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Guest CV
Name: Shaker Elsayed

Born: 1951, Cairo Egypt

Citizenship: Citizen of both Egypt and USA


- Undergraduate Education in Economics, Cairo, Egypt

- Independent Islamic Studies, with Al Azhar Scholars, Cairo, Egypt.

- Imam Training Institute, Al Gameyyah Al Shareyyah, Cairo, Egypt.

- Graduate Studies in Educational Administration and Psychology, University of Houston, Texas.


The Imam of Dar AlHijrah Islamic Center, Falls Church, VA, which is one of the larger Islamic Centers in the States


- Traveled extensively in and outside North America for lecturing on Islamic, family and youth issues.

- Lectures on educational, social and political issues.

- Offers teachers and parents training programs, and school consultation and evaluation services.

- Chaired several national conferences on community issues.

- Engaged in several interfaith affiliations and participates in many interfaith organizations, dialogues, services, activities, and discussions.

- Had several interviews with all major TV networks, local and national on a variety of occasions and issues.

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