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Game Enterbrain [J] Publishers of the Galerians: Rion OAV and Galerians: Ash.

GALERIANS [J] GameEB's page for Galerians: Rion and Galerians: Ash.

Polygon Magic [J] Homepage of the series' developers, containing a special feature.

Crave Games [E] Publishers of Galerians 1.

[E] Sammy's Galerians: Ash page.

[E] The English Galerians fanplace to be. Great fanart and fics, and more.

[E] Termination Sequence. Classy, with lots of in-depth information.

[E] The Family Program, a Galerians fanpage collective. It's crazy slick.

[E] A slick shrine to the ever-popular shirtless narcissist.

[J] P.K.A. Nobody - Galerians Fun Page. Very, and with great fanart.

[J] Mama ni wa Naisho. Fanart, icons, Gale fans worldwide, etc.