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McCain’s Record – 3 Strikes Against the Environment

by Angela October 28th, 2008 - No Comments »

Despite his desperation to distance himself from the Bush administration in the last few days of the presidential campaign, McCain’s record shows that he consistently voted with the Bush administration against a few key environmental policies:

Strike 1 – Corporate Polluters

Voted against making companies disclose pollution sites and making them pay for the cleanup of toxic waste Superfund sites, leaving taxpayers to pay for the cleanup.

Strike 2 – Drinking Water Pollution

Voted against a law requiring utilities to let consumers know what pollutants are in their drinking water.  He also voted against tightening the standard on arsenic in drinking water.

Strike 3 – Water Pollution by Mining and Oil Industries

Voted in 2002 to exempt the oil and gas industry from the Safe Drinking Water Act regulations, leaving them free to add chemicals like benzene to our water.  He also voted against tightening regulations on the discharge from hardrock water companies, which have already polluted 40% of the water table in the West.

Whenever it has been a case of the environment versus big corporations, McCain will vote for the corporations every time.  His record doesn’t lie.

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Canada Votes for the Environment

by Angela October 7th, 2008 - No Comments »

A letter signed by over 120 of Canada’s leading scientists urges Canadians to vote for the environment at a time when the environment dearly needs government leadership that takes the needs of the environment and climate change into account.
Andrew Weaver, an author with the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, crafted the letter.  It urges Canadians to vote strategically in order to oust the Conservative government which “has yet to get engaged in the innovative and urgent policies that we need to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Canada” according to Weaver.

The letter and its coverage in the media brings the environment back to the forefront of the election issues at a time when the economy issue seemed to be eclipsing all others.

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Chevron Lobbies Bush Admin

by Jason August 1st, 2008 - No Comments »

It turns out Chevron is lobbying the Bush Administration to strong arm Equador into dropping it’s 16 billion dollar collection from Chevron for dumping billions of gallons of toxic oil waste into the rainforest.

I’m looking forward to everyone from that generation to retire/die because all this recklessness has to stop. I can’t imagine anyone in my age group agreeing to a destruction of that magnitude. “we have to look out for our shareholders” grunt grunt…

for more information visit

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IT Recycling

by Jason June 26th, 2008 - 1 Comment »

old-crt.jpgInformation Technology is sinking a huge environmental footprint.

Here’s what you can do:
1) Check the manufacturer’s website before you buy; see if they take responsibility for their out-dated desk tops.
2) Look to local recycling centers.
- Type in “Computer Recycling YOUR CITY” in Google and there’s a great chance you’ll find one. They’ll dispose of it safely by neutralizing the lead, mercury and cadmium.

Data exchange uses about 1% of the energy output for the entire nation. Many companies are opting to replace the CRT (cathode ray tubes in the monitor) with LCD. The heat generated by high-speed drives raises cooling costs; while choosing a slower spin green hard drives for simple data storage lowers consumption significantly. HP even has a environmentally friendly computer. The Energy Star website will give you the latest tips for making your next IT purchase greener.

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Genetically Modified Life is Irreversible

by Jason May 23rd, 2008 - No Comments »

Genetic modified foods are the most frightening environmental catastrophes I’ve come to know. Most pollution is reversible but genetic pollution is truly dangerous because it is not. Monsanto, worlds largest manufacture of GMO seeds and the pesticides that follow, have a history of manufacturing products with devastating health consequences. Remember PCB’s, DDT, Agent Orange and Aspertame? These are not people we should be trusting with our food and the health of our planet.

Now welcome to the world of genetically modified fish

Greed is the sole reason for genetic engineering, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Do your best to choose non GMO foods and starts talking to your friends about this. These companies cannot compete against us as a whole.

More reason to choose organic ;-) …. it’s for the good of everyone.

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How do Companies Score with Global Warming?

by Jason May 15th, 2008 - No Comments »


Have you ever wondered if the company you’re buying a product from gives a hoot about the Earth?

Well has a scorecard which measures companies on their commitment to tackling global warming. Using this scorecard while shopping is an easy way make your purchase count in all the right ways.

Climate Counts use a 0-to-100 point scale and 22 criteria to determine if companies have:

  • MEASURED their climate “footprint”
  • REDUCED their impact on global warming
  • SUPPORTED (or suggest intent to block) progressive climate legislation
  • Publicly DISCLOSED their climate actions clearly and comprehensively

Among the Worst
35 Kellogg
25 Disney …. for shame!
22 Levis
21 ConAgra Foods (brands they make)
15 Clorox
15 Liz Claibourne
14 CBS
13 Sara Lee
11 Apple
1 Yum (brands they make KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut)
0 Jone Apparel Group (brands they make)
0 Wendy’s Intl
0 Burger King

Among the Best
82 Nike
78 Stonyfield Farm
77 IBM
74 Canon
70 Toshiba
71 General Electric
49 Starbucks

Download your pocket climate card here

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FSC Certified Falling Short

by Jason May 5th, 2008 - No Comments »

FSC LogoI’ve been looking into getting some FSC Certified mattress bases / box springs and came across a site that kept me busy for a good 30min.

In case you don’t know, FSC is a standard which promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests. It outsources the FSC accreditation to accreditation bodies.

You can buy FSC lumbar or products made with FSC wood.

Well is a group of people, FSC supporters and members among them, who are very concerned about the constant and serious erosion of the FSC’s reliability and thus credibility.

From what I’ve read so far the accreditation is losing face and I thought it deserved more awareness.

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Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergents

by Jason April 24th, 2008 - 3 Comments »

detergentChances are you know what that big jug is for.

Now imagine everyone in your neighborhood lining up to poor it in the river. Kinda dumb ay?

I contacted my local big box grocery store about this. In their 20 foot long wall of detergents not one was green. The closest they came to an eco-friendly detergent was President Choice’s concentrated laundry detergent which they considered green because it was concentrated therefore came it a smaller bottle. Need i say more?

I wrote them an e-mail about having alternatives. They never responded.

BTW phosphates are no longer permitted in laundry detergents in the U.S.

Here’s a list of eco-friendly cleaners or visit Mrs Meyers, or Seventh Generation.

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Biofuels not Eco Friendly

by Jason April 1st, 2008 - No Comments »

aerial view of rainforestI’m sure most people are aware that BioFuels are not eco friendly. In a frightening Times article titled The Clean Energy Scam it’s clear ethanol is not a sustainable path.

Bio fuels make sense in very small quantities. Big Corp has turned them into Agrofuels, the savior to our oil dependent economies. Non-sustainable liquid gold is running out and their savagery is undeniable and consequences irreversible.

What the Gov and Big Gas Co don’t realize is once we’re all aware of the destruction we’ll refuse to fill up with ethanol, stop buying from business who use it and wont’ buy products made with it. They’re in for a big slap in the face.

Not eating foods that come in boxes is another way you can choose to appose this movement. All these multi ingredient containing man-made foods often include soybean oil which are now used to replace trans-fat. Start eating real food again.

People are more connected and knowledgeable than ever. I thought it was clear we no longer wanted short term solutions.

soya plantation amazon86,400 football fields of rainforest per day are destroyed.

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Gas Use While Idling – Pollution

by Jason March 17th, 2008 - 1 Comment »

Los Angeles - The Most Polluted City in the United StatesFACT: Idling for longer than 10 seconds uses more gas than starting your engine.

This is according to the Canadian Office of Energy Efficiency’s Idle-Free Zone & American Society of Mechanical Engineers “Our research showed a V6 restart takes about the same fuel as 5 seconds of idling.”

What’s also interesting is that:
- 10 minutes idling = $0.25.
- 60 minutes/day idling in traffic = $1.50.

Hybrid vehicles turn their engines off when idling. Imagine the impact of this in traffic. I’m not referring to cost, but emissions. The amount of pollution we would prevent would be astronomical….. to the chagrin of Big Gas Co ;-)

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