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Genetically Modified Life is Irreversible

by Jason May 23rd, 2008 - No Comments »

Genetic modified foods are the most frightening environmental catastrophes I’ve come to know. Most pollution is reversible but genetic pollution is truly dangerous because it is not. Monsanto, worlds largest manufacture of GMO seeds and the pesticides that follow, have a history of manufacturing products with devastating health consequences. Remember PCB’s, DDT, Agent Orange and Aspertame? These are not people we should be trusting with our food and the health of our planet.

Now welcome to the world of genetically modified fish

Greed is the sole reason for genetic engineering, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Do your best to choose non GMO foods and starts talking to your friends about this. These companies cannot compete against us as a whole.

More reason to choose organic ;-) …. it’s for the good of everyone.

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Will Your Kids Like Healthy Foods?

by Jason March 21st, 2008 - No Comments »

I’ve always been a fan of Jamie Oliver. Thanks to him a make a killer broiled chicken. In the past couple of years he’s really tried to leverage his celebrity for good. In his latest push Jamie set his goals on changing the way we feed our kids at school. Check out the clip, it’s a good one.Modern day food is man made, pre-packaged and disease causing. As Dr. Oz says, anything that has more than 3 ingredients should be scrapped.

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