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© 2009 Fox Walter (John Noble) and Peter (Joshua Jackson) in FRINGE "The Road Not Taken"


TV Review: FRINGE - SEASON ONE - 'The Road Not Taken'

A very revealing and good episode as we get one step closer to the ultimate truth

Grade: A-
Stars: Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson. John Noble, Lance Reddick
Release Date: May 5, 2009

By EMERSON PARKER, Contributing Writer
Published 5/6/2009



I was extremely happy to see that FRINGE got “officially” renewed for a second season.


Like one of the episodes this year, it was a no-brainer for me (and considering the ratings for Fox as well) given how much this show rocks.
“The Road not Taken” opened up a lot of answers to some of the questions we have been poised including a little hint as to what the end game of the ZFT cult and the radical medical/scientific experiments that have been happening.
It was summed up best by the crazy conspiracy theorist Web site operator played by Clint Howard. William Bell is behind everything that we have seen this season and most of which are the founder of Massive Dynamics awakening those children that were experimented on in order to see who can handle the powers they were given and those that can’t. Plus, Massive Dynamics is just a cover for all the unnatural experiments going on – although don’t tell that to Nina Sharp at the end of “The Road Not Taken.”
And I loved how they worked in the plot of the new STAR TREK movie. It was a thing of genius and shows that FRINGE is able to not only poke fun at itself and the strange sh** that goes down each week but do it as a marketing gimmick at the same time. Very clever.

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The Fringe team is called in to investigate a possible spontaneous human combustion case that involves a young woman that was having prior issues keeping her heat from exploding. Turns out she – and her twin – were also experimented on in Jacksonville, Florida along with Olivia (Anna Torv) and a laundry list of others by Walter (John Noble) and William Bell (who makes his first appearance next week in the show’s season finale and played by Leonard Nimoy).
This leads to the revelation that Harris (Michael Gaston) has been playing the team for fools all along working for Bell and even conducting some of the experiments himself in order to prepare humanity for the war that’s coming between this dimension and another.
Speaking of Olivia her seeing the future (or is it déjà vu as Walter said) was extremely interesting. Is this the parallel dimension? Is this the second Earth that we’ve heard so much about from various ZFT cult members? It sure seemed to be a bit more rough and rumble than our own and even Charlie had a nice little scar on his face unlike the Charlie in our dimension. It reminded me of the STAR TREK episode “Mirror, Mirror” where the crew gets transported into a universe much like their own, but more brutal and warlike. Was this an homage to that episode from JJ Abrams given his new TREK is coming to theaters soon? In any event, it sure is interesting and if it turns out to be the other dimension, that’s pretty damn cool.
We learned this week that:
  • Walter did indeed write the manuscript that the ZFT cult has been following as its doctrine.
  • Harris’ betrayal explains why he’s been so anti-Olivia and the Fringe team all year.
  • The Observer and Walter are old friends of sort.
  • The goal of the experiments on the children in Jacksonville, Fl., was to prepare them to fight for the population of Earth for whatever “terrible” is coming.
  • Someone in the ZFT cult doesn’t like Nina Sharp (Blair Brown) who has been working with Broyles (Lance Reddick) and the FBI on the Observer and other strange happenings.

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