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Frequently Asked Questions About I-PASS

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Where can I buy an I-PASS?
There are many ways to buy I-PASS, please visit the Buying I-PASS page to determine the best method for your needs. You can order online now, stop by a Tollway Customer Service Center, or pick it up on your next trip to Jewel.

Does my balance expire?
No. No need to worry if you occasionally use your I-PASS because your balance will never expire.

Can I use I-PASS in more than one vehicle?
Yes as long as it’s the same class vehicle. You must register each vehicle to the I-PASS account. In the case of an unsuccessful toll transaction using the I-PASS, an unregistered vehicle will be subject to toll violations and fines.

How much does I-PASS Cost?
$50 - $60. This includes a refundable deposit and an initial balance of pre-paid tolls. If you sign-up for Balance Auto-Replenishment by credit card, your deposit is $10. If you sign up for manual replenishment, your deposit is $20. The remainder of the purchase price becomes your pre-paid toll balance. Jewel now charges a $2.90 service fee for all transponder sales, making the selling price $52.90. The Tollway does not receive any portion of this charge.

Why does it cost more to buy I-PASS at Jewel?
To cover administrative costs related to selling I-PASS transponders, Jewel now applies a $2.90 service fee. The Tollway does not receive any portion of the fee and provides many alternatives for purchasing I-PASS without the fee. Please refer to the Customer Service page for more information.

Do you offer any discounts on I-PASS?
I-PASS Assist is available for eligible Tollway drivers. If you are enrolled in the Circuit Breaker Program or Medicaid, you qualify for I-PASS Assist. Please contact the Department on Aging (Circuit Breaker) or the Department of Public Aid (Medicaid) for program criteria. Visit the I-PASS Assist section to learn more.

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Do I have to use a credit or debit card to replenish my account?
No. You can also pay by check, cash or an I-PASS Gift Card. I-PASS Gift Cards are available at Jewel stores, the Tollway Customer Service Center at the O‘Hare Oasis and other locations. Please refer to the Customer Service page for more information. Do not send cash in the mail.

If you prefer to mail in a check or money order, please address it to:

I-PASS Replenish
PO Box 5225
Lisle, IL 60532

Make checks payable to Illinois State Toll Highway Authority or ISTHA

Can I add another vehicle to my account?
If you are sharing a transponder, you must register each vehicle to the I-PASS account. Use online account management to add a vehicle now.

Can I combine transponders into one account?
Yes. You will automatically be enrolled in Shared Balance which will consolidate the balances of individual transponders into one account balance.

Why can’t I view the individual transponder balances on my account?
The recent system upgrades have brought online an account feature called “Shared Balance.” If you have multiple I-PASS transponders on your account, Shared Balance consolidates individual transponders balances into one account balance. You can still view individual transaction histories by transponder and monthly toll usage, but they no longer have individual pre-paid fund balances. The new account balance provides funds to all transponders on the account.

What is “Shared Balance”?
Shared Balance allows families or businesses that have more than one transponder to consolidate all Transponders to one I-PASS account – “sharing” the same pool of funds. More about Shared Balance…

Shared Balance Account Replenishment amounts are recalculated each month based on the average monthly usage totals for the previous 6 months. Most accounts will continue to replenish at the standard minimum of $40. High usage accounts (fewer then 5% of all I-PASS Accounts) will replenish at greater amounts.

Please Note: If you have requested a fixed replenishment rate on your Shared Balance account, you will not be impacted by the recalculation.

What are vTolls?
Sometimes tolls do not post to your account at the time of the transaction. This is usually due to a missing, improperly mounted, or inactive transponder with a dead battery. These unsuccessful transactions are digitally recorded and your license plate is later matched to your I-PASS Account. The toll is then posted to your account at this later date. These digitally recorded tolls are called vTolls.

You will see “vToll” appear next to the transaction when you review your account records. Tolls that are successfully deducted at the time of transaction are labeled “toll”. Review your account transactions.

What are tTolls?
A tToll occurs when a signal from your I-Pass transponder is read, but no toll is collected due to no funds available in your account at the time of the transaction. Funds must be added to your account within seven days of this transaction in order to avoid a violation. If funds are added, you will then see a “tToll” transaction posted to your account, otherwise, this unpaid transaction is sent to violations.

Why has my replenishment rate and minimum balance changed?
Both single and multiple transponder accounts replenish at a rate based on average monthly usage. Your account replenishment rate is based on the previous six months of usage on your account is recalculated on the first of each month (minimum $40.) The minimum balance at which you replenish is 10% of your six-month average usage (minimum $10.)

Can I choose the replenishment amount on my I-PASS account?
By default your replenishment will be set according to 6 month’s average usage. However, you can reset your replenishment amount at $40 or above by managing your account on-line or calling 1-800 UCI-PASS. Be aware that lowering your replenishment amount will mean that your credit card will be charged more often if your I-PASS usage remains near your past 6 months usage.

Where do I send a check to replenish my balance?
I-PASS Distribution Center
P.O. Box 5225
Lisle, IL 60532

Make checks payable to Illinois State Toll Highway Authority or ISTHA

What credit cards do you accept for auto-replenish?
Credit and Debit cards are accepted for auto-replenish and manual replenish online and by phone. We accept MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Discover.

Can I manage my account online?
Yes. You can update your account, review transactions, check your balance, and add funds using our online account management site.

What is the V-Toll charge on my online statement?
Video-Tolls (V-Tolls) are tolls that could not be deducted from your account at the time of the toll transaction typically attributed to a missing, improperly mounted, or inactive transponder. It is important to periodically review your account activity to ensure your transponder is functioning properly. Excessive V-Tolls will result in penalties.

Why did I receive a low balance e-mail notification if I just made a payment?
The Illinois Tollway is transitioning to new hardware and software systems to enhance customer service. As a result, some I-PASS customers may see unpaid 2006 V-Tolls register to their accounts over the next few months. These back charges may deplete your balance. Please ensure that you have updated your account information and you have a positive balance.

How do I close my account?
Via certified mail, send your transponder (wrapped in foil) with a letter requesting the I-PASS account be closed that also includes your return address. Your balance and deposit will be refunded within 45 days of receipt of the transponder and request. If you opened your account with cash or check, a check will be mailed to the address indicated in the letter. If you opened your account with a credit or debit card, the card registered on the account will be credited.

Send Transponder to:I-PASS Distribution Center
P.O. Box 5225
Lisle, IL 60532

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Where can I use my I-PASS?
You can use your I-PASS on the Illinois Tollway, Chicago Skyway, and anywhere E-ZPass is accepted. Visit the E-ZPass web site for a complete listing of participating agencies and organizations.*I-PASS is not accepted at airports and other non-roadway facilities that accept E-ZPass.

Using I-PASS on the Illinois Tollway
Using I-PASS/E-ZPass on Other Roadways

What toll lanes on the Illinois Tollway accept I-PASS?
You can use your I-PASS in all toll lanes on the system. Open Road Tolling lanes offer quick, safe, and easy travel for I-PASS users, but sometimes you must use the cash plaza if your exit is nearby. At ramp tolls, use the lane most convenient for your route.

Do I have to stop at coin basket and tollbooth lanes if I‘m using I-PASS?
Yes. All traffic must obey the posted stop signs in these lanes.

If I use a basket or tollbooth lane with my I-PASS do I pay the cash price?
No. You pay the I-PASS price whenever you use your I-PASS on the Illinois Tollway. Please make sure to keep a positive balance by regularly maintaining your account.

Can I use my I-PASS in a second family-owned vehicle?
Yes. You can use your I-PASS in a second, family-owned vehicle. If you are sharing your I-PASS, you are required to move the I-PASS to the vehicle that will be using the Tollway.  Also be sure that both license plates are registered to your I-PASS account. In the case of an unsuccessful toll transaction using the I-PASS in an unregistered, family-owned vehicle will be subject to toll violations and fines.

** Please note: for a $10 deposit, you may add another transponder to the same account – making it no longer necessary to move your transponder back and forth between vehicles.

Can I use my I-PASS in a rental car?
Yes. You can use your I-PASS in a rental car. Be sure to mount the transponder on the inside of the windshield, next to the rearview mirror, to ensure it is accurately read by toll collection equipment*. We do not recommend adding vehicle rental license plates to your account.

*To ensure accuracy, review your I-PASS account activity regularly.

What happens if I forget my transponder and accidentally use the I-PASS lanes? Can I pay the unpaid toll online?
If your vehicle is register to the account and your account is in good standing, the toll will automatically be deducted from your account as a Video-Toll (V-Toll.) Vehicles registered to an I-PASS account cannot pay unpaid tolls online. Please note that excessive V-Tolls will result in penalties.

Can I use my regular I-PASS when I tow a trailer or drive an R.V.?
Yes. In fact, the new technology in the Open Road Tolling lanes will automatically calculate and deduct the proper toll. You no longer need to use the cash lanes or purchase a special transponder.

Can I use I-PASS on a motorcycle?

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Why do I have to mount my transponder?
For safety and to ensure a successful toll transaction. Before the transaction takes place, the transponder is activated on the approach to the plaza. Waiting until the last minute to find your transponder or holding it in your window interferes with the transaction. The I-PASS mounting strips are removable and do not leave a residue on your window, please use them.

Where can I get additional mounting strips for my transponder?
Dualock™ mounting strips are available for free at multiple places on the road including every mainline Toll Plaza and the Mobil On-the-Run Stores at the Oases. Refer to the customer service chart for more locations.

How do I know if my transponder is working?
One of the easiest ways to test your transponder is to use a cash lane at a mainline plaza. You should also check your account regularly, online or by phone, to review toll transactions.

What do I do if my transponder is not working?
You will need to swap your transponder for a new unit. This exchange can be done in person or by mail. Please refer to the Customer Services section for locations and hours. To exchange your transponder by certified mail, wrap it in foil and send it with a letter requesting an exchange to the address below. A new unit will be shipped upon receipt of your old transponder.

Send Transponder to:Illinois Tollway
I-PASS Customer Care Center
2700 Ogden Avenue
Downers Grove, IL 60515

Can I use I-PASS if I have GPS or a special windshield?
A very small percentage, less than 1 percent, of vehicles have windshields or systems that interfere with transactions using the windshield-mounted transponder. In this case, a License Plate Tag (LPT) which mounts on the front bumper of your vehicle is available for the same price as a standard transponder. Buy online, call 800.UC.IPASS or refer to the Customer Service chart for more information about obtaining an LPT. Learn more about special windshields.

Can I replace the battery in my I-PASS with an LCD display?
Yes. It is recommended by the manufacturer to replace the battery with the Tadiran TLP-96311 (Super Battery.) I-PASS customers have reported that other 3.6-volt lithium batteries also work.

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