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The Hugo Awards are the premier awards in the Science Fiction field, given annually for over 50 years in over a dozen categories, including best books, stories, dramatic works, professional and fan activities. The rocketship-shaped trophies represent the committed fan and professional SF community, voters with paid memberships to the annual World Science Fiction Conventions.

Full Name Hugo Awards, also known, at one time officially, as the Science Fiction Achievement Awards
First year given 1953, for works published over the previous year.
History The awards are named after Hugo Gernsback, founder of Amazing Stories magazine in 1926 and widely regarded as the 'father' of the science fiction genre.
Who The World Science Fiction Society
What A trophy in the shape of a rocket ship, on a base whose design is up to each year's convention committee
Where & When At the annual World Science Fiction Convention, held in various cities each year, usually around the US Labor Day holiday.
Scope In principal, anything in any language; in practice, works in English
Categories Novel, novella, novelette, short story; related [nonfiction] book; dramatic presentation; professional editor and artist; semi-prozine; fanzine, fan writer, fan artist
Eligibility period Year prior to award
Dating convention Year of award
Type Two-stage ballot
Process Members of past and current years' World SF Convention nominate up to five items per category. The top five items in each category are placed on a final ballot, which is voted on by current members. Final results in each category are determined via the 'Australian ballot preference system': all first-place votes are tabulated; the entry with the fewest votes is eliminated; second-place votes from eliminated ballots become first-place votes; this is repeated until a nominee achieves a majority. For second-place, the winner's votes are dropped, and second-place votes from those ballots become first-place votes, and the process is repeated. And so on for third and fourth places. For an example, see here.
Comments Detailed voting tabulations and rankings are released each year by the World SF convention, as well as runners-up that did not make the final ballot. Only winners and final ballot nominees are indicated in this database.

"Hugo Award" is a service mark of the World Science Fiction Society.

The John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, though voted on the same ballot as the Hugo Awards and presented at the same ceremony, is listed separately in this index.
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