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Avatar's Cameron shrugs off buzz—and promises a sequel

\<i\>Avatar\<\/i\>\'s Cameron shrugs off buzz—and promises a sequel

You've heard some of the buzz surrounding filmmaker James Cameron's upcoming 3-D sci-fi epic movie Avatar? Well, Cameron has a message for the haters: You ain't seen nothing yet.

Coming up for air after "four and a half years of intense work," Cameron insists in an exclusive interview that he "consciously made a decision not to read any article or news breaks about Oscar buzz" while he labored to finish the film and also admits that he's been "well aware" of some of the negative fan buzz surrounding the project, based on screenings of early footage and trailers.

"I know there's been a lot of talk and speculation about it, but it's kind of like the generic Oscar buzz out there—it's pretty ridiculous when people haven't even see the movie," he says, addressing the issue. "All anyone has seen is the 25 minutes of various scenes we showed at Comic-Con—and that's not the movie! How can fans judge it by that?"

The director is quick to defend Avatar, which is set on the planet Pandora and features the Na'vi—tall, blue-skinned aliens—as well as human-engineered "avatars" and plenty of high-tech futuristic toys.

"I set out to make a film that's like the stuff that played on the projection screen of my mind when I was a teenager, informed by science fiction," Cameron says. "And I wanted to do original stuff, all those creatures and landscapes and plants and animals that I'd been drawing and noodling out over some 20 years. And fans really love this kind of depth and detail, so when I began Avatar I really put a lot of energy and focus into a sense of completeness in detail of the world, for that very reason."

If fans are "disappointed" with the film's blue alien race, Cameron stresses that "I wasn't going for the alien. I wasn't going for the ugly and strange. I was going for something that's an expression of beautiful human movement in the film. They symbolize the best of us in the way the film works subconsciously, which I feel is aspirational. What they really are is a heightened sense of ourselves and what we could and should be."

Not all the buzz has been negative: The only public screening of the film so far, to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association in Los Angeles this week, generated enough enthusiasm that the movie's now being buzzed as a Golden Globe nominee, HitFix reports.

And if you really like it, Cameron promises more from the universe of Avatar. It "is not true science fiction in the sense of saying, 'This is what contact with an alien species would be like.' It's not about that at all. It's about how we've lost contact with ourselves in a natural state. So if we fail, it all ends there, but if we are successful then we'll make more films, and that world will continue to flesh itself out and be a place that fans can go to."

Cameron insists that the mix of sky-high expectations and negative fan buzz isn't freaking him out. "No, it's good, as we had to sell a movie that wasn't a sequel or remake or part of a franchise or based on a best-seller," he says. "It had no brand awareness, and I was more worried about people not even knowing about the film than them kind of arguing about it or having high expectations or having those dashed."

As you might expect, the director who once called himself "the king of the world" says he's "very confident" that once "even hard-core sci-fi fans see the whole movie, they'll get it, because the film will speak for itself. If I can just get 'em in the damn theater, the film will act on them in the way it's supposed to, in terms of taking them on an amazing journey and giving them this rich emotional experience. And it's not really like any other film, and I think that's its greatest asset—and its greatest deficit. You can't compare it to something else."

Avatar opens Dec. 18. Look for more Avatar coverage soon from the press day in London.

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@ Bob you say you want to see the film from a technological standpoint making out your intelligent. but in the same...More »


By Eyes_open77 at 2:24 PM ON 12/08/09

I think it takes someone of Cameron's experiance and character to flat out say, "Look, I know some people are not going to like this movie, and some will. I think people should give it a chance and not base an opinon on a trailer. But, if you don't like it, well, T.S. because I made this movie because 'I' wanted to make this movie."

And, I think, that's one of the biggest flaws in Hollywood right now. Movies that will never see the light of day because it is believed people won't like them even before the movie is ever shot and released. I understand that in these poor economic times the Studios need successful movies, but this kind of thing was going on even the before the ressesion hit rock bottom.

I think it's great that Cameron is not only trying to make a epic film that shows the potential of what humanity could have and should be set against a Sci-Fi setting, but I'm also glad the he made a movie not because he wanted the big bucks (I mean, come on, he's James freaking Cameron) but because he wanted to tell a Story. Who know, be a Story Teller? What Directors and Writers were supposed to be. But, those are just my two cents. See you folks at the movies.

By Kikstad at 2:37 PM ON 12/08/09

I think in this case it was a big mistake to show the aliens before the movie was released -- although it probably would have been too difficult to keep it from leaking. I just think a story like this probably works best with people discovering all the details as they experience the story first hand.

By Kryche at 2:45 PM ON 12/08/09

To me it just has disappointment written all over it. Not that I think it'll suck, it'll probably be a really decent movie, but generally when they hype a movie up as much as this one has been hyped, it has no where to go but down.

I'm keeping my expectations for it extremely low, but who knows, it may turn out to be a decent experience.

By UncertainGod at 2:45 PM ON 12/08/09

The only reason the negative buzz started to gain ground was all the effort in promoting the apple exclusive first trailer with the countdown and everything and then we saw it and went "what a crap trailer". Everything else I have seen or heard is overwhelmingly positive especially the international trailer which is stunning.

By n0b0dy at 2:48 PM ON 12/08/09

For all the people around here who continue to complain about remakes, reboots, sequels, and the lack of originality coming out of Hollywood:

Put your money where your mouth is and go see this movie!

I think it looks pretty awesome and I'm willing to take a chance, just like James Cameron was willing to. If you want fewer reboots and sequels, support "risky" movies like this.

By Spaceman Spiff at 3:08 PM ON 12/08/09

For as long as Science Fiction has been around it has described fantastical and bazarre worlds that the movies had no way of showing. Now when we finally have the technology to put those images on the screen all some people can do is complain.
"It looks like a cartoon WAAAH!"
Jeez how jaded have we become?
CGI is the best thing that has ever happened to SF cinema.

By ecgordon at 3:20 PM ON 12/08/09

I'm looking forward to it and hope it will be available in a standard release too because 3D always gives me a headache.

By anachronite at 3:34 PM ON 12/08/09

don't fret about the 3d headache. this isnt your daddy's 3d. I saw a 16 minute trailer at the IMAX in 3d and after abnout 5 minutes you do not even realize you have the glasses on. your just immersed in this mindbogglingly awesome world. I cannot wait!!!!!!! Thank you Mr. Cameron for giving us something original!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By SethSJ at 3:37 PM ON 12/08/09

My family and I are hoping to see this on opening day. PEOPLE OF THE WORLD, GO SEE THIS MOVIE ON OPENING DAY!! SEE IT AT MIDNIGHT IF POSSIBLE!! I'd mention the reason why I capitolized the words above, but I'd probably be axed in the @$%#! back!!

By RedFiveStandingBy at 3:56 PM ON 12/08/09

Hype is a double edged sword in that it can create a buzz but it can also generate critics as well. Hype gives us an overblown sense of expectations and if it fails to meet that then people grumble not based on first hand experience of the movie but based on the amount of let down from the hype. Remember ALL the hype about Star Wars Phantom Menace? Then it turned out the utter "suckness" was doubled by the dissapointment of the hype. What would SW:TPM been received w/out the hype?

Fortunately directors would love to make movies not based on a popularity poll (cough cough "Twilight" cough cough). It's the producers and studios who have to generate the lowest common denominator hype to bring in the masses irregardless of the utter "suckness" or brilliance of a movie.

I want to see this on a big screen and probably will. Not based on hype but based on Cameron's past movies which I dug.

By mcspoo at 4:03 PM ON 12/08/09

The movie is little more than an advertisement for the technology. Sure, it cost $500 mil or whatever, but the real money lay in the application of the technology. If it's as good as they think it is, it'll get bought up. Other companies will buy the tech, and Jimmy C gets rich on patents. As Lucas would say, 'The Force is strong in this one'

By KatsuKaze at 4:49 PM ON 12/08/09

So is Cameron saying that if people don't like his movie or elements of the movie, its because he designed it to be that way? Just askin'...

By Iso at 4:50 PM ON 12/08/09

He spent four and a half years and came up with a computer game rather than a film.

As for not taking the trailer(s) to heart...a trailer is meant to be a sample of the best bits of a film in order to entice you into going to see the film itself. I have not been impressed with a single frame of the Avatar trailer. It just shows it for what it obviously is: a cliched, derivative, stupid computer game CGI-fest made by an undisciplined director.

I think Cameron sold his soul to the devil to make Titanic a success. It looks like the devil has finally come to collect.

By Kermonk at 5:04 PM ON 12/08/09

The problem may well be he has been living in a hole for 4 years - there are computer game CGI which looks better than the trailer.
Of course if he has a fantastic story it could work great, but if he thinks that the effects are going to carry it I think he is going to be mistaken.
Of course Cameron has performed wonders before, perhaps he's still got it in him.

By Flux Cheese at 5:23 PM ON 12/08/09

Finally an original film that is made for the sake of story telling.. I for one think it looks fascinatingly beautiful. I can't wait to be whisked away to the world of James Cameron all over again.. I'm a hugh fan of sweeping epics that actually do what stories are supposed to do.. La Petite Mort.. If you miss out on Avatar you should just stop watching films altogether.

By Flux Cheese at 5:34 PM ON 12/08/09


By Omen at 6:14 PM ON 12/08/09

From the trailers everyone can see the plot is not original. Most can predict start to finish.
So the tech will have to sell it.
The gross must be 2X the budget to make $$$. So do the math.

By rj472 at 6:30 PM ON 12/08/09

For people who are calling this original I have some history for you. It probably, maybe was original when it first was written by James Fennimore Cooper as "The Last of the Mohicans" many years ago. Since then the same story has been used numerous times ( a la "Dances With Wolves"). The only thing original may be some of the technology used to create some of the effects.

By classy at 6:31 PM ON 12/08/09

shut up nerds and watch the awesome scifi movie... its ur dam genre aint it? what other big scifi of this caliber is coming? all nerds do is come to hate on their scifi flicks which they claim to like...

u paid to see crappy ass movies b4, and this is james cameron for god sakes.

and so what if the story isn't original, what is? some of us like watching a good turn on your own movie.. and theirs an epic war at the end..

evne if the plot is the same, how the frak is it like watching the same dam movie? theres lots of inbetween stuff u dumb morons..

get a life or just get away from scifi

By classy at 6:34 PM ON 12/08/09

same idiots on here paid full price to watch terminator salvation.. crappiest movie ever, and came back saying "well.. i got what i wanted at least, action" like hell u did, the action even sucked in that stupid movie..

this movie from the trailers if u idiots fail to see it has amazing visuals and insane out of this world action..

if ur a scifi fan and dont watch it ur just a stupid poser

By muahaha at 7:06 PM ON 12/08/09

@ classy

In the future please try to keep all your BS ranting in one post. That would be the "classy" thing to do. Thanks :)

By asfm at 7:27 PM ON 12/08/09

"How can fans judge it by that?"

Simple. You don't need to see a whole film to judge elements that will be present and unchanged throughout the whole film.

He's made a film about blue cat people in space (who probably speak English). We don't need to see the whole film to judge that blue cat people in space (who probably speak English) is a stupid idea, for example.

We need to see the whole film to judge the story, the performances, the action sequences and so forth, but anyone with sense can judge elements they have experienced that will be a constant throughout the entire film, even if they only see a few seconds of it. Particularly if they have context, like, say, 25 minutes of the film (as opposed to a screenshot).

I don't need to have my arm cut off to know that it'll hurt a little bit because I've already experienced pain.

The alien world is extremely generic and earthly. The cat people are stupid. These are things we can judge without seeing the whole film. And to some people, like me, these are the things that really matter.

That said, I'm not complaining. I'm looking forward to the film. It's hardly without its glaring flaws, though.

By metalfan20 at 7:30 PM ON 12/08/09

Classy is kind of right all you do is complain.

By asfm at 9:21 PM ON 12/08/09


1. "awesome scifi movie"

You've pre-judged Avatar. How is pre-judging something as good any better than pre-judging it as bad? People who love everything are even more annoying than people who complain about everything.

2."what other big scifi of this caliber is coming?"

Why is that relevant? Should people default to a product simply because there are no alternatives? If everyone thought like that, we'd never see another good film.

3. "you've paid to see crappy ass movies before."

Why is that relevant? And they are crappy according to whom? You? Why is what you think about a film relevant to anyone else?

4. "and so what if the story isn't original, what is?"

Moon, Sleep Dealer, Primer... there have been plenty of original science fiction films recently - real science fiction - and they all cost less than 10% of what Avatar is going to cost.

5. "some of us like watching a good turn on your own movie.."

So what you're saying is that what you like can be presented as a relevant argument, but what they like can't?

6. "and theirs an epic war at the end.." .

..according to the people who want us to see it. Should they be trusted? And, man, 'epic' is such an overused buzzword. It doesn't really mean anything any more.

7. "same idiots on here paid full price to watch terminator salvation.. crappiest movie ever, and came back saying "well.. i got what i wanted at least, action" like hell u did, the action even sucked in that stupid movie.."

Everyone who liked TS is an idiot? Because they disagree with you? Does that mean that everyone who doesn't like your favourite food or colour is also an idiot?

8. "this movie from the trailers if u idiots fail to see it has amazing visuals and insane out of this world action.. [...] if ur a scifi fan and dont watch it ur just a stupid poser"

A *real* scifi fan wouldn't care about either of those things.

(It's possible your posts were parody. It's genuinely hard to tell. If they are, bravo.)

By Spaceman Spiff at 9:53 PM ON 12/08/09

asfm wrote;
~~He's made a film about blue cat people in space (who probably speak English). We don't need to see the whole film to judge that blue cat people in space (who probably speak English) is a stupid idea, for example.~~

First: they are not in space, They live on another planet. True you have to go through space to get there but it's not the same thing.
Second: How do you know they speak english? What you hear in the trailer may be the main character in his avatar form speaking to the natives in their own language which we hear as english because-DUH' that's what we speak. I don't know about you but I have no desire to sit through an entire movie of sub-titles. I did that with Das Boot and as good as that movie was I liked it better in english.

And why exactly are blue cat people a stupid idea? Because they are blue? Or perhaps because you think they look like cats? What would you like? Orange slugs?

the alien world is extremely generic and earthly!? I don't remember any floating mountains on Earth the last time I checked.
Any movie that is going to portray an alien world as realisticaly as possible is going to be CGI heavy. I really don't understand why so many people have a problem with this concept.

By joe asap at 10:07 PM ON 12/08/09

At least Cameron is releasing footage & stuff unlike Spielberg & company who didn't release anything notewothy for Indy 4. Indy 4 was horrible & I'm not trusting those guys again.

By vaughaknot at 10:16 PM ON 12/08/09

Epic = Lord of the Rings

Citizen Kane, Fight Club, District 9, E.T. STAR WARS!!

these r good movies done right, Cameron is arrogant, just watch any of his interviews. The movie will of course make money. People will go and see this like The Passion of the Christ.....they may not like it but they are curious to see what the buzz is all about. after that the movie will decline.

Like Woody Allen, they just give him full reign to do as he pleases no matter how bad the movies keep getting, I'd rather watch Michael "Butcher" Bay!!! but of course i will see this movie, i'm a movie freek :)

By vaughaknot at 10:19 PM ON 12/08/09

oh and the best commentz made here thus far come to us by 'asfm' and 'Iso'

Cheers M8's

By Liam at 10:23 PM ON 12/08/09

I'm pretty sure AVATAR will make a mountain of money even if it sucks. (i.e. TRANSFORMERS or PIRATES.) The real money, however, will be made from the merchandising. And I'm talking about the technology as well as the toys. Cameron is a very clever man! If he doesn't use his wealth to help others, he's nothing more than a greedy, soulless pig.

By REDante at 10:41 PM ON 12/08/09

Look, its a post board people, its for people who have ideas, complaints, and compliments and in the end opinions.

your entitled to your opinion, but obviously the only time you post something is when you want to make jokes about nerds.Talk about complaining, all you do is whine and moan, it seems this website doesnt make you happy, so instead of posting another angry rant, maybe you should just read the article but dont read the posts as you have temper tantrums in tears.
I agree with you on several points.
@spaceman spiff
I dont disgree with your views, I'll just say that some people are harder to please than others.

I'll be realistic. Cameron put a lot of money and years into this movie, like George Lucas, he hears what fans are saying, both good and bad but he'll do what HE wants. It's a 3D FX experimental movie, the story will naturally be thin the movie will probably be generic and not as orginal as some games or books, but again the money was in the flash and not the substance.
That being said I believe Cameron chose the people he felt would do the best they can with what little they have in terms of story and plot.
As for the aliens, yeah I wouldnt mind something better, but something blue is better than something lets say....Psychlo (Battlefield Earth). If the whole movie is in English I'm surethey will explain that easily, it's scifi, theres always something that makes everyone talk English, (technological wise). As for the planet, It's not a big deal to me, most of the planets in Stargate were earth like, so no biggie, I guess it would be more alien if the trees were red and purple and the ground was blue and the sky was orange, but like I said I can live with it. It looks better than our planet.
In the end my expectations is this, I'll watch it, enjoy without the 3D because I dont care for it, probably enjoy it for what it is. But only watch it once. And like Transformers 2 and the Star Wars prequels, it'll be big huge around the world, make big money, children wont get the story but they'll love the eye candy, and sure everyone will complain about the lack of plot or stories but hey, this could inspire more original huge scifi movies.
All I'm saying is for the people who feel negative about it like me, dont expect an original concept, lower your expecations, or throw them out the window, and you might have 165 minutes of time to kill. Unless you get the pirated version or watch it on the computer, theres always fast forward.
For the people that can't wait for this movie, congrats you got something to enjoy for the holidays.

By classy at 11:54 PM ON 12/08/09


your right.. i try not to read comments cuz ill get mad but i can't help it..

i dont mind people having an opinion.. but its people hating on it b4 even seeing it.. and making the most retarded comparisons in the world.. and u can't tell me nerds dont do this.. they are famous for their nerd rage, even conan obrien makes fun of them.

people saying its transformers, generic planet, jurassic park?! blah blah, just the stupidest unfounded things ever.. the planet is lush and beautiful wtf is there to hate???? bioluminscent creatures?? come on? this should be a scifi nerds dream.

worst yet, people complaing that its cgi!!! wtf is that? it has to be wtf u want? a man in a suit? people saying why are the humans cgi when in fact they werent!!!! and yet complained!!!?!?!

people saying smurf comments? how stupid is that? yet nobody says a word about how lame star trek aliens are (im a fan btw) these navi are more creative then all of treks aliens combined, not to mention all the extra alien wild life well get to see.. yet they have something to say..

even hating a souful singer like leona lewis because they dont like the music, which is entirely personal taste


i didn't have nerd rage about terminator salvation, i was excited about it, and after watching it i had an opinion cuz thats what u frakin do, and obviously everyone hates the movie unanomously, so im not far off

u hate the movie just because he sides with the navi! WOW THAT RUINED TEH WHOLE MOVIE RIGHT?

i look forward to seeing him interact with saldana it looks amazing. and i wont hate on it till i watch it unlike u, who seem to think u seen the entire movie already.. just because he sides with the navi.. big woop

wait till it becomes a huge hit, and as predicted u change ur toon like all u nerds do

By zathras at 12:38 AM ON 12/09/09

If James Cameron is the director, then even if it's not on the level of Terminator, Terminator 2, or Aliens, I'm sure this movie will be fairly enjoyable and very likely better than most of the science fiction films that will come out this year.

Will it live up to the hype? Maybe not. But I doubt it will be a stinker. At the very least, Cameron's track record means he deserves the benefit of the doubt.

By metalfan20 at 2:53 AM ON 12/09/09

I'll be suprised if kyler doesn't get commnet of the week because let's face i've never seen a spam bot on here before and it's so random.
anyways carry on with what ever you do. I'll see it. I'd thing you'd be crazy to not want to see it.

By Nyarlathotep at 6:03 AM ON 12/09/09


chill bro, your getting way too worked up there. They are only peoples opinions. And whats with this "if you dont agree with me your an idiot" arguement ? not the best way to win people over - if you want to be more constructive why not try and understand what doesnt appeal to them and why ?

Here, ill try to explain why *I* dont find Avatar appealing..personally I find CGI to be dizzying, its the same reason I cant play computer games, it hurts my eyes. I dont hate it, I think theres alot of talent involved but my reason for not liking it is it gives me a headache. I prefer organic FX in general, it just feels more "real", to me, personally.

The designs arent everyones cup of tea in Avatar, the world is very fantasy-like, more like earth on Acid, some of us dont simply take to that kind of style, my favourite style/preference is Lovecraftian, abstract and more purely alien - I stick to books for those styles.

By GrumpyOldMan at 6:39 AM ON 12/09/09

Wow, James Cameron has a new movie??? Finally!!! I'm such a huge fan of The Abyss, True Lies, Piranha 2 and Xenogenesis! It's too bad people don't let him make more movies. I think he's made some more that did ok. I thought the movie about the boat was an unsual departure for him, he is much more successful with science fiction, but the surprise Iceberg ending was amazing! It makes me mad that in 31 years as a director he has only been allowed to make 9 feature films including this one. Four of the other 8 movies were the hits I listed above, that cruise ship one, and two others were about robots or aliens or something, it's been so long i don't really remember.

@Sci Fi Wire - You really should give more press to this new "Avatar" movie, it sounds very exciting! Please keep us updated with every crumb of info! If Mr Cameron says the natives in the movie aren't "blue" but actually "cool azure" make sure we know ASAP!

By vaughaknot at 7:28 AM ON 12/09/09

Look guys u r all losers/nerds and the like me included. so stop wasting ur time stirring the pot for a piece o' sit film that aint worth dic|
the true geeks of us know if u spend this much time W/ CG I expect Call of Duty onscreen by sumone other than the white devil himself.
Alot are saying Avatars going to Be WONDErFUL, yeah lets clap like lil schoolgirls, hey you pu$$y Mary Effs get a clue, take a class and get bitter like most critics and stop su(king Crappy Cameron

By dakalmog at 9:43 AM ON 12/09/09

As far as I'm concerned, James Cameron has pushed the envelope with many of his previous films - they've been groundbreaking in their own way, leading to advances in film that we now take for granted. He's good with characters, dialogue, action, he usually gets the most out of his cast and crew, and he's both a technician and an artist. That's enough for me to want to see his next film. Hopefully I'll enjoy it, but I won't really know until I see it. All I've got to go on at the moment are the trailers. They look amazing and I can't wait to see this film.

By TheVok at 10:20 AM ON 12/09/09

Of course filmmakers should make the films they want to make.

But at this kind of cost?

Avatar's budget is, frankly, obscene. That, more than the ugly blue aliens, is what James Cameron should be ashamed of.

By asfm at 11:09 AM ON 12/09/09

@Spaceman Spiff

I used the 'in space' term to illustrate the absurdity of it. Obviously they're not actually in space. You're just being pedantic.

I don't know that they speak English. That's why I used the qualifier 'probably'. But they probably will speak English. This is a major blockbuster. Subs? I seriously doubt it. Possible, but I doubt it.

I think cats are a stupid idea because they're too distinctly earthly. We have cats on Earth. A race of sapient cat people is hardly creative thinking. It's a very shallow way to add basically human characters.

Obviously we don't know what aliens look like - assuming they exist - but I really, really hate the 'Star Trek approach' of making the aliens human with a little flap of skin or a forehead ridge. It's lazy. If you're going to make something with creatures that are basically humans, why bother making them alien in the first place?

American TV does it with ethnic minorities, too. They get perfect English-speaking, culturally-American actors/characters who are American in all ways but skin colour. It's an unwillingness to explore - or even recognise - other cultures. It's not just lazy, it's deeply xenophobic.

As for the floating mountains, neat, but I bet they look like Earth's mountains in all other ways, just like there are trees and grasses that look like just like Earth's trees and grasses. Even the animals have a distinctly prehistoric-Earth look to them. It all looks like Earth with a few whistles and bells. It's not a distinctly alien environment. It's a parellel Earth. I'm sure it'll be a good film for what it is, but I'm also sure it'll feel about as Alien as my back garden.

I don't know if your final comment is directed at me, but I didn't complain about the film being CGI-heavy. That's the only way TO do a proper alien world. If only they had...

By asfm at 11:17 AM ON 12/09/09


1 "and obviously everyone hates the movie unanomously, so im not far off"

Not far off what? Quality is subjective. It has no intrinsic value. There is no correct and incorrect opinion. What you think - or any number of other people think - cannot invalidate what any other person thinks.

"u hate the movie just because he sides with the navi! WOW THAT RUINED TEH WHOLE MOVIE RIGHT?"

First, I don't hate the movie. I don't even dislike it. Secondly, because he sides with the Na'vi? I have no idea what you mean.

"and i wont hate on it till i watch it unlike u, who seem to think u seen the entire movie already.. just because he sides with the navi.. big woop"

Like I said, I don't hate it. I have reservations, because it does things I dislike, but I still expect it to be a good film, in its own ways. Interesting also that you're now claiming you'll judge it after seeing it when a post earlier you prejudged it as "awesome". Make up your mind already.

And really, what is this siding with the Na'vi thing? I have no idea what you're talking about.

"wait till it becomes a huge hit, and as predicted u change ur toon like all u nerds do"

I'm not the type of person to let others dictate my opinion. Popularity has nothing to do with anything, except for the extremely feebleminded. As someone who seems so intent on the notion that popularity = quality, I think I'd put you in that category..

I'd also appreciate it if you could cut back on the sweeping generalisations.

By Kenneth at 1:50 PM ON 12/09/09

I love the look of this film. I like Jim Cameron too... but I am torn. On one hand I really want Avatar to make a billion dollars, because the production team deserves it after their hard work... On the other hand, I want this movie to bomb worse than Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, because I DON'T want to see a sequal!

What I mean to say is this:

Jim Cameron? Please make Battle Angel Alita and leave the franchises to those "other" directors like Michael Bay and Gore Verbinski!!!

By jm at 7:52 PM ON 12/09/09

I have a theory about some of the people who are hating on this movie when they should be hoping it's a huge hit....It's a form of science fiction nerd snobbery. They basically don't really want to see a commercially-successful science fiction movie. They'd rather wax poetically about sci-fi films that no one other than hardcore fanboys have ever heard of. Makes them part of an exclusive club. God forbid the unwashed masses of non-nerds invade our hallowed ground. Thing is, the only way we're going to ever get more scifi (that isn't a remake, reboot, or sequel) is for movies like this to be commercially successful. Keep that in mind when you're sitting at home watching your Star Trek DVDs for the fifteenth time because there's nothing on tv or in the theater that you're remotely interested in watching.

By metalfan20 at 8:18 PM ON 12/09/09

good theory. I totally agree.

By classy at 8:44 PM ON 12/09/09

@jm - ive been saying that forever, this movie must succed! the tech will die and will get another flood of 3d kids cartoons again.. this is the only ultra high quality 3d movie that adults will like, even tho i like pixar.. theres just too many 3d thats aimed at kids... us adults like 3d to! dam it


the whole "he sides with navi thing" means every idiot compares it to dancing with wolves so its exactly the same.... thats been these fools argument.. and their primary reason for hating it.

as if every alien invasion movie, war, hostage movie is the same...

and about the generic planet thing. if a planet was lush with life, for all we know thats exactly how it would look, rules dont change much from planet to planet. plants will be plants, hell we have deserts that look like mars

planets are a rock, no matter where it is, u idiot. and u not liking the panter people is ur own opinion. they look suited to their enviorment, plus the extra creatures look amazing.

starwars has plants on their planets that look like earth, deserts, why dont i hear u piping up about that? why is it towards this film in particular? no movie has made a planet so original, when it comes to nature.

i feel like people just want to attack this movie just to do it, even tho other movies had done the same exact thing and gets a pass

By Bob at 5:05 AM ON 12/10/09

I'm looking forward to seeing this film from a technological standpoint. Unfortunately, the story seems like it's intended for kiddies and tards.

By Triquetra at 12:19 AM ON 12/17/09

I just saw the film today (was intending on seeing it in 2d but the cinema i went to never recieved the 2d copy so i saw the 3d instead) and my god am i glad i did, this movie it completely amazing, the attention to detail is so visually rewarding only, made more incredible by the fact it was 3d. me & the girlfriend loved it so much we are going to see it again tomorrow, and im deffinatly buying the dvd when it comes out. & the game lol ive read reviews that the game is pretty average but i want to see a sequal so im backing Avatars sales the best i can : ). there are so few films released today where you can leave the cinema feeling like you got your moneys worth. but Avatar is such a gorgeous film and emotionally moving if theres only one film you see this year it has to be Avatar, you won't regret it. I hope he doesn't waste his time on anything but an Avatar sequal!. This movie is truely amazing!

By Triquetra at 12:32 AM ON 12/17/09

@ Bob
you say you want to see the film from a technological standpoint making out your intelligent. but in the same breathe you shoot down any sign of mental awareness by saying the story seems like its for kiddies and tards....

imo don't rip on the film till you've seen it. you don't sound smart. you just sound like a dick.

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