Making A USB Playstation Adapter Compatible With Vista

I bought one of them USB adapters of the internet a few years back so I could use my playstation controllers on my computer. At the time I had XP, and no issues when using it. Now I've upgraded to Microsofts new OS. Vista home premium. This where the problems came in. My adaptor is no longer compatible. However I have found a driver on the net that solves this. Its called EMS USB2. It can be downloaded [Here]

Playstation Adaptor

All thats needed to do is:

  1. Download the setup file. Unrar it. You'll need Winrar for that.
  2. Then install the driver.
  3. Plug in your adpater afterwards.
  4. Its now recommened to go into control panel and open up 'Game Contollers'
  5. You'll see your adapter on the list now. Success!
  6. Finally, configuration is needed. Just click advanced and the rest is straight forward
Just did what Lenny suggests and got this working under Windows 7.

Worked fine apart from it made ZSNES crash due to a conflict with the driver. To fix it, go into the system32 folder and delete usbpadff.dll and another dll file with a similar file name, can't remember what it's called. Restart windows and check the control panel for the pad - it's now using the standard drivers and the control panel is more like the standard XP one rather than the EMS USB Joypad thing. Why it doesn't work like that in the first place is anyone's guess.

Anyhow, cheers guys, Super Mario World awaits :D
Fudge, Glasgow, UK, Created: 02/12/2009 18:41:18
This was such a help to me. I have searched many a website for the answer to my problem. Thanks very much indeed.
lingmaster, England, Created: 26/11/2009 22:13:16
Thankyou. im korean. i search for 2hors ~! thans so much~!
5Jing, Created: 09/11/2009 16:57:08
kivanc, Created: 07/11/2009 21:24:50
Conversor ardistel ps2 a pc usb funciona!! thanks a lott
luis, Created: 29/10/2009 21:38:15
Think i got a solution for some of you!! I followed the advice in this thread and no matter what the controllers did not show up.
Im on windows 7.
I tried rebooting and all kind of stuff, but nothing. Tries last time now. Installed the drivers, reboot, plug the drivers in. Still nothing? Click start. U got something there that says "Updade driver"? Click it! Because i did, and got damn the controller showed up after that!!

Hope this will help some of you
Lenny, Created: 29/10/2009 13:14:54
Thx so much
AHmed, Kuwait, Created: 27/08/2009 22:47:39
tinx tinx tinx working with windos 7 32 bit
shaker, bahrain, Created: 28/04/2009 19:46:27
PS2 w/ Win7x64 working. Thanks!
radioattack, chicago, Created: 30/03/2009 23:12:19
Cheers solved my problems for me.
Adrian, UK, Created: 19/03/2009 12:21:42
gus mate, yeh it works with Vista Ultimate 64bit. You should just try it. :)

As for Ghasty. Just search Joytech PSX USB. The driver comes up under the fourth result.
Reabo, UK, Created: 01/11/2008 13:25:18
thanks for this mate, does it work on vista ultimate 64 bit?
gus, london, Created: 30/10/2008 10:41:59
Its one of a joytech
Garsty, UK, Created: 28/10/2008 10:18:34
Hey Garsty thx for you comment. Sadly the driver doesn't work for all adapters. What make is your adaptor?, if any at all. Any model on it?
Reabo, UK, Created: 27/10/2008 20:43:57
Im having excatly the same problem as Tony, ive installed that EMS USB2 and no diffrence, ive tried both ps1 and ps2 controllers in both the controller 1 and 2 port and still nothing.
Garsty, Uk, Created: 27/10/2008 15:11:34
The driver above will work with the play playstation usb adapter. The original one isn't available.
Reabo, UK, Created: 22/10/2008 17:13:04
hi do you know where I can download the original driver for xp ? I can't find my disk that came with the adapter.

toby, Created: 22/10/2008 10:07:27
I decided last chance and then ill just buy the xbox adapter thing. And it worked haha. cheers for your help :)
Jonathan, Created: 20/10/2008 21:53:10
Dude I really don't know whats wrong then. Maybe it is the controller. You should try swapping controller 1 and 2 around. Maybe 1 will work and two won't, then its the controller.

Also maybe the controller 1 port is broken. Lastly when Vista shows your controllers does it say the status is OK?
Reabo, UK, Created: 20/10/2008 20:33:14
thanks for replying quickly :) well they are both there and when i press settings for the first one there is a picture of a contorller, but when i press buttons it doesn't respond. where as on the second one it does respond. i have changed the settings as you said before but that has gave the same results. i have also tried my brothers adapter as he has an xbox now so doesn't use his and the same thing has happened and tried with 3 different controllers.
Jonathan, Created: 20/10/2008 19:47:02
Hey Jonathan, I'm using the adapter and it works fine for me.

While on game controllers do both the controllers show up? If so click the one you want to configure and press properties. Click the settings tab then choose joypad and click default. That should configure the controller.
Reabo, UK, Created: 20/10/2008 19:29:11
I have installed the driver for the adapter and it works ok. To the extent that i can see the 2 contorls. Adapter 2 i can also adjust the settings of but control slot 1 doesn't respond at all. When on the game (pro evolution) if i have the control in slot 2 it just constantly scrolls down the menus. and in slot 1 nothing responds. if i don't have a controller in but do have the usb adapter plugged in it scrolls down the menus. i am quite confused and believe it is a problem with the adapter/driver and not the controller as it works well on xp but unfortunately my computer with xp on is not good enough to run the game. thanks
Jonathan, Created: 20/10/2008 19:05:07
jigz01, your adapter is a 3 in 1 converter. I don't think the driver will work with it anyway. Whats the 3rd input. You mentioned, PS1 and PS2.

The only thing I can suggest is you restart your PC then when windows has loaded plug everything in and try. Good luck...
Reabo, UK, Created: 04/10/2008 13:23:13
hi i've also read and tried the same options but still theres no show,pls help me out as i'm really frustraTED i have a psx & ps2 3 in 1 converter(ps-pxg03)mDE IN CHINA no manufacture name,compatible with xp/2000/98/ME.need vista drivers. pls pls pls help.....:(
jigz01, london, Created: 03/10/2008 21:25:45
thks for ur message but i have tried all u said but still no joy. when i open joypad option in ems usb2(start menu..all programs) opens game controller window with no controller listed. also vista identifies the device as being human interface device which i find a bit odd(fails to install driver anyway). the light on pad lights up but no response from it on computer.

thks again for ur assistance...looks like i am stuckl with the xbox360 pad which i utterly detest.
Tony, London, Created: 03/10/2008 11:45:46
Tony you may have to restart your computer. Also try what I said to Levi try to configure your controls through the EMS USB2 program instead of through windows control panel.
Reabo, UK, Created: 26/09/2008 13:01:33
i tried the driver ..but just does not work on my vista home premium..nothing listed in game controllers in control
tony, london, Created: 26/09/2008 12:02:12
pints, Created: 25/08/2008 15:30:06
Levi, i'm guessing your referring to the cursor keys not working on your keyboard, This happens with USB keyboards and the psx adapter, and also manifests on many laptops because the keyboard is internally USB, the way around this issue is to get an 'ibm ps2' type keyboard and use that instead, Regards, Grant.
Grant, scotland, Created: 08/08/2008 21:38:54
Hmmm, you tried to configure your controls for it? If you click start then
all programs you'll see EMS USB2. Open that then select Joypad Options.
Now select properties. Theres a setting tab in there. If your still
stuck just comment back.
Reabo, UK, Created: 01/08/2008 12:50:07
hello i read your page on how to get a ps2 controller through the usb adapter to work and i got it all responding except the down left and up arrow they wont respond when i try to change the buttons from keys to my controller if you could help me with this it would be VERY much appreciated
Levi, USA, Created: 28/07/2008 14:34:52
Thanks very much.
Naheem, Manchester, Created: 21/07/2008 09:55:21
I think she was saying good/thanks.
Reabo, UK, Created: 01/07/2008 10:07:15
g, scotland, Created: 30/06/2008 20:27:21
Anh, HCM, Created: 26/06/2008 17:08:53






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