Alliances: The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple
Height: 5′10” ~ 178 cm
Weight: 194 lb ~ 88 kg ~ 13.9 st
Hometown: The Edge of Sanity
Trainers: Gateway Championship Wrestling
Debut: July 19, 2001

Signature Moves:
- Chemical Imbalance II (double pumphandle wheelbarrow driver)
- Cobra Stretch (bridging cobra clutch)
- Shadows Over Heck (diving splash to the back of a kneeling opponent)
- Bizarro Driver (inside leg hook fisherman driver)
- Leaping Lariat
- Diving Frankensteiner
- Neverending Story (repeated corner clotheslines)
- Panic Attack (running knee strike to a seated cornered opponent)
- Headbutt variations
- Camel clutch

With Hallowicked:
- Two-Man Go 2 Sleepy Hollow
- Flying Clothesline Hart Attack

Title History:

CHIKARA Campeonato de Parejas
- With Hallowicked: Defeated Icarus & Chuck Taylor on 10/26/2007, lost to Super Smash Bros. on 9/21/2008

CSW Cruiserweight Title

IWA Mid-South Light Heavyweight Title
- Defeated Matt Sydal on 6/26/2004, stripped on 8/21/2004
- Defeated Jimmy Jacobs on 12/12/2004, lost to Josh Abercrombie on 6/11/2005

IWC Super Indy Title
- Defeated Tracy Lords on 4/15/2006, lost to John McChesney on 11/11/2006

NWA Midwest X Division Title
- Defeated Matt Sydal on 6/23/2005, lost to Matt Sydal on 11/12/2005

NWA Wildside Super Indy 2004 Title
- Defeated Matt Sydal, Jay Lethal, Angel Dust and Jimmy Rave on 9/4/2004

ROH Survival of the Fittest
- 2006: Defeated Matt Sydal, Jay Briscoe, Mark Briscoe and Austin Aries on 10/6/2006

ICW/ICWA Tex-Arkana Television Title
- Defeated Colt Cabana on 12/30/2005, lost to Colt Cabana on 12/30/2005
- Defeated Colt Cabana on 12/30/2005, lost to Colt Cabana on 12/30/2005
- Defeated Colt Cabana on 12/30/2005, lost to Colt Cabana on 12/30/2005
- Defeated Colt Cabana on 12/30/2005, lost to Colt Cabana on 12/30/2005

2005: Delirious made a pair of appearances in 2005, losing in a singles match to future tag team partner Hallowicked and defeating Ravage.

2006: He was chosen as Hallowicked’s partner for Tag World Grand Prix 2006 via the process of random selection and the two ended up forming an effective tag team, later known as Incoherence. Much of the year was then spent feuding with Hallowicked’s former partner UltraMantis Black and his Order of the Neo-Solar Temple, culminating in back-to-back victories at the end of the year.

2007: Continued to team with Hallowicked as Wicked waged war against Eddie Kingston and the BLK-Out, providing the necessary back-up. Incoherence would finally gain all of the required points for a tag title shot, and in that shot they became the third Campeones by defeating the makeshift duo of Icarus and Chuck Taylor.

2008: In 2008 Delirious and Hallowicked proved to be the pillars of CHIKARA, dominating the tag division with a record number of title defences, a number of which were been won in 2 straight falls. The record-breaking reign would end in September after a loss to the Super Smash Bros. Incoherence became a trio towards the end of the year when the rookie Frightmare debuted.

2009: The new Incoherence team competed in King of Trios 2009, falling in the first round this time to eventual semi-finalists, the Masters of a Thousand Holds. The following month Incoherence made up for this somewhat by defeated frequent foes, the Roughnecks, in Philadelphia. However, following that match the group were ambushed by the Order of the Neo-Solar Temple, who dragged Delirious to the back. The month after that saw UltraMantis Black and Crossbones accompany Delirious to the ring for his match against Arik Cannon, a match that saw Delirious debut black-and-white ring attire and no longer “lose his mind” at the opening bell. Not only that, but he won the match with Mantis’ signature Praying Mantis Bomb.

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