucre off the bus.) No free rides, you bum. Sorry.

Sucre: You don't understand. I got to be in Ixtapa. Please.

Faretaker: Are we gonna have a problem here?

(He looks across the street. Sucre follows his gaze - a couple of police officers stand nearby. Sucre backs off, the bus continues.)

Old Mexican Man: You cook?

Sucre: What?

Old Mexican Man (gesturing to his hen): I pluck. My wife did the cooking. She's dead now.

Sucre: I'm sorry, boss. I gotta keep moving.

Old Mexican Man: That was the last bus of the day. If you cook...I'll give you a place to stay for the night.

(Sucre hesitates. The man walks away.)

Sucre: Wait, wait. You live here?

Old Mexican Man: Yeah. Door's just on the other side of my car.

(Sucre looks at the old man's car.)

Sucre: You know what? Actually, I'm a hell of a cook.

Old Mexican Man (smiling): Right this way.

[INT. FBI Field Office. Day.]

(The FBI agents huddle around a monitor, replaying Michael and Lincoln's message. Mahone stands in the middle, watching closely.)

Michael (on TV): Much blame has been placed on another innocent person, Dr. Sara Tancredi.

Mahone: Do we know how long the videotape lasts?

Lang: Twenty-six minutes, beginning to end. It's all online.

Michael (on TV): I know I can't ask you for another chance. I can only hope that by now you've found your safe haven.

Mahone: Start a transcript. I need every word.

Michael (on TV): And I put you in a place that is every doctor's nightmare. I wish I could do things differently.

Mahone: Call Montana. Have them send an agent to talk to the cameraman. I wanna know what he saw, what he heard, what they were wearing. Anything he can give us.

Lang: Yeah.

Michael (on TV): One man, Special Agent Alexander Mahone, is responsible for multiple deaths. He murdered not only John Abruzzi and David Apolskis, but also the last fugitive he was assigned to chase...a man named Oscar Shales.

(The FBI agents turn to stare at Mahone.)

Michael (on TV): A man who escaped from prison two years ago. A man who remains one of this country's most wanted...despite the fact he will never be found.

Mahone: Guy's nuts.

Lincoln (on TV): They will do whatever it takes to make the deaths look official. Like they happened in the line of duty. Disappearances...

[EXT. Woods. Day.]

(Haywire goes back to the teenagers with the beer.)

Sasha: Hey. Thank you.

Haywire: Sure. Here you go.

(He hands the beer to Matt, then picks up his crates.)

Sasha: What's the wood for?

Haywire: I'm building a raft. I need more wood if I'm gonna make it to Holland.

Sasha: Holland?

Haywire: Yeah. You wanna see it? The raft?

[EXT. River. Day.]

Sasha: You're gonna try to get from here to Holland, in that?

Haywire: Uh-huh.

Matt: Yeah, good luck, Gilligan. (to Sasha.) I'm gonna take a leak.

Sasha: Um, how are you gonna know where you're going? Do you have like a map or anything?

Haywire: Yeah...I do. It's right... (he looks amongst the things on the raft.) Oh, it's right here. (He picks up the painting he took from the old woman's house and unfolds it.)

Sasha: That's your map?

Haywire: Uh-huh.

Sasha: Well, I really hope you make it. You know, every morning I wake up and wonder what it would be like to just disappear. And you're just gonna do it. I think it's great.

(They both laugh. Sasha puts her beer can onto the raft to open it.)

Sasha: Okay.

(Haywire notices bruises on Sasha's wrist.)

Haywire (gripping her wrist): What happened to your arm?

Sasha: My dad drinks too.

(Matt returns and sees Haywire gripping Sasha.)

Matt: What's going on?

Sasha: Oh, nothing... (She tries to pull away but Haywire holds on.)

Haywire: No, no. No, no, don't...I...

Sasha: Let me go!

Haywire: I just wanna fix it. I just wanna make...

Sasha: Let me go. Stop! (She wrenches away and stares at him.) Matt, will you take me home please?

Haywire: No, I...

Matt: Freak!

[INT. Fox River Infirmary. Day.]

(Bellick stares out of the infirmary window, at the broken cabling that Michael's escape crew used. Nurse Katie enters.)

Katie: All right, now, Brad. How we doing?

Bellick: I could be better.

Katie: Yeah, that's a nasty contusion, but it should go down in about 24 hours. I got your paperwork here for your transfer back to gen pop.

Bellick: Already?

Katie: Move them in, move them out. You know the policy.

Bellick: Katie...

Katie: Mm-hm?

Bellick: You look nice today. (She rolls her eyes at him.) You've worked here over 10 years, right? (He puts his hand on hers.)

Katie: Something like that.

Bellick: That's a long time we've been friends.

Katie: Brad, if you think I can pull some strings to keep you out of gen pop, I can't do that.

Bellick: Please, please, you can't send me back there. Do you want that responsibility, knowing what they'll do to me? Just listen, please, one more night. Just let me stay here tonight. I know you can do that.

(Katie sighs, appearing to be buying it.)

Bellick: And when you go home, just leave that door open for me.

(Katie pulls her hand away and walks out of the room.)

[INT. News Room. Day.]

Camera Guy: They hung a sheet behind their heads on the wall. Uh, one of them...the guy with the gun, he found it while Burrows and Scofield were talking about how far they had to go. Uh...Scofield said something about 450 miles in six hours.

Agent: 450 miles to where?

Camera Guy: I don't know.

[INT. FBI Field Office. Day.]

(Mahone sticks a pin in a map and stretches out a piece of thread to a 450 mile radius.)

Mahone: 450 miles in six hours. Any point on this circle could be their final destination.

Wheeler: Seventy-five miles per hour, stopping for gas, it's doable.

(Mahone's cell phone rings. He answers it.)

Mahone: Yeah?

CUT TO: Kim, in his office.

Kim: Where are they?

CUT TO: Mahone: I'm not sure. I still need more time.

Kim: This can't happen fast enough, Mr. Mahone. They've already done irreparable damage.

Mahone: Scofield made the video in a storage facility somewhere between Great Falls and Helena not long after sunrise. From there, the witness said that they had 450 miles to get to where they were going. There's Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake, Denver...

Kim: Denver.

Mahone: Yes, what?

Kim: The president is speaking there this afternoon. Three o clock.

Mahone: Six hours from when they made the video. They're going after the president.

ACT 3.

[INT. Car. Day.]

(Lincoln drives down a dirt road.)

Woman (on radio): A tape recorded today by escaped convicts Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield was immediately dismissed by the Justice Department as entirely baseless. Which brings us back to the story we will be continuing to follow throughout the day. The terror threat has been raised to Orange as a storage unit rented by several Arab-Americans was suddenly seized.

Lincoln: They buried it. Dumped it off the front page and buried it.

Kellerman: It's what they do.

Michael: They can spin it all they want. It's out there now. Give it time. The tape is gonna work.

Lincoln: This is a Hail Mary, man, if we don't get to her...

Michael: Getting to her is the easy part. It's what we do after that's the problem.

Kellerman: Which is why it has to happen quickly. Once anyone knows we have her, the curtain comes down.

[INT. Mahone's Office. Day.]

Lang: Well, I'll notify the White House to cancel...

Mahone: No. If there's any change to her itinerary, the brothers will know something's up and they're gonna go right back into hiding.

Wheeler: We've found them before, we can certainly find them again.

Mahone: These are not pets, Agent Wheeler.

Wheeler: Yeah, thanks, I'm pretty clear on that. But if you're gonna use the commander in chief as bait, that's certainly not gonna...

Mahone: Do you have a problem with the way that I do things?

Wheeler: Yeah. And I'm not the only one.

Mahone: Is that right?

Wheeler: Internal Affairs has asked me to run all your moves through them from here on out.

(Mahone walks slowly around the desk until he reaches Wheeler.)

Mahone: Then get a pen...and make sure you get this word for word. The president's day does not change. The only lead we have is that we know where these men are headed. So we're gonna keep quiet about this and let them come. Now get out of my office.

(Wheeler turns and walks out.)

Lang: They're two of the most recognizable faces in America. How do they think they're gonna get anywhere near the president?

Mahone: Because it's not just the two of them anymore. I'm gonna go take a closer look at that video.

[INT. Kim's Office. Day.]

Kim: If I may, sir, the president...are you certain we should keep her in the dark on this? Because there is a scenario where she could be useful.

(Pad Man writes a note and shows it to Kim.)

Kim: It is her ass on the line, sir. I think we're pretty clear she's been known to get her hands dirty when that line gets too close. Maybe we should let her know just how close it is.

[Transcriber's Note: The following scene is spoken in Spanish, with English subtitles.]

[INT. Old Mexican Man's Hut. Night.]

(Sucre and the old man are sharing the cooked chicken.)

Old Mexican Man: Travelling without money is difficult.

Sucre: How's the chicken?

Old Mexican Man: My wife's was better.

Sucre: How long's she been dead?

Old Mexican Man: One week.

Sucre (shocked): I'm sorry. How long were you married?

Old Mexican Man: Forty-two years.

Sucre: What's the secret?

Old Mexican Man: You married?

Sucre: No. Soon. I hope.

Old Mexican Man: It's gonna require money, you know. Marriage.

Sucre: Thanks for the heads up.

Old Mexican Man: You running away from something?

Sucre: Toward something.

Old Mexican Man: A man living on hope.

Sucre: You say that like it's a bad thing.

Old Mexican Man: Hope is for people who do not already live in grace. (He collects the plates.) There's a bed in the back room.

Sucre: Thank you.

Old Mexican Man: No. Thank you. There's nothing worse than eating alone. Good night.

Sucre: Good night.

(The old man walks out of the room. Sucre looks over at the car keys on the side.)

[EXT. Old Mexican Man's Hut. Night.]

(Sucre puts the old man's car into neutral and pushes it away before jumping in and starting the engine.)

[INT. FBI Field Office. Night.]

Techie: They did a good job masking the room. No reflections or flares.

Mahone: Audio markers: church bells, construction, traffic. Anything?

Techie: The room tone tells us they were in a large space, about 100,000 cubic feet.

Mahone: So, the kid with the camera, his story matches up.

Technie: We clocked the quality of light with the time of day. Pretty much fits his wheres and whens.

Mahone: All right, content.

Behaviorist: The usual tells, eyes, hands, feet. Burrows, we were able to bassline him off of his trial footage so we got even more clarity there.

Lincoln (on TV): I escaped from Fox River Penitentiary because I was sentenced to death for a crime I did not commit. I did not murder Terrence Steadman.

Behaviorist: Okay, there. (He pauses the video.) The eyes. See it?

Mahone: Yeah, a slight shift to the left, then up.

Behaviorist: Yeah, the blink rate's up here verses the pattern.

Lincoln (on TV): He committed suicide last night at the Cutback motel, 30 miles outside from his home in Blackfoot, Montana.

Mahone: He's lying.

Techie: Seems so.

(The techie rewinds the video.)

Behaviorist: Okay, here. Burrows, arms folded. He's protecting himself. Not a lot of confidence in these words.

Lincoln (on TV): They'll do whatever it takes to make the deaths look official. Like they happened in the line of duty. Disappearances...

Behaviorist: Okay, that means something other than what he's saying.

Michael (on TV): Like our father, Aldo Burrows...

Behaviorist: The posture. Shoulders in for emphasis. (The video focuses in on Lincoln.) He wants your attention here. Okay, there...Adam's apple.

Mahone: Zoom in, zoom in.

Behaviorist: See? He's swallowing. Throat's dry. That's a lie.

Mahone: Yeah...

Behaviorist: His behavior is textbook. If there's anything in here about what they plan on doing in Denver, they're gonna tell us.


(Lincoln, Michael and Kellerman stand together in the abandoned shipping yard, talking.)

Kellerman: If you say it that way, it plays too earnest.

Lincoln: Of course it will, it's the truth.

Kellerman: Okay, but the truth sends them home to their wife and kids. Lies will keep them busy.

Lincoln: I'm not telling a lie to the whole country. It's our one chance to say it how...

Kellerman: Say whatever the hell you want. Tell them you're the Green Lantern. But I know how they break down these tapes. I've done it. Every detail matters. Bin Laden crosses his legs, right over left tells us something completely different than left over right.

Michael: It's not the same message.

Kellerman: To them, it is. If you want this plan to work, whatever you say with your mouths, you need to be saying something different with your bodies and your eyes.

Michael: Slightly up and to the left.

Kellerman: Yes.


[INT. FBI Field Office. Night.]

Michael (on TV): Much blame has been placed on another innocent person. (He begins tapping on his leg with his hand.)

Lang: President's motorcade is rolling in. So far no sign of the brothers.

Mahone: Right there. Right there. What's Scofield doing with his hand?


Michael: We've been throwing them fastballs. What do you say we mix it up a little?

Kellerman: Like what?


(The techie zeroes in on Michael's hand on the video.)

Techie: I think it's Morse code.

Mahone: For what?

Behaviorist: Well, right now, we got a phrase. "The water is warm". Any idea what that might mean?


Lincoln: What the hell does that mean?

Michael: Nothing. It'll take the feds a while to figure that out.


Techie: We have teams checking the surrounding counties for water temps.

Behaviorist: Yeah, it might be a message to an accomplice.

(Mahone is thinking fast.)

Techie: The North Platte River runs through the city. Maybe they're trying to use the...

Mahone: It doesn't mean anything! He's traveling with an ex-Secret Service guy. I'm guessing they're spoon-feeding us every lead they want us to follow.

Lang: So all this is just a distraction while they go after the president.

Mahone: They had to know the tape would be discredited. They had to know that we'd talk to the cameraman. There's something else going on.

Michael (on TV): Much blame has been placed on another innocent person. Dr. Sara Tancredi.

[Title Card: Kansas City, Missouri. Jewell Glore Library.]

(Sara sits at a computer, watching the video.)

Michael (on TV): Sara, if you're listening...I know I can't ask you for another chance. I only hope by now you've found your safe haven. I took advantage of you, of your commitment to help others, and put you in a place that's every doctor's nightmare.

(Sara stares at the screen and rewinds the video.)

Michael (on TV): Sara, if you're listening...I know I can't ask you for another chance. I only hope by now you've found your safe haven.

(Sara reaches for her AA big book and flips through the pages.)

Michael (on TV): I took advantage of you, of your commitment to help others, and put you in a place that's every doctor's nightmare.

(She rewinds the video again.)

Michael (on TV): ...of your commitment to help others, and put you in a place that's every doctor's nightmare.

(She nods slightly, and looks down at her book.)

Michael (on TV): I've considered many ways to apologize, but I must arrive at one.

[INT. FBI Field Office. Night.]

(The team are watching the same part of the video.)

Behaviorist: It's more of the same here. Uh...body language, his tells. If you ask me, it doesn't look like he means this at all.

Mahone: I don't care what it looks like. Play it.

Techie: I don't see how...

Mahone: Play it again!

(The techie rewinds the video.)

Michael (on TV): I only hope by now you've found your safe haven. I took advantage of you, of your commitment to help others, and put you in a place that's every doctor's nightmare.

Mahone: His voice. Would you say he sounds sincere when he's talking to her as opposed to when he's talking about their crimes?

Behaviorist: I guess you could say that.

Mahone: I did say that. Would YOU say that?

Michael (on TV): I wish I could do this differently, but it's too late for that now.

Behaviorist: Yeah.

Michael (on TV): It's too late for you, and for others. People murdered by government operatives...

Mahone (laughs): This isn't about Terrence Steadman, and it's not about their innocence.

Lang: What do you mean?

Mahone: They're not going after the president! They're going after the doctor. I want everything we got on Sara Tancredi! Friends, families, pen pals. If anybody so much as wrote her a thank you note, I wanna know where the hell they are. NOW!

ACT 4.

[EXT. Road. Night.]

(Sucre races along in the old man's car. Behind him, a police car puts on its lights and sirens.)

[Transcriber's Note: The following scene is spoken in Spanish, with English subtitles.]

[EXT. Old Mexican Man's House. Night.]

Old Mexican Man: Where'd you find him?

Police Officer: Outside of town. Headed south on 15. We recognized your car - but not him.

Old Mexican Man: I see. I'm glad you brought him back. (He looks at Sucre. Sucre looks down, guiltily.) I didn't get a chance to give him gas money.

Police Officer: So you did lend him the car?

Old Mexican Man: Yes.

(Sucre is so moved he can't find any words. He reaches out and takes the gas money. He meets the old man's eyes.)

Police Officer: My apologies. Do you want to have an officer bring the car back?

Old Mexican Man: It's okay. It's not far. He can walk. Thank you. Goodnight.

(They walk away. Sucre stares at the old man. He begins to speak, but the old man holds up a hand.)

Old Mexican Man: Find your girl. Then find grace.

[INT. FBI Field Office. Night.]

(Lang puts a file down on Wheeler's desk.)

Lang: Sara Tancredi. Dad dead, mom dead. Email account shows a minimal list of contacts, with very little activity. Credit cards used mostly for groceries, sporadic clothing shopping and the purchase of single movie tickets. And ob-gyn records show she's had very little in the way of sexual relationships recently. To tell you the truth, I would say the bulk of her life was her work.

(Mahone walks up to them and holds out his hand for the file. He looks at it, then walks quickly away with it.)

Wheeler: Excuse me, sir. Where are you going?

[EXT. Street. Night.]

(Lincoln gets a paper from the box by the road and flips through it. He finds the story about Steadman - the paper are claiming they killed a janitor in the motel room.)

Lincoln: Apparently we took out a janitor.

Kellerman: When it all comes down, all of this will get cleared up.

Lincoln: Well, it ain't coming down if we don't get Sara.

Michael: She'll be here.

Lincoln (to Kellerman): I wanna speak to my brother.

(Kellerman says nothing, but walks away from them.)

Lincoln: We gotta start thinking about what to do if she doesn't show. Or if she does. What if the only reason this guy's helping us is to get whatever information Sara has? What if this is just one giant setup?

(Michael looks over at Kellerman.)

[EXT. Sasha's House. Night.]

Sasha: Well, good night.

(She kisses Matt, then heads into the house. Matt walks off into the woods. The camera pans back to show Haywire watching them.)

[INT. Sasha's House. Night.]

(Sasha enters. Her father is sitting in the living room.)

Father: About time you come home. You out with that Feytek boy again? Sasha...

(He catches hold of her arm.)

Sasha: No!

Father: You may look like me, but you take after your mom when it comes to the boys, now, don't you?

Sasha: Hopefully with a little better taste! (She pulls away from him and walks away.)

Father: Damn it, girl, you are gonna show me some respect.

(He takes a rod-iron poker from the fireplace and heads after her. When he turns around, Haywire hits him over the head with a blunt object.)

CUT TO: Outside Sasha's house. The sounds of Haywire hitting him again and again ring out into the night.

[INT. Fox River Infirmary. Night.]

Mahone: I know Sara didn't have many friends.

Katie: She's sort of a loner.

Mahone: But you were her friend.

Katie: I like to think so, yes.

Mahone: But you have no idea where she is now?

Katie: No.

Mahone: This is a transcript of the Scofield-Burrows videotape. I highlighted the part where he talks directly to Sara. Mean anything to you?

Katie: No.

Mahone: You have no idea where she might meet him, if that's his plan?

Katie: No.

Mahone: Is Brad Bellick still here in the infirmary?

Katie: Yeah. Why?

[INT. Fox River Infirmary. Night.]

Bellick: You must be loving this.

Mahone: I didn't drive all this way to gloat.

Bellick: Well then, what the hell you come here for?

Mahone: First, I really gotta tip my cap to you. You've managed to draw a bead on the convicts more often than my own staff.

Bellick: Well, thanks for the "attaboy", but as you can see the correctional system doesn't share your gratitude.

Mahone: I won't take much of your time but I do have a few questions.

Bellick: About?

Mahone: Sara Tancredi. She listed you as a reference on her job application to work here. You know her well?

Bellick: I'd know her a lot better if you can get my ass moved to ad seg.

Mahone: I have no influence with the DOC. You know that.

Bellick: You want my help, you do.

Mahone: I'll talk to the warden, see what I can do. Right after you give me some answers. Scofield likes to communicate with Sara via coded message. (He hands him the transcript.) You recognize anything here? Anything that he may be trying to tell her?

Bellick: No. I mean, he's saying he's sorry. Not that that's gonna do any good with Dr. Cold Shoulder. But...

Mahone: What?

Bellick: Ad seg.

Mahone (sighs): Yeah.

Bellick: You see here? Where it says this stuff about "another chance" and "safe haven"? That's out of the Big Book.

Mahone: What big book?

Bellick: Alcoholics Anonymous. Sara's in recovery.

Mahone: Yeah, I'm aware of that.

Bellick: Those are the names of some of the chapters in the book they use in AA.

Mahone (to Katie): Do you have a copy of the Alcoholics Anonymous book?

[INT. Fox River Penitentiary. Night.]

(Mahone stands in the corridor, flicking through the big book.)

Michael (v/o): Sara, if you're listening...I know I can't ask you for another chance.

(Mahone finds the chapter entitled "Another Chance" - it's chapter 12.)

Michael (v/o): I can only hope by now that you have found your safe haven.

(Mahone finds 'Safe Haven' - chapter 3.)

Michael (v/o): I took advantage of you, of your commitment to help others. I put you in a place that's every doctor's nightmare.

(Mahone finds a passage called 'Doctor Bob's Nightmare'. He scans down the page until he finds "St. Thomas Hospital in Akron, Ohio".)

Michael (v/o): I've considered many ways to apologize but I must arrive at one.

(He checks his watch. It's ten to one.)

[EXT. St. Thomas Hospital. Night.]

Lincoln: It's getting late.

Michael: I know.

Lincoln: She's not here.

Michael: I know that too. There is a chance she didn't get the message.

Lincoln: Or maybe she's just sick of all this. I mean, the girl bailed on you back in Gila. What makes you think she's gonna come running back now?

Michael: The same thing that's been keeping us going for the last three months. Faith.

Lincoln: Yeah, well...reality's kicking faith's ass, man. Look...

Michael: Wait, wait... (He listens to the hospital public address system.)

Lincoln: Wait? Man, we can't wait anymore.

Michael: Listen, listen.

Hospital PA: Once again, Michael Crane please report to the front desk. You have a telephone call.

[INT. Fox River Penitentiary. Night.]

Mahone (on phone): Yeah. Sara Tancredi. That's right, she might be with him now. Just...Yes! Just call the local police in Akron and tell them to get everyone they have over to St. Thomas hospital now.

[INT. St. Thomas Hospital. Night.]

Michael: Um, Michael Crane. I think you've got a phone call for me.

Receptionist: Here you go.

Michael: Thank you.

Receptionist: Mm-hm.

Michael (on phone): This is Mr. Crane.

CUT TO: Sara in a hotel room.

Sara: It sounded better than origami.

CUT TO: Michael: Even if you got the message, I wasn't sure you'd respond.

Sara: I couldn't get to you in time. This is the only thing I could think of.

Michael: I swore I'd leave you alone. But I had to contact you.

Sara: Because I have something?

Michael: How'd you know?

Sara: Michael, back in Gila, I was coming back to you. Somebody grabbed me, and they, um, they told me that my father had given me something.

Michael: Did someone hurt you?

Sara: I...I got away. Uh...Michael, I want for this to be over.

Michael: That makes two of us.

Sara: Do you think that's possible?

Michael: With your help, yes. It's just a question of looking at whatever it is your father gave you.

Sara: It's's just a key.

Michael: Well, we'll figure it out. Together.

Sara: I like the sound of that.

Michael: Me too.

[EXT. St. Thomas Hospital. Night.]

(Kellerman's cell phone rings. He is still standing away from Lincoln. He answers it discreetly, putting it to his ear.)

President Reynolds (v/o): Hello, Paul.

Kellerman: Madam President. It's been a while.

President Reynolds (v/o): I know. I'm calling to apologize.

Kellerman: Okay.

President Reynolds (v/o): I'm so sorry. It all just got away from me. And I ended up hurting the one person who's always been at my side. I want you to come home, Paul. We can fix this together. But not with those brothers running around the country, tearing down the very office you helped me build.

(Kellerman watches Michael walk out of the hospital and over to Lincoln.)

Kellerman: Caroline.

President Reynolds (v/o): I want to make it up to you. Please, bring them in, Paul. And everything can go back to the way it was. I have to go now. I'll see you soon.

(Kellerman hangs up, and slips the phone back into his pocket.)

[INT. Kellerman's car. Night.]

(This time Kellerman drives, Lincoln is shotgun and Michael is in the back.)

Kellerman: Did you talk to Sara?

Michael: In a few days, this should all be over. One way or the other.

Kellerman: Absolutely.


Dominic Purcell (Lincoln Burrows)
Wentworth Miller (Michael Scofield)
Amaury Nolasco (Fernando Sucre)
Wade Williams (Brad Bellick)
Paul Adelstein (Paul Kellerman)
Robert Knepper (Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell) (credit only)
Sarah Wayne Callies (Sara Tancredi)
Rockmond Dunbar (Benjamin Miles 'C-Note' Franklin) (credit only)
William Fichtner (Alexander Mahone)
Silas Weir Mitchell (Charles 'Haywire' Patoshik)
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Kaley Cuoco (Sasha)
Ismael 'East' Carlo (Old Mexican Man)
Barbara Eve Harris (FBI Agent Lang)
Leon Russom (Pad Man)
Jason Davis (FBI Agent Wheeler)
Dushon Brown (Nurse Katie Welch)
Daniel Ross (Matt)
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